Will it make things worse?

I was trying to look up how many people might carry illegal guns in the US today. I had heard that most gun crimes were committed by people that had illegal guns. For conversation we can agree anything more than 50 percent should be considered most. So if they tried to disarm the US citizen would it accomplish what they want?

I was looking on a study of Chicago and even with the removal of 1000 guns a year as an illegal possession it hasn’t put a dent in illegal guns on the street.

So the question is if removing legal rights to own or carry a gun with a CCW ot LTC permit how long would it be before former law abiding citizens decide they cannot count on protection from criminals with weapons so they will carry one anyway? That is what seems to be happening in Chicago where people are arming themselves with the same weapons the gangs are.


None of that matters anymore! We’re done!

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Probably splitting hairs, but does the difference between ‘caring an illegal gun’ vs ‘carring a legal gun illegally’ matter to the question?

The question you ask is ‘carrying an illegal gun’.

You acquire the gun legally, you keep it legally, you use it to defend your life legally. Still some DAs try to make you into a criminal. Looks like you have two alternatives

  1. Drop dead
  2. Worry less and do what you and your family need to live.

What’s your choice?


Can I see what’s behind door #2


Either way. Do you think people will just carry anyway? I think people might. I know people that carried for years before getting a CCW.


I also expect they will


Stop trying to make sense, they’ll say that magic word “debunked”


I hope I never have to use a weapon against another person. I don’t want my life in the hands of these folks. I have no faith in the justice system of this country. Justice is supposed to be blind. There’s seemingly different rules for those who are rich or wealthy. As Dave Chappelle once remarked “it’s like there are damn near 2 justice systems…” :thinking:

:point_right:t5: Yes things will get worse. Good will be called evil & evil called good. And surely an underground or massive black market for firearms & ammo will exist. 🤦🏾


Robert…I am a law abiding citizen. I choose to adhere to the law in every manner that I can so as to always be, “Law Abiding”. With that said…if I were forced to choose between being law abiding and choosing what would keep me and my family safe…I would certainly opt for keeping my family safe. That’s not to say I wouldn’t ALWAYS TRY and be law abiding…only that if circumstances were different…I’d do whatever I need to in order to keep my family safe. Knowing that carrying a concealed weapon is only a misdemeanor in every state I can remember for a first offense…I am thankful I don’t have to worry about getting a slap on the wrist had I ever been caught carrying a firearm illegally. NOT that I ever did…only that I am thankful that I have a permit allowing me to avoid getting a misdemeanor ticket for carrying a firearm illegally because I DO have a permit. So, in other words…to those American brothers and sisters of mine who CHOOSE to carry illegally…I don’t judge or fault you for making that choice knowing it is ONLY a misdemeanor if you ever DO get caught. I understand the desire to keep your loved ones and yourself safe often trumps laws at times. Not that I’D ever break any laws…only that I can relate with YOUR choice.

that was the most politically correct and legally right way of stating it.


There’s a huge black market in stolen guns. A new Glock with ammo will fetch triple its MSRP in NYC, or some other major city bought on the street. A drug dealer in my former Reading PA neighborhood was arrested after a 2 1/2 - year eyeballing by the police - the sweep involved 21 people from all over, and several caches of old, used, and stolen guns of all types. No mystery, here.


I for one would not hesitate to carry if I didn’t have my CCL. I wouldn’t carry the same gun I carry now for obvious reasons. Long before Texas finally passed CC legislation most who did carry decided l would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.


I’ve heard that quote used before. I think it’s a fine attitude, so long as you don’t have any family. If I am found guilty of committing a crime, I will no longer be able to provide for my family. Therein lies the dilemma we each face, whenever we have to venture forth into a “gun-free zone,” whether that is the size of a small shop or the size of a state.


Indeed sir. That is the dilemma that all law abiding people find themselves in. If we obey the law, we can and will be victimized by the criminal. If we break the unjust law, we are victimized by the state. Then our family will suffer at their hands.

In this circumstance, only the criminal wins.

It is a sad state of affairs when the law is used to make good people less safe. Only a mob of leftists can create such a state of affairs for the law abiding citizen.


Let’s face it, CRIME PAYS!

It’s funny back then in the 70’s you would still see a pickup in a school parking lot with a rifle in the gun rack. I grew up about everyone carried something in there car hammer bat or gun. Don’t really know what we thought we were going to run into. Looking at now to then we were pretty green.

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A conundrum for sure. From listing to the people in Chicago, dealing with this issue, the alternative is you might be shot and cannot provide for your family nor take a chance with a jury. I think a lot of people are looking around to see what direction we are forced to go in. I just have a feeling that more people will decided to take a chance and carry anyway. Especially those that live in places like Seattle that are not in a position to move.


Law-abiding citizens (LAC) have more to lose than the criminals. A criminal using a firearm for crime is likely already a felon, spent time in jail. The LAC if caught may lose their job, their house, their family.

@Robert5 not a direct answer to your question, but I think most LAC won’t end up breaking the law and carry where they shouldn’t because they dont want to or cant afford to take the risk of being caught. There will be a smaller percentage who would risk it anyway (I think especially in high-crime areas) and those folks if there is a shooting would just run away… just like the criminals do because no one wants to be the one standing around a crime scene having just broken the law.


There is a precedent: Bernie Goetz’s case (1984). It was impossible for him to avoid the subway in NYC, he knew it was a high crime area (Which - the subway or NYC? Yes.), and he had been traumatized by a prior violent robbery.


I hate that we need to consider such scenarios. But it’s the inevitable result of accepting that the party meant to protect our gun rights is ineffectual at anything but chasing after the left as they constantly move the goal post.

One of the left’s everlasting war cries, is Medicare for all. So the Obama administration goes and mandates everyone needs to purchase healthcare, and fines anyone who doesn’t.

Where’s our champion to mandate everyone to own a gun, and fines anyone who doesn’t.

I know that last sentence sounds absurd. But if we don’t have leaders who can push absurd ideas in the direction we’d like. Then compromise just short of those absurd ideas. Then the inevitable result is a continual leftward lurch. Which is how we got here today.