See the boot?

Good questions and good show and tell IMHO…


“AAAaa I aaa didn’t know about the list…”
And they call these guys “Leaders”


Here ya go:
FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s ‘Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide’ on ‘Militia Violent Extremists’ Citing Ashli Babbitt as MVE Martyr

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I was parroting the statement from the FBI director, think out of the box my friend.


I had the same thing happen with a prominent business who’s top personnel director had no idea what their near by satellite office was up too, or even what the behavior of their employees was like.

You start wondering why the people with the job title don’t seem to know anything about what their job title says is their job.

They are, after all, the very person everybody else in the organization tells you that you have to talk too because their job position lacks the knowledge or authority to address your question.

We REALLY should not be allowing this.

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A director is responsible and accountable, but it’s also not realistic that they will know everything that’s going on.

It’s like when a Colonel or General gets relieved because some privates in their command were caught getting stupid at the bars.

So I guess one question is whether or not you believe him when he says he didn’t know. Another question is whether or not he should have known. A better question would be: who did know, and are they still working there?

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I disagree that this equates to a General being relieved for the personal misconduct of a bottom tier recruit.

Knowing the operational instructions under which your troops are operating is precisely what the job of a General is and it is his job to focus and direct.

To my mind this would better equate to a General being fired for not knowing what his troops were being told to fight.

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Also, the question of extremist symbols gets kind of murky. I’ve had some experience in this, 3rd hand.

In the video, for example, Sen. Cruz asks about the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden flag, and the Battle of Gonzales flag. Flying one of these flags does not make one an extremist, and they all have legitimate and patriotic purposes (as Sen. Cruz notes). But it’s also true that each has been used by extremist groups.

This gets into a weird area where one has to determine when a symbol no longer has a valid use. The swastika, for example, is still a symbol of luck in many parts of Asia, but it is largely taboo anywhere else, thanks to the Nazi goons that repressed most of Europe under it. On the other side, you have people like Colin Kaepernick who think that the Betsy Ross flag should be banned because he saw one old, black & white photo of a white supremacist group that had the Ross flag in it. He got his name in the news, which was probably the whole point, but most people quickly rejected that math.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m not bothered if the FBI recognizes that some extremist groups might use these symbols, as long as they also recognize that they are in common use by people who have no ties to extremist ideology. And if they can’t make that distinction, they’re in the wrong job.

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That’s fair.

WE all know they don’t have the ability to think like that. “The law is the Law, The Rules are the Rules” is their mantra. If it’s on a list, a placard, we can expect it to be a 100% blitz.

To your point, the FBI went after parents who dared to object to a school board, and by all reports, used tactics in line with the “terrorist” threat label that had been applied to them. This suggests to many that they have indeed lost, or had removed, any functional ability , or permission, to make such distinctions.

It is indeed a weird area, but it’s an area that never should have been entered into.

I guess that’s kind of the hallmark of the present times. Reasonable distinctions, like the constitution it self, just get in the way, so, they are ignored if needs be, to support the agenda or boss.

This is the crux of what they have done with guns. Criminals have used guns, therefore ( so the bogus logic goes ), those who what to own guns are potential criminals, and it should not be allowed. It’s the self same faulty logic, (though I hesitate to call something faulty when it is in fact deliberate, and is working as intended toward furthering the desired goal).

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Whoa, careful there. What kind of extremist cites the U.S. Constitution? :wink:

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Disgustingly, many of them do, misapplied and out of context, they grotesquely abuse references to the constitution. It’s a devilish tactic, but a shrewd one if your goal is to discredit something.

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Ha Ha, sorry, I missed the emoticon and the sarcasm it indicated.

You remind me of a very good friend of mine who has a knack for getting me stimulated on a topic.

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The real pains were watching this fool try to tap dance his way out of everything!