The Federal Government Culling Techniques

By now most of you have read this very good short post
So it ask the great question; will you become an outlaw? Of course! should be the general consensus. But I am not sure everyone understands the method the federal government culls a herd. There will not be a massive federal sweep using the thousands of agents across the different federal agencies that didnt walk off the job. It will be people who are low hanging fruit, that are easily identified from collected information over the past decade (Edward Snowden). Those that can be debated are a little sketchy, or the loner, the odd duck. “I will not comply” as the author has stated is a personal choice, as is the level of resistance.
Now is the time we question and seek a solution to how are we going to react when one of our own in the gun community is taken? Are we going to buy into the disinformation efforts to confuse us into inaction (The Bundy’s of Nevada The Cox’s of Kansas?) Are we going to adopt ANTIFA tactics and burn the federal building down that will be the temporary housing of the arrested gun owner? Or use the legal system that would put us in there in the first place? What entity is out there whose pockets are as deep as George Soros?
In my opinion the question isn’t “Will I become an Outlaw”? But instead, are we as a community, be willing to come to the aide of a stranger who has been culled?


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