Here We Go Again

Q: The suspect in the Virginia Beach shooting used a silencer on his weapon. Do you believe that silencers should be restricted?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t like them at all.

Will the POTUS ignore the Constitution to ban suppressors the same we he did with bump stocks?

And suppressors already are restricted…

POTUS comments before boarding Marine One 6/2/19


They’re already hugely restricted - accept for criminals. They’ll have them no matter how many restrictions are put on them.


If you were on the fence about getting one, the clock is now ticking. I’m sure some goofy, feel good, legislation is being written up right now as we type.

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Your opinion on having your name on another federal list of gun owners. More to the point, having your name on a list of specialized gun owners regarding select devices or otherwise.

The term “silencers” is a misnomer at the least, more accurately a travesty. This is akin to “assault rifles” and “gun control”.

It is likely most people here know “silencers” are really basic sound “suppressors”, they only reduce the noise, they do not silence the noise of a gunshot.

Suppresses are and Bump stocks are pretty low on my list to fight for. Being from California the politicians are shrinking are firearm approved list. I just am wondering when the Supreme Count is going to step in and tell ALL the Anti 2A Politicians and states that all the bills are unconstitutional.

This is not as clear cut as you would think upon a casual read or thought about it. If the Supreme Court wanted to clarify --------------- > what about cannons or bazookas or rocket launchers. While I typed this to be absurd, my point is that SOME types of weapons probably do need to be controlled and unavailable to the public. So who decides upon that list? See my point?

You may want to review your list with the forethought of infringement. Yes, we know it is easier to slow boil a frog than toss into the boiling water. These lessor priorities you mention set a precedent, creating a foundation for tyrannous government to easily build upon.

A fine example of why the tyrants must not be allowed the chance for incremental gun control.

Bump stocks, never used one. Likely I never will. The precedent is what matters.

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