How many members are moving to .A.DIFFERENT.STATE. That.cares about . Your families.SAFETY. And . Believe . In .YOUR.SECOND.AMENDMENT.RIGHTS. :us::question::100:


Is Sylvester Stallone leading his people out of california! People seriously need to think about leaving blue states and moving to Red States!! You should even leave Red City in a blue state, if that city is really possible!!! As for a blue city in a Red State, if possible, will be first casualty, when the SHTF!!! Eliminate the cause!!!


No need for us.

However, way back in the day, coming out of college, looking at job-careers and moving states…there absolute no, Veto states, that were not on the table. Nothing considered in them. Still, now, if jobs were changed or a current employer were to move or call for a move…there are states (mostly the same list) that would be a hard No


I think it would be easier and more productive to get people to care about their safety. If we won’t we are only side stepping the challenge. I would rather look at it as a challenge not a problem. One can’t pretend it doesn’t exist and think it will go away. Given the state of the union I don’t think we can ignore it or make fun of it. Love will find a way. :notes::musical_note:Trevor Rabin

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Looks I already mentioned this today on another thread…
I live in Illinois. I know this State is not perfect but 2A is not the only factor which decides about where my Family stays.
As long as I can posses and carry the firearm of my choice, I’m good.
Having the firearm doesn’t guarantee the safety. Thinking and proficient usage of any weapon available is the key.
So… I’m not moving out.


That’s nice and all, but, carrying a gun for self defense in the state of New York, when they won’t issue you a permit and/or say everywhere is off limits, without going to prison as a felon is a pretty significant challenge


Not if all your neighbors are communists! You’ll be overwhelmed by the time you need to reload. Thankfully I live in a blood red state! I’m a retired couch potato, but I’ll be fighting from a prone position!


Fat, dumb and leafy!


As one of the commenters said. Living in Illinois creates some 2nd Amendment challenge. In addition to not wanting to leave family and friends. Financially being hindered from moving. As for me. I feel will eventually leave.


@Scott52 … we are talking about self defense… If I have to go for a war with my Neighbours, believe… I’m ready for it. But State’s limitations has nothing to do with it.

Also… the other consideration… if you want a peaceful life, you know your Neighbours before you move in :upside_down_face:


I’d put it this way. What would you rather do be murdered or murder someone¿ If we all answered murder someone, we would all be murdered/dead, humans would be extinct. If we all answer be murdered, we would all be alive because there would be no one to murder us. We live in a world where people want to murder us. They are the ones that want the world to be extinct. I don’t want to murder and I would rather be murdered than murder someone so I have to stop the people that want to murder us. The safest way for me to do that is to put small holes in the people that want to murder us. The best way to do that is with a gun. Instead of the world being extinct I would rather take the chance I might kill someone. Let me help. I got two strong arms let me help.:notes::notes::musical_note:Billy Swan

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We are not moving anytime soon but plan on it in about 2 years, We will be making sure that we are moving to a RED state and were our 2A rights are not compromised !! I would like to add, if you are you are moving to a RED state, keep your Blue state crap in that state !!


I don’t consider that to be a viable question. There is no reason for it to be one or the other of those choices.

I don’t see living in an anti-gun anti-self defense state to be about the decision to act in self defense, I see it about being put in prison for years just because I had the gun and someone found out, no attack, no self defense, no using it to save my life, just…I got pulled over and they pulled me out and searched the car and now I’m in prison for 19 months or whatever.

That’s the main reason I say no to those states.

Or, I try to buy the gun at the store they say no, you can’t have that gun. That’s why I say no to those states


That is the challenge I am addressing. We can see that as a problem. We have to see it as a challenge to fix.

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Okay, say a person lives in NY and wants to be able to adequately defend themselves from imminent deadly threats, right now, today.

But they don’t want to go to prison as a felon if they are pulled over for whatever reason and tell the truth to the officer.

The state is not issuing them a permit for a handgun.

What can they do to overcome that challenge?


Move to a free state like I did.


I as well live in Illinois, RURAL Illinois. When people hear Illinois they immediately think Chicago.

Downstate Illinois is a whole other world and culture. Downstate Illinois is also very red state save for only a few counties.

The problem:

  1. The VERY CORRUPT state government.
  2. The population of Chicago and its halo counties population outnumber rural downstate voters.



Exactly @deranged .
I live about 40 mile west from Chicago.
We’re living normal lives without all Chicago’s crap…
I believe, once we would get rid of that city we’d be a red State.


Moving to the right state is only ONE layer. NC is a prime example. State laws are VERY pro self defense with a lot of latitude given to the good law abiding folks. Buying firearms is a very friendly process and the CC Licensing process is straight forward and fair.

And yet!!! This all varies from one county to another. The two counties where I lived in NC the local Sheriff and Police Investigators would have grabbed a shovel to help you bury a bad guy so they could avoid the paperwork.

The NEXT county over use to prosecute their own police officers when they shot bad people while carrying out their duties.

Check EVERY layer of government out when picking your new zip code. PAY a local criminal defense attorney to have an hour with him/her to understand the state laws concerning use of deadly force, any local statutes or ordinances that might bite you in the ass, and the local legal lay of the land.


IDK I am not from NY. Perhaps someone from NY that is not willing to be a victim is willing to answer that. I would think they would do what ever they could to get out of the situation they were in and do what I said to make sure it never happens again. Just to be clear if they were facing a deadly threat today, moving if one hasn’t gotten out of the first situation isn’t an option.

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I agree.

By leaving the state

The point is you don’t know what day you may face a deadly threat. If you knew, you’d just avoid it. If one wants to be armed and ready just in case, it being a felony to be armed and ready is a pretty daunting challenge to overcome.

A good way to overcome that challenge is to move