Don’t know if this qualifies as an event but, March 18th wearing patriotic clothing or flags or what have you, show at your box store parking lots, town squares neighborhood. 5 pm your time zone. Stand for Americans, our rights and in defiance of the way things are. Peacefully quiet, get to know your fellow local like minded Americans. Unite.


Is this even legal anymore?
Americans gathering, showing signs of nationalism, with American flags and symbols.
Please tell me we haven’t been reduced to parking lots.
Not exactly sure how I feel about this. It’s what every weekend at my house is. BBQ, beer, bullish£t and bullets!
Guns, flags and bloody red meat.
And our national anthem is Kid Rocks - WE THE PEOPLE

My STAND in defiance will be wrapped in an American flag at a polling station parking lot, ready to vote out the the pox that invaded our White House!

I remember when we were this strong!

Isn’t that a form of paramilitary organization?
How can we be sure the FBI won’t be stationed at every Costco and Best Buy, lying in wait?


You do your thing or nothing. Great to be American. Just mentioning it. Appreciate your perspective.


Lying in wait for you and me to unite with them.


Probably Not.


You and I Mike. We can go to different Costcos together.

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