Calhoun announced his run for 2024

Not sure if I can take this too serious.
He’s a good guy. Outspoken, but neverr at any events that he would publicize. Talks a good game for how everyone else should be, but never himself seen. Hmmmm?


Anyone announcing a run in 2024 today is too far ahead of things to be taken seriously.



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everyone a patriot until .


Maybe we can get Craig to do it…with Dawn.

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That’s a well groomed beard. I would vote for him, but… It doesn’t matter. They stole this one, so there going to continue to steel them. If we even have an election after this.

I will be surprised if we ever have an election again. A party willing to steel an election is a party about to steel our right to vote.

Think about it. They did it right in front of our faces!
I’m telling you. If we don’t stand up and fight now. We will lose to this dictatorship.


Really? The election was not stolen. That is a lie. This particular lie has been roundly rejected by the courts. State election officials did their jobs and deserve our thanks. Of course there will be elections in the future, despite all of President Trump’s fact free nonsense about vote fraud.

I voted. My vote was counted. I am proud of America and our democratic norms and institutions.

Remember the Dred Scott decision? Courts do get things wrong, unless you actually believe in that. The SCOTUS decision on the Florida election making Bush the winner? Democrats did not believe that to be valid. I gather you believe it was, as the court ruled for Bush?

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There are many unanswered questions.


That made me think of the Dread Pirate Roberts. Thanks for the smile.

Dred Scott and Dread Pirate Roberts? Interesting association. Is that due to John Roberts playing Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride? Oh, wait, that was Mandy Patinkin. LOL

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I believe he will run in 2024, I also understand his logic in candidates who have been on the last few tickets.

The better question is, could a little guy (public figure) pull off an upset? If there was ever a chance I would believe it would be the 2024 election. At the very least guys like Adam will make it interesting. He has a decent size fan base.

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yeah…no. I appreciate all that he has done, but he won’t get anyone in public office with that mouth.

Regardless of how folks feel about Pence, who was put in an impossible position by both sides, I would enjoy seeing a run by a Pence/Trump daughter ticket in 2024. By then…it’l be a differetn world and perhaps the aliens will have come to save us from ourselves by then.

My 2024 dream ticket is Nikki Haley and Candice Owens. Two young, smart, cut throat women.

I wouldnt care how the ticket was set up. Both are very capable leaders.


Back in the day I wanted Colin and Condi.

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These democrats and rino’s forget America is NOT a democracy it IS a REPUBLIC, and our representatives are selling out America to China !
When you run what party will you run under ?

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I’ve been saying Candace and Haley for months!! I’d even consider Tulsi and Candace, just to make things interesting.

Has there ever been a split ticket? Moderates both, one from each side of the aisle? Talk about bringing people together…

Until the 12th Amendment in 1803, the president and vice-president were merely the #1 and #2 vote-getters. They didn’t run as a ticket.


I could accept that a court got it wrong. Very hard to accept that all the state and federal courts in various swing states got it wrong, not to even mention SCOTUS, twice. Did they all get it wrong? Not very likely.

I have no love for Joe Biden. But he did actually win. President Trump’s insistence that President Trump won in a landslide is just silly. Did not happen.

Finally, President Trump is trying to use us to overturn a Presidential Election. Us. He is counting on our passion and uncritical loyalty to get him back in office. I really don’t like being used in this way. I’ll not be part of any extralegal attempts to overturn the election. Republicans need to return to living in the real world and not some fantasy that the President has. The President’s mania is very bad for America, our Democratic Republic.