How's the gun free area's working for you NY?


My 60th year High School Reunion is in 2025 even if I’m alive I will not be visiting NY. The whole state is trashed!


I’m visiting my sisters in NY in a couple of months and will feel naked.


Yeah it’s rough traveling where it’s a felony to have so much as an unloaded locked pistol in your trunk


It’s just so sad (for me)
Born and raised in Queens, NY…It’s now a different World.
Learned of Patriotism and Love of Country there, respect for the man
The FDNY, Our Teachers, elders and .gov
Now? just sad. Gun Free Zone in Times Square? Really? Seriously?
What a ridiculous concept to think Evil would obey posted signage
( Almost as stupid as Defunding the Police-----and then expecting crime
to not go off the rails! ) What moron .gov truly believes less Cops /safer Communities?
These ‘Activist-Social Justice Warrior. gov’s–namely the ‘Squad’ etc Just want Chaos.
No Bail, GFZ Signs, No Prison time for felonies… Think about this…
Bob Marley even wrote a famous song "No Justice No Peace’ THAT should be the next slogan!
He called it True!
My real question is : Will anybody wake the hell up soon? Or will it take a Mass casualty event to
say…maybe we better rethink these actions we are wasting Millions of dollars trying to Confiscate, ban
Prosecute Law Abiding Citizens… NAH! What was I smokin’? Hey Bob? Roll me a spliff please!

My Lighter flames… Who cares maann , No worries


So is mine. It’s in Cali, and you can bet I won’t be going.


I would like to visit the USS Midway Museum in San Diego but like you it is a no go area!


Yea, major felony for having it locked away, but if you’re a gang banger with 10 priors and get caught with a gun you’re out, no bail same day. CA and NY have gone to hell, now they want to take the rest of us with them. Can’t let that happen.


I’m truly sorry George
I wish I could say have a safe trip (That would be so cool!)
But if you go I say ‘Lock N load!’ If you were flying that’s a no-go (being armed)
Gone are the days when you hand the Pilot your piece and actually get it back @ the end of your flight.
Can’t even take a Swiss army knife to open those (15) Industrial Peanut bags…so sad

I had many PCFA’s on my flights out of O’Hare, of course they were with one or more of the many alphabet agencies.

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Greetings! Former Manhattanite here, born and raised. Now living in the Free Sate of Florida, allow me to emphasize the word “FREE.” It was awesome growing up in NYC, at times “dangerous” but there were ways to watch your back on the subway and steer clear of maniacs. Cops responded when necessary and did their job, and drew their guns when they needed to. NYC was insane, but in a sane way, if you know what I mean. Now? The inmates run the asylum, illegals are the protected class, the police obviously not allowed to defend themselves even when their lives are in danger, I mean, why bother to carry a firearm when you can’t use it, and don’t bother being a good Samaritan or you will end up in jail and everyone else cries for the perp when he/she is either locked up or put down, but overall the criminal walks out of court with just a desk ticket or no reprimand at all. The place has devolved into commie/fascist central, illegals run the show, and the justice system is right out of a Marxist playbook. Yet, can’t feel all bad for those who still choose to live there now, they voted for it, and we are told we are spewing conspiracy theories when we try to warn our friends and family “back home.” I remember the Rockefeller buy-back law, even though I was just a kid, but also instinctively knew that this was a stupid idea because you could take the train up to the South Bronx and buy yourself a Saturday night special with the serial numbers scratched off. The demise of NYC was in the making for a very, very long time, Mayor Rudy (the best ever) made a temporary dent in the craziness, but then he was done as Mayor and the powers that be went right back to destroying the greatest city in the world. I need to fly up there at some point, even just to visit the graves of my beloved family, but not being able to carry would make me feel like “prey” for all the loonies running around and the police are not allowed to properly defend me if needed. I’m sure all my fellow former New Yorkers are feeling just as sad as I am right now as I write this and remember my once fabulous hometown.


Yes Ma’am :cry: Incredibly sad.

Welcome Deborah, Welcome HOME


Thank you neighbor. :slightly_smiling_face: :us:


Welcome aboard @Deborah_Joy

I escaped NY in 1965 and only snuck back in 3 times since then. Parent’s funerals and 50th HS reunion. I took pictures at all three events! No need to go back!

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Hello and welcome @Deborah_Joy

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Howdy George! You escaped quite a while ago! Came down to Florida for good in 2016 because I had enough of winter and my cousins moved to Florida, so I followed. Glad I did, especially now, for many reasons! Stay Free! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Karacal…thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Deborah_Joy welcome to our dysfunctional :joy: family, well some of us are. but we will have your back :+1: if and when needed.


Welcome to the forum, Deborah_Joy. I was born in Vallejo, CA (Mare Island Naval Hospital) while Dad was completing his Naval Enlistment following V J Day. Although I have resided in Iowa most of my life (thanks to my parents helping me escape at age 8 mos. before I could become ‘Californicated’), I had wanted to attend San Bernardino Valley Jr. College there after I graduated High School in 1965. Dad was an alumnus of the University of IA near by and, although tuition costs were the same, travel expenses made SBVJC impractical.

Now, I am so glad that common sense, parental wisdom and influence (and fate) forced choices upon me that made possible a life of relative peace, a fantastic 53 1/2 year marriage to my late wife (whom I met and married my freshman year at the U of I) and we never had to contend with the ultra violence and gang activity we see mostly concentrated in large metropolitan areas . . . until now. Our liberal city government has declared Cedar Rapids a “Sanctuary City”, so now they are importing the same percentage of trouble in these unvetted, illegal invaders to my hometown as are populating major cities.

I am sickened by this, and used to blame the “Liberal bleeding heart mentality” on such ideas, but the “over-the-top” levels of these destructive policies and complete ignoring of their deleterious effects have me convinced they are all intentional, Communist inspired, and beyond the normal self-loathing of America that has become the Progressive’'s trademark.

By creating chaos nationwide, there will be calls for greater invasions of privacy by government into our lives, more regulations, less individual freedom and the establishment through Socialist solutions of a Communist state here in America. The current administration’s undermining of our Justice Department through its weaponization against private citizens like DJT (who presents the greatest challenge to the methods and existence of the administrative state or “Deep State”} are frightening in their obvious perversion of our system of justice. If allowed to be successful in NYC, the rest of our nation is doomed.


Dysfunctional is fun, normal is boring! :wink: Thank you, we are all in this together!