What About Florida

As I understand it in the year 2020 Florida is trying to get a bill passed that will ban any rifle that will hold 10 rounds or more. This includes any firearm that is capable of feeding rounds through a magazine that can be instantly dropped and replaced by a fully loaded one. This bill if passed will include bolt action rifles, pump action shotguns,pump action rifles,and of course both rifles & handguns that are built on the AR Platform.
Not to forget most automatic pistols.,
This Bill is only now started and is trying to gain favor with John Q. Public.
We must all ban together and vote this Bill down. Groups such as this one and the NRA will try to put a stop to this Bill before ans after it gains momentum. (hopefully it will die a quick death)
To this end we as Free American Citizens who live here in Florida must have this bill defeated before it ever reaches the floor of Congress.
We must continue to support in any and all ways all those groups that are fighting for our 2nd Amendment Rights.
I want to personally thank the USCCA and the NRA ( I am a life time member of the NRA, and also a member of the USCCA ) for all their fine work !!!


I highly recommend you do not rely upon the NRA for anything. I do recommend you contact the SAF Second Amendment Foundation and the Gun Owners of America for help as we all will on this. I also sadly am a member of the NRA but have no trust or faith in the organization. If you rely on the NRA you are going to be disappointed and let down because they are going to compromise, they do not want confrontational situations.

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Keep talking about the bill - bring it to everyone’s attention, @Philip16 . Talk about it at the range, at the local shooters supply store, anywhere that Second Amendment supporters will here about it. And make sure to contact your representatives and let them know why you think it’s a bad idea.

While we are not a political organization, we want people to make sure to voice their opinions and support the bills/rights they believe in!


I Do and I Am !!!


Welcome @Philip16! That sounds like an awe full bill especially for a state that has traditionally pro 2a. Keep spreading the word.