More unconstitutional people control coming

I’m usually the man that just wants to be left alone. I gather that a lot of us in the 2A community are the same way. I don’t like politics, but I’m noticing that if we as a community don’t start putting our voice out there, we cede the higher ground to tyrants. I know those are strong words, but it does not take a lot to see what is happening with gun control (people control) to see where the cart is headed. If we don’t speak out, the other side certainly will (very loudly).

I’m asking you to please not be silent any longer.

The ATF is once again up to one of their schemes, and you might think it does not affect you. That is how our rights get stripped away, a little bit at a time. Apathy is the mind killer.

First they came for bump stocks and it did not affect me, so I stayed silent. Then they came for pistol braces and it did not affect me, so I stayed silent. Then they came for unfinished frames and receivers and it did not affect me, so I stayed silent. Then they came with bans on rifles and magazines and it did not affect me, so I stayed silent. Then they came with 1000% taxation on ammunition and firearms and it did affect me; but what could I do?
Eventually they came for my firearms, took away my freedom of expression (1A), took away my livelihood, branded me an extremist, and took away all my rights and freedom. But nobody could defend me or mine because the 2A had been gutted and only criminals and the tyrants still had firearms.

Please take a minute to comment on this new rule that the ATF is promoting. The deadline for comment is 7 Dec 2023.

The first link is to the civic action for comment. Read the comment and customize as you would like. For context on the rule that will impact everyone please take a look at the video.

These organizations (GOA, FPC, 2SAF, etc.) always ask for funds. Honestly, they need them.

You do not have to donate to comment on the rule, but this organization in particular (GOA) is very effective in defending our rights, and I donate to them regularly.

If you know someone else that would comment, please forward this message.

-Vic Morales

Civiclick Campaign Page

## Civiclick Campaign Page

Time Is Running Out! GOA NEEDS Our Help!

## Time Is Running Out! GOA NEEDS Our Help!


GOA life member here. I should probably donate some more on top though…they do good.


Here’s the link to the ATF’s rulemaking page soliciting public comments. More than 303k public comments have been received.

Federal Register :: Definition of “Engaged in the Business” as a Dealer in Firearms

Click on the big green button “Submit a Formal Comment” and fill out the form with your comments.

As described in the video, under Federal law, agencies must solicit comments from the public and must respond to them in developing their rules. In the real world, that’s often not done as agencies push their agendas forward. But, on appeal, they can be reversed if a court finds that the agency failed to consider and respond to a salient public comment. Reviewing courts often focus on jurisdictional issues – i.e., did the agency making the rule have the authority to do so.

You can easily submit comments by signing on to the GOA’s form letter or write and submit your own comments. If you need an idea for a submission, here’s where I suggest you start …

The 10th Amendment restricts the authority of federal agencies as follows: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

The Constitution does not delegate to the United States or the ATF the authority to comprehensively regulate commerce in firearms throughout the United States. Thus, the ATF lacks the authority to promulgate the rules it has proposed in this matter.


I believe it was Plato that said: those that don’t participate in their political system are doomed to be ruled by their enemies.


I think getting people/Americans responsibly armed is the best way to achieve this agenda. That is why I am on this forum and that is what will save lives. I have control over the things I do and nobody else. I think if more people are responsibly armed it will reflect in our politics. Once it is reflected in our politics we won’t have to worry about the ATF because nobody will want to take our rights away. When it comes to what is important I put life first. Thank you.

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That would be nice if it were true, but even on this site we have supposed firearm owners that believe in “certain” restrictions as long as they believe laws will not impede their RKBA - f the rest of us.


the MSM will do their best to counter… and lie… a lot…


I would not mention them. I would only mention the truth.

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