Where do you draw the line at Freedom?

I’ll do my best to phrase this in the best way possible.

Obviously, we as gun owners are used to but hate that lawmakers trample on our rights. Certainly, other rights, freedoms, norms, whatever you want to call them get stepped on as well and people tend to live with it. I am a big fan of speaking out "correctly and politely’ to the government though I have had my moments…

The “C” word has driven Governments to new lows.

Now, I have an intense dislike for the Gov of my state NY. That’s the nicest and cleanest way I can put it! It’s a continuous creation of laws that deny you normal things.

Now, the err uh, less than … oh, I give up on words…

Cuomo wants to ban cigarette sales for 6 weeks. I don’t smoke, I hate it, it’s disgusting and I suffer from asthma to boot. However, this is over the top, even for him. He want’s to save the entire state.

The madness needs to stop. It won’t end here, we as gun owners know that.

Why do people put up with this?


I have a way better idea, ban toilet paper and ban tax dollars to NY!
Freedom does not exist anymore, you can not and will not stop these fools from destroying humanity.
If you escape NY you better have the proper ID in your wallet, no silly not your driver license, your NRA lifetime membership card or USCCA card. We can all play stupid.
P.S. since you’re one of us do your self a favor and escape NY. Don’t wait until they send in the army, blow up the bridges and drag you by your throat to the nearest hospital or psych ward, get out now. Save yourself!
Bet you think I’m being foolish. We, as gun owners have always been taught the be prepared and responsible! RUN! RUN NOW! This is our World War Z moment!


I know where my line is and I have talked to my family about it.

There is only so far you can push a person before they push back.

I am prepared if/when that time comes, are you?



This is @DBrogue,@Scott52, @Sneezy - This is a question I think about a lot. Had you asked this question a few years ago, I would have had a different answer than now. DBrogue you speak of talking with your family which is good. I have a unusual position now where I lost my wife to breast cancer 3 years ago and my 2 daughters are grown and have their own families. Now it is basically just me, maybe because I am in my 60’s now I have come to the point that I don’t want the powers that be screwing with me. So I guess what I am saying is the line for me has moved and it has moved towards being shorter and not longer. I am prepared and won’t hesitate.
Damn The Torpedos - Full Speed Ahead… David Farragut


@Sneezy - Thank you for bringing this topic up. I believe it is good sometimes to take account of where we stand. All the men and women who fought and those who died to make this country great deserve a hell of a lot more than they are getting. It is way past time to drain the swamp in DC. Molon Labe !! Mike



I too am in my 60s and I think that maybe a part of the reason I am able to draw the line where it is. I am reminded of a lesson I had in high school typing class as a freshman.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Little did I know then it would become more than just a sentence to help teach me to use a typewriter.



My vision has taken a turn downhill in the last few years, age related I guess, but it also seems like THAT line gets clearer to me. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.


I’m 33yrs old, at high risk for complications with Covid19, no military experience, rely on medications to function and even then I am limited. I can still pull my weight but I’m exhausted.

My 2 youngest brothers have served, middle one 6yrs in the navy and the youngest still in the army. Most firearm practice my middle brother has had in years, a friend of his took him to a .22 range a year ago. He is a gamer, bit of a hermit, and lives with me.

I carry where possible, have a good selection of outdoor and 2A equipment, and with friends turned family, should SHTF, I can move out to safer locations.

I’m prepping a vest, full load out but as low cost as possible due to limited income, prepping for conflict, will have more gear than the average person, but I have no desire to ever use it.

By carrying, I have already made the decision to defend myself and the family.

However, how does one define a threat to your freedoms and how far do you take it?

Where do you draw the line? What has to happen and if you fight back, who exactly are you fighting?

All these attacks against gun owners and more, if “this” happens, it will spark off a civil war, etc, etc.

Who is declared to be the enemy, who are the innocent, do you declare war on? Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, etc.


When the muzzle is in my face they drew their own lines. Right now we are prime for an attack. We are down physically, morally and economically. Furthermore we are divided.
What Chinese colluding Washington Democrat wouldn’t hit us when we are down? Look and listen around us we’re being attacked daily. I’m not talking about the virus either.
Like they say everyone has a plan until they have been hit, we just got hit again, and what are we doing about it? We are setting criminals free, let the purge begin!


As I understand it, those who have served have sworn to uphold the constitution and so on.

If ordered to turn on the people, will they actually comply and turn on citizens, especially law abiding?

While there will probably be those who choose to turn, I’d bet there are more who would defend the citizens against a tyrannical goverment.

Criminals being set free and former anti-gun people realizing the police wont save them and turning pro-gun in at least some part, should these criminals turn back to crime with more armed citizens, there is a good chance lethal force will be used…

Those of us who train to use lethal force as a last resort to protect ourselves and our family’s, I’m not all that worried about. It’s the first time gun owners that are more at risk in one sense and the criminals, if they run up against a person who is not trained. I’d bet the untrained individual is more likely to just start shooting…

Unfortunate for any criminal, whether they were or were not a direct threat.


I’ve been thinking about this alot lately. I don’t know the where the line is but I’ve resolved myself to a few things… (Hypothetical Situations)

  1. I’m not taking any marks, in my hand or forehead.
  2. I’m not going to anybody’s internment camp.
  3. Nothing that the government deems mandatory will I accept. Free men always have a choice.

What I stand on is the constitution, I “Allow” the current restrictions imposed by the government for the greater good. As a citizen and NOT a subject. If our elected officials attempt to keep some restrictions in place after this terrible virus is no longer a threat then there will be a problem. I swore an oath to the United States and no matter how long ago that may have been, I have never denounced that oath and will do whatever it takes to maintain/restore our collective “Inalienable rights”. Currently these restrictions are to protect and I pray that is temporary. God help us if they attempt permanent status. That is where I stand and it is public. Collectively that needs to be conveyed politely yet loud and clearly!!!


I’ll add a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King "If you have nothing in your life worth dying for then you have nothing in life worth living for "


It is my opinion that the day is coming where a major incident will draw that line where one must pick their side. Hopefully that will not result in a major civil war. We have allowed, and I do mean ‘we’, the removal of civics, American history, and pride in being a American, from our schools and daily lives. We have allowed the definition of who each of us are first and foremost to not be a American, but instead some hyphenated American based on origin, creed, race, gender, even sexual orientation. Divided we are much weaker. For the nation to survive we must be mostly Americans first. Without getting long winded about this I hope and pray it is not a bloody incident.


Well - Having read all the comments in my opinion we all are saying the same thing. I am honored to be in your company. I also hope and pray the “incident” that is coming is not a bloody one. That being said, don’t screw with my freedom - if the powers that be start screwing with me it could be a bad day at blackrock. I am trying hard to keep this civil. What everyone has said - the division, taking things out of history, dumbing down the school system, it is all just stupid and at some point it will all come to a head. Don I also typed the same sentence and I never thought it would come to this.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein


@Jane2 - Thank you Jane for your input, that is where I am at also. At some point and time all that is going on with the powers that be trying to disarm us will come to a head. I also believe it is better to fight. All my best. Mike


as much as I would like to leave NY, it’s not an option right now. I’m not pulling my daughter from school. she’s in 10th now. I also have a business and moving it means lots of conversations with accountants and lawyers. I work from home, that’s the easy part. If we jump the border to PA, my wife can keep her job.

The toughest part is my wife and I have spent so much money on our house and we love it.

This whole thing really bothers me to the core. They are making subjects out of us and that my friends is just wrong and NOT what this Country stands for. I write the powers that be weekly and I know they are sick of hearing from me.

Cuomo LOVES to bury laws in the budget so people can’t comment on them. This is wrong on so many levels.


Very well stated, @Sneezy!

I agree - he wants to save the entire state from themselves which is against everyone’s freedom to choose IMO.


“They will be following orders” some orders are harder to follow than others, but most will follow because they won’t know better.
I’m pretty sure most of you remember May 4, 1970 when the National guard shot into the crowd of students at Kent State University , yeah! Songs have been written about it.


At 73, I know I have more life behind me than in front. So quality of life has gotten much more important. And while I’m not quite sure just where “the line” is, I do know it’s shorter and closer.