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When they outlaw guns … will you be a gun outlaw?

Uncomfortable conversation or not, I think all responsible gun owners need to come to terms with some important truths. We’ve been told for a long time that “no one’s coming to take your guns.” But President Biden recently announced multiple extreme gun control actions. These actions could require law-abiding citizens to surrender lawful property and push states to expand gun confiscation orders. And these actions could criminalize gun owners.

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Wow, a real thought that creates fear either way you consider on moving. One way you become a sheep and are pushed to do things you know are wrong. The other way you become an outlaw, ( Revolutionary Patriot fighting for your country and beliefs ).
This article really hits the heart and mind like a sleigh hammer.


I am Brazilian and I will tell our experience with the disarmament of the people. (beforehand, forgive my Google English)
In 2005 we voted for a referendum to decide whether we wanted (or not) to maintain the right to acquire firearms. The result was that 63% of voters voted to maintain the right.
But the problem was that the (socialist) government restricted this right too much and the authorities that released the weapons were instructed never to release it to anyone.
At the same time, there was a major media campaign for people to hand over their weapons to be destroyed. The media convinced the population that the best thing to do was to return the weapons, and the people believed in this absurd theory.
The immediate result was that criminals felt safe to commit their crimes, so with each passing year crime and murder has only increased, reaching alarming rates.
We are currently electing a president of the republic who has promised to give us back the right to purchase firearms. He fulfilled his promise through decrees (not by law), the result was that thousands of weapons were sold and with each passing month crime is falling precipitously.
Unfortunately, socialist politicians continue to fight our right, but we (the people) are very united in guaranteeing the right to own firearms, and we are fighting a lot (through political channels).
Now we are haunted to see that you are being victimized by the same types of socialist politicians, whose only interest is to secure themselves in power, even if it costs the lives of the American people.
Gentlemen, do not wait to discover how nefarious it is to live without the right to defend your own life and that of your children, research the destruction that disarmament has caused to Brazilian society, so that you understand what your politicians want to do with the American society.




I guess I’ll have to be an outlaw. We have seen what has happened in history after seizing guns from civilians. Stealing from the gun meme thread…


One of my other favorite ammendments is the 5th.
In that regards I will reserve comment on this OPEN TO THE PUBLIC forum.


By now most of you have read this very good short post
So it ask the great question; will you become an outlaw? Of course! should be the general consensus. But I am not sure everyone understands the method the federal government culls a herd. There will not be a massive federal sweep using the thousands of agents across the different federal agencies that didnt walk off the job. It will be people who are low hanging fruit, that are easily identified from collected information over the past decade (Edward Snowden). Those that can be debated are a little sketchy, or the loner, the odd duck. “I will not comply” as the author has stated is a personal choice, as is the level of resistance.
Now is the time we question and seek a solution to how are we going to react when one of our own in the gun community is taken? Are we going to buy into the disinformation efforts to confuse us into inaction (The Bundy’s of Nevada The Cox’s of Kansas?) Are we going to adopt ANTIFA tactics and burn the federal building down that will be the temporary housing of the arrested gun owner? Or use the legal system that would put us in there in the first place? What entity is out there whose pockets are as deep as George Soros?
In my opinion the question isn’t “Will I become an Outlaw”? But instead, are we as a community, be willing to come to the aide of a stranger who has been culled?


There is great value for the Government to have many people who are generally law-obedient and yet guilty of a felony. For instance, you can pretty much block travel across state lines for half the people, or bar half the country from air travel, you can arrest anyone who challenges federal authorities in court or otherwise interacts with authorities in Blue states, or on federal level. That’s a goal in its own right.

I doubt mass confiscation will be initiated, however, there are tricks they can play. Terror mobs may violently attack suburbs, and people who defend their homes with arms will be then targeted for arrest by law enforcement. It is already like this though.

Having terror mobs is a huge problem. We may have to balance some 1A aspects to remove this menace from society.


People talk a big talk but are they truly willing to make a radical stand that will result in their arrest. The arrests would be unconstitutional but would continue anyhow because of the radical left’s push.

Would court challenge actually fix the problems? I don’t have faith in the courts anymore. I’m sure others feel the same. So if you try this path it may take a generation to fix it. So if you have any kind of government pension or disability benefit you’ll probably lose it and it will not pass on to your surviving spouse who is depending on it as if it were a private retirement. Yes, I fall under this catagory. I’d lose everything which is the price of non-compliance. Honestly, I would seriously consider transferring, throwing overboard in a deep lake or ocean just to spite them. Hell, I might even video it. If those BLM and Antifa members can burn flags under the 1st Amendment, surely I can destroy my own guns under freedom of speech.

Anyhow, the only path I see protecting this right is for a huge nationwide revolution to oust these socialist pushing asshole and declare them enemy of the State thus turning their own tactics back onto them. They are criminals already. There is no legitimate way they can claim or justify for infringing on our God given rights under the Constitution.

This really isn’t justification for a Civil War. I think people screaming that are just like the Gun Ho soldiers I served with in the Army and National Guard. Don’t let people, though with good intentions, lead you down that path. I’m a Christian before I’m an American or a member of some political party. I still must see Christ in others. Though I do believe we have the right to defend ourselves I remember Jesus setting the example which was followed by many of the Christians throughout history. As Catholics and other Christian faiths declare these martyrs as Saints.


I back the blue :blue_heart:

Where does blue stand on unconstitutional directives from government?

I become an outlaw the moment they come knocking at my door saying,
“I’m just following orders.”

What about our military?
Do we have more Vindmans than Flynns?


I think the follow up question to that is will the USCCA be a viable business?
If memory serves as soon as the law is changed aren’t we automatically disqualified as a members? It would be a felony to own any of our gear.
I consider this a trick question. I can’t confirm or deny that I will or will not become an outlaw!
Let’s ask the bad guy if he’s going to give up his weapons?
When they outlaw bacon…will you become a bacon outlaw?
I know, bacon is not in the Constitution! Or is it?
What if they outlaw babies? China did it. How much will it take to keep a nation FREE? That’s the real question!


I cannot imagine the U.S. not allowing handguns as CCW legally. Where do I sign up, and how do I help the community to prevent that, and keep such freedom?

To answer this, I would say for the majority, no. Not because they are in agreement to new gun regs. But when you drill deeper into a response most will find they have to much to lose. Job, Home, Finances, Retirement and Freedom. It is my opinion of course, and the Virgina Rally last year is the antithesis to my point of view.

If you have an effective (keyword: effective!) ban on legally owned firearms, having an effective ban on legal CCW is a problem simpler by orders of magnitude.


I don’t mind stating on this very public forum that if my firearms become unlawful, I will comply with the new laws and regulations that restrict my Constitutionally defined freedoms. Because compliance with the law is very important to me.

Just bear with me on the mandatory gun buybacks. I’m relatively sure I can locate the area where I had the boating accident, but I’m not qualified to scuba dive.


When they come to “buy back” the firearms, make sure they complete the UBC before they touch the firearm. If they don’t, have them arrested.


If it ever comes to disarming the public, we will be at a point where the little amount of firepower from pistols and long guns won’t matter.

That said, if this happens, it’s not like it’s going to be government goons pounding on doors with tanks on the street. It will be secret police raids in the middle of the night. Crisp door knocks, formality, whispers…compliance…

It will be raids prompted by tips from neighbors, friends and enemies. Most of the “brave” people who talk about how no one will ever take their guns will stammer with incredulity after being rousted in the middle of the night by the polite, plain-clothed agents of Order. The sad doe eyes of wives and children peering out from the edges of darkened bedrooms will convince arrestees to comply. Silently, obediently. Neighbors will peer through gaps in curtains, reluctant to speak up or speak out for fear of being placed on tomorrow night’s list.

Read Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn if you want to get an idea of how the machine of authoritarianism rolls silently and relentlessly through the night until the remaining citizenry finally realizes the glorious promises of law, order and allegiance.

With apologies to T.S. Eliot: This is the way Democracy ends; not with a bang, but a whimper…


Sorry, late to the party, so I’m unsure of the topic. You’re talking about not wearing a mask at your family bbq, right?

But seriously, it’s already happening. “Inform” on your neighbors from the Soviet era has been changed “snitch,” but it’s the same thing. Plug in “Covid,” “ghost guns,” “domestic terrorism,” whatever the oppression of the month is, and there you have it.


See something? Say something!

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

Please remove shoes and empty all pocket contents and purses into the supplied bins before proceeding through the X-ray machine…

Etc. Etc.

I’m not sure what the number would be now. But during the Obama first administration, a white paper was put out as part of the armed drones operating inside the US question. It revealed that 62% of the military would mutiny right off the bat with most of that being from the SOFCOM community.