NY...Your thoughts?

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This may sound horrible, but my thoughts on NYC after watching the video, is the same as it was before I watched it. Why would you want to live there or even visit there especially as a gun owner?

At one point in my life I was offered an opportunity to go to NYC and head up our office there, huge raise, company apartment, company driver. Didn’t even get through the pitch before I told them how complimentary it was that they thought that well of me, but I had no interest at all in going to NYC.

They even suggested it might be detrimental to my continued employment to turn down this “opportunity”. I told them I would regret that if it happened because I felt my time with them had been a time of great professional growth, and that I truly enjoyed my work with them. But I preferred to stay in the Southeast for family reasons. However, if they felt they needed to terminate my employment that I would remember my time there with great respect. My professionally polite way of saying “go take a flying leap” (yes I self moderated there).

To me living in NYC would be just about everything I abhor, crowds, noise, high crime rate, hours of time added to daily life for traveling, in exchange for what, ridiculous gun control laws, access to “culture”(no interest in anyways), cuisine(not that adventurous in food anyways).

So in conclusion, don’t color me shocked that NYC criminalizes something that minor. Actually, I am more surprised by the naivete of the 2 people interviewed, for not realizing that would happen. This is something that KevinM and Tom Grieve talk about all of the time, know the laws for where you are going. A 30 second Google search told me Georgia’s CCW permit was not honored in New York. This just reenforces to me what we all should know, is know the law before you travel with your gun.

I would not step into NYC, California, Massachusetts, Chicago, Washington, Oregon or soon to be Virginia as they are what I personally would consider to be places antithetical to my well being.


I’m with @Zavier_D!

As for me…
I would be looking at house listings outside of any of those states.
But I am aware that your “home” state is your “home” state not to mention your occupation and loved ones that reside there.

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I couldn’t get the link to open so heres an alternate link:

Its hair raising, and it should be a required watch for anyone who votes. And certainly anyone who owns a gun.

They’re sending everyone a message, all right, and that message is “stay out of New York”. This is just one in a long list of reasons why I will not voluntarily go there. No to mention that just stepping foot
into that cesspool.of human degradation and misery would make my head explode.


I was there in 99, I have no desire to return. My wifes family is from upstate NY, I’m trying to find a way to not go there. I managed to dodge it this year, I doubt I can next.


These states need to be abolished from our sacred union. There is no place for a state that does not believe in our constitutional republic.
I can’t believe that we crushed communism during the Cold War, and we can’t crush democratic garbage states. These states thrives on criminality! They make exorbitant amounts of money from corruption.
Any self respecting human being would leave. However if you leave and come to a state that you feel safe and comfortable in, leave your liberal BS at the border, don’t ever think to try and change the place your moving to.
The most important thing I ever learned in life is “you don’t ■■■■ where you eat”! It seems I used a dirty word.
Truth is we don’t want you in our state if you can’t live up to constitutional law. 2A states are the safest in the union. If you haven’t realized that yet, stay where you are!


The scary part for me at least, is there are tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of pro Constitutionanal, pro 2a people in those places. That are stranded in those locations due to economic, family, professional, or other circumstances beyond their control and due to the density of those places population centers, they can rally, drive their voters to vote, yet still their voices can not be heard.

Now Virginia, from what I have heard and read was a lack of voter turn out, as the Democratic super majority was only won by 5000 votes.


I think it’s typical NY and like many others here view it as a strong reason I would never move there (or MA, CA etc).

But here’s the challenge…we (royal we of 2A supporters) won’t move there, and encourage pro-2A folks to exodus the State…then what’s left?..nothing but anti-2A folks who will continue to legislate as such unfettered with no one there to oppose them.

We need like minded individuals to reside in that State in order to speak up for 2A rights and fight as much as possible and find ways to support them. Same with MA and CA. @Zee made that excellent point when I was considering not purchasing ammo from a company located in CA because I didn’t want to support the State’s economy or anti-2A taxes.

The real key is to keep the States wherever you are and whatever State that happens to be, strong in it’s support of the 2nd Amendment and not just assume it will never go the way of VA. There are lots of red States that are turning purple/blue because of the exodus from the failed economies of some of those anit-2A Sates (CA specifically). You need to make your voice heard and you need to work to convince (and not through yelling and degrading) others to see why our points of view are better whether that’s gun rights or economics.

It’s a dilemma to be sure.


I dont think this can be overstated… every state that is strong in 2A support is in danger over the next few election cycles of flipping. And those states that may hang out longer would eventually fall to a federal level ban once enough states flip to implement bans at a national level.


I live in central NY. I try to avoid the city at all cost though I’ve been pretty stinking drunk walking the streets without issue in the past. It really bothers me the extent that this state and the city will go through to prosecute otherwise honest people and legal gun owners.

We have pistol registration here so if I borrow a friends pistol and it’s not on my permit, I’m breaking the law.

Technically according to state law, these people flying did abide by the laws but because it’s the city…

Nobody is safer because of this. Nobody.


I live in CA, I’m absolutely self respecting and your bs comments elude to a mindset that I’ll refrain from commenting on.

I say this as I’ve said it before, as bad as CA is there are states such as NY and NJ that I feel are worse, yet I don’t make ignorant blanket disrespecting statements on the people of the entire state as whole.

There are concentrated pockets of areas that push a liberal agenda heavily in CA. San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Orange County is more conservative as are the rural communities

If you think it’s not on your front door then better check your 6, this is what happened to VA.

Complacency is just as bad as voting for these politicians or those taking action to violate these rights, and putting these laws/policies on the books, including some cop who enforces these laws stating because its their job.


Just a gentle reminder to be careful with the generalizations. There are good constitutionally minded folks in all states. Some like us have retreated to higher ground. We need to mind what’s happening where we are.

Some, like @KenM have decided to stay and fight. We need to do everything we can to support them. Not tar them with an overbroad far-left-liberal brush.

There are liberal folks who hold the same 2A views “we” do. It’s the anti-gun folks we need to be clear about.


The nice areas of NY are nice, the nice areas of Chicago are nice, and the nice areas of LA are nice… but only if you can afford it. For me, that works out to a couple days out of the year, and often staying at family’s apartments to cut down on cost. IMO, they are areas that thrive on the service industry, and adding in unions, minimum wage disputes, and governmental policy means a skyrocketing cost of living and destitution in comparison to non-urban areas.

Similarly, one might find the rancid city-lore of country bumpkins and why they never leave the city for fear of meeting the antagonist(s) in “Deliverance” humurous. Even Hollywood portrays Chicagoans as rural farm-folk more often than not. IMO, if one doesn’t understand the good and the bad of whoever you disagree with, you will never come up with a solution that can be agreed upon… not in a demcoracy anyway. Similarly, if one ignores the bad and only references the good in people they agree with, there will always be perceived bias.

There was a saying back in the 90’s… “ignorance breeds hate”… also, “knowledge is power.” I encourage people to take opportunities to see how different people, cultures, religions, etc. live, what they believe, and get the skinny from real people rather than internet vidoes, “news” commentators, or audible snippets taken during an emotional confrontation.


Now we’re talkin! This is what we need as we get closer to November!
No disrespect to anyone personally, but we need to come out of our shells and fight these anti 2A people. These people have become a force to be reckoned with. Every day they are turning red states blue. I would love to see a blue state turn red before November.
I see we’re becoming fired up. I’m not offended and you shouldn’t be either. I need to see that we are ready to stand up and fight for what we believe in.
This is like walking into a conservative bar and screaming, who loves Hillary Clinton! Now is the time to wake up to what’s transpiring in our freedom loving country. Freedom is being ripped out from under our feet, the constitution is being burnt as we speak, and I don’t see much happening.
I believe it is at our front door. So tell me how do we turn Virginia back to red? It’s embarrassing that that is NRA country, that’s scary.
I can see you have my six, as well as I will have yours!

So, I see nothing changed in NY since Bernie Goetz case. It is a must-study for anyone who wishes to understand NY stance on crime and self-defense.