Hard times are comming for the next four years

No body said that he won, the electoral college is just casting their votes, we know that on Jan 6 the senate and house will decide making it official.


I heard that Global Warming is coming for the next 4 years.


I now make use of my concealed carry whenever out in western Washington. Sorry about the times. See You Tube documentary and prepare for your city and travels:

The Fight for the Soul of Seattle | A KOMO News Documentary

BTW, we cannot belong to USCCA because of insurance commissioner not allowing gun coverage. I was a member for years…sad, very sad.


I watched this documentary a couple of days ago. It is not just shocking it is mortifying. How, in the USA, a bunch of scum thugs can take charge of a community like they did in Seattle is way beyond comprehension. But, the same bunch of Democratic morons that now will be governing our country are what put Seattle in the fix that it is in. What’s in the future of the USA? Watch this documentary and you’ll see.


Reminder: ALL gun laws currently in place are unconstitutional. Stand your ground.


The documentary is also available on BitChute…


“How do I find unity with a worldview that defines itself by its opposition to my own”- Matt Walsh

There is no unity with the left for me anymore. I will not unite with those who seek to destroy the Constitution and thus our Country. I will not unite with those who seek to cancel all opinions except their own. I will not unite with those who unite with governments like the CCP. I will not unite with those that allow cities and businesses to burn in the name of “social justice”. I will not unite with those who take the lives of innocent people just because their views differ. I will not unite with those who participate in racism even if it’s racism against “whites”. I will not unite with those that believe men should be allowed in womans locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports. I surly will never unite with those that believe tearing a precious child out of the womb, is Something to be celebrated! This is not even the half of what, or who, I refuse to unite with.

I Will, continue to Pray for these people. I will continue to mean these people no harm. I will continue to stand up for my values against the lack of all of theirs. I will continue to stand up for the Constitution and for America! I will continue to stand up for my faith, family, and friends. I will continue to hold myself accountable and strive to become better in every way as a Christian, a Husband, a Daddy, an American citizen, a man and a friend. I’ll make plenty of mistakes along the way, I’m sure. But I’m well aware of my one extremely short life here on this earth, and more importantly, I am aware of who is the one I’ll stand before in judgment when my time here is done.

Unity? No, there is no unity in me with that. But that’s just me and this is just my opinion. There are plenty out their that have ideas that I may disagree with, but are people that I can still unite with, Their just not any of the people I described above!


It is not over - God is in control - Biden not yet in the office - we need to pray and God will intervene with a miracle - we must have faith and pray I believe that truth and justice will prevail. I pray that God continues to bless the remnant USA and allow us to see his miracle by keeping Donald Trump in the office.

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It is hard to read most of what has been said. This is the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA.
Out Constitution supports all of its citizens whether they are a gun owner or not. We are all part of the same community.
I am not sure people are listening to our President but it seems to ME THAT his major concern is HIM.
The President is supposed to Unite the People, not Divide. We are facing a major crisis and we all need to unite to fight Covid which does not care who you are and who you voted for.

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That surely doesn’t sound like old Joe either.
As far as Covid. When a magician does his trick, make sure you follow the other hand, might see something you were not supposed to.


tell the over300,000 dead
maybe with a wand we can bring them back

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Did I say Covid was not real and people do not die from it? You read what you wanted to read. But that’s Ok, we all have biases and we all should work to prevent these biases from distorting our understanding of each other.
Am I right?
Try reading my post again, I hope it will make more sense when you’ve recognised and removed your bias.


Speaking of Covid deaths, this is an article comparing 2018 flu and pneumonia deaths to CV19. No lockdowns in 2018 as I recall.

I hope noone will dispute quality of NY Post reporting.


The good news is that flu, cancer, heart disease, and others, even consumption and car accident deaths are way way way down.

At least someone has found s good use for that face diaper though…



I thought you were saying it was related to a slight of the hands
What does it mean?
Sorry again

I apologized online
I am still not sure what the analogy means

No need for apology, as no offence was percieved. I meant that a slight of hand is happening in the background when some crisis is unfolding in the foreground. We will come out of Covid, hundreds of epidemics happenned in history and there is nothing special about this one. The question is, how much we will allow to steal from us in terms of money and freedoms. Example: private home ownership. Lockdowns lead to loss of income, leads to inability to pay rents and morgages, leads to government stepping in to help and take over multifamily units 1st, and then over “inefficient” housing, where too few people reside with too many bedrooms -that would be single family homes. There is a ready template for this action from past socialist disasters. There is active talk about it in the Dem circles.



You’ve got that right…

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Red pill or blue pill…what’s the difference for most?

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