Please ... use your heads

I’m hoping the members of the USCCA are educated enough to not fall into traps that make the legal gun-owning community look bad, stupid or a threat to our country.

If you wear buffalo horns and storm the Capital … you look like an idiot and provide the path for citizen disarmament.

It’s my opinion that the Pro-Trump idiots in Washington who invaded the Capitol were led into a planned trap that is going to destroy us. The media and law enforcement are clamping down on the Conservatives big time.
Never mind that there has been almost no accountability for the left-side criminals that looted, burned and rioted our cities this last summer.
There’s a new Sheriff in town, and they will crush us at every chance they get. Do not give them the ammunition they need to do it.


You are Antifa or QAnon, depending on your loyalties.


@Doug54 i think @Dave17 was referring to the gentleman in the horns not you.

At least thats how I read it


I deleted my response. Thanks for your input.


No worries I could see your angle too.

Great topic BTW. You’re spot on with not taking the bait


Welcome to the Community. Indeed, we do need to be smart about things.


Thank You.

Anymore, every gun-related event is twisted by our politicians and media, including suicides.

Our government wants to disarm us, and it’s now worse than ever.


Their are solid arguments to be made that we will potentially have a very vengeful administration and being smart is going to be very important


There are more threats than just standard situational and legal entanglements.

The media judges harshly


They are already locked and loaded! Fours days and it’s all lost!


It’s as if everything Republican/Conservative has been imputed to President Trump. Therefore, to impeach him 2X is to double down on rejecting him and all right-wing ideaology by extension.

It’s about to get ugly for not only Trumpites but for all conservatives (in my opinion). Liberals have seized control of the federal government & social discourse. And unlike days past, their will be zero tolerance for all ideals contrary to “do what thou wilt.”

:pensive: I fear we are the last of a dying breed. But, be encouraged because we already know the END of this. :pray:t5:



All the firearm skills we practice and believe in mean nothing if they ( our government) take our firearms.

Criminals don’t care about any of that. Prohibition just strengthens the criminals.

Look at how well our government has done on the war on drugs. LOSERS


@Doug54 welcome to the family and God bless you brother. :+1: :+1:


I agree 100 percent with @Doug54 . Keep your heads on swivels and don’t get hooked into anything where you go to the point of no return. As responsible gun owners it’s up to us to set an example of how not to be. I pray that responsible gun owners are not affected by this nonsense.


That path is already on its way. What’s hsppening is just insane. Where’s all the. “Hooray for Biden folks”? More votes than Obama, why doesn’t his remarks on social media show that? I’m sure this is not going to end well… For anyone…


…and they either lack the wisdom to realize this or lack the courage of their (supposed) convictions to even avoid jumping on the enemy’s bandwagon. I’m not buying it. I think there are more Marxist traitors in our midst than even the cynics among us imagined.


Good decisions. They are the key to success in all aspects of life, and nowhere more so than being a responsible armed citizen. Think before you act, then act as though you are being judged by someone who’s respect you want.


Knowing they will go after certain ones first, it is now time to branch out with training. The government goes after semiautos, learn to train with revolvers and lever actions. Magazines over 10 get banned, practice our reloads. And with the Mags, your carry gun of choice is a 15+1 9mm? Does it come in a similar gun in 10+1 of .45 acp or 10mm? Be ready for whatever “they” throw at us.


Well, I agree more or less. And when they eventually ban all semi-autos (regardless of magazine size) and revolvers, sure, I can use an old shotgun or rifle. And when they take that, I have my bowhunting gear. Sooner or later all I’ll have left is harsh language.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the “well, they aren’t after what I have” crowd. My comment is more directed at what someone may or may not already own. Also, keeping it at your home is one issue. As those that carry, what happens when they try to “ban” a persons carry gun? Is it our constitutional right? Absolutely. Can you convince a court or “your peers” that? That’s the million dollar question. I believe any law abiding citizen should be free to exercise their 2nd Amendment protected rights, with whatever firearm they choose. Sadly, to many crooked lawyers, judges, and politicians fight against that notion every day.

How many gun owners only own, say, one handgun. That’s it. If they can’t find an AR, then an alternative must be found. Maybe they have the AR, but no ammo. I’m still seeing 30-30, and 350 legend at the gun stores. What if you used a semiauto to defend yourself. That gun goes to the police evidence locker? You mayor may not get it back. Can you(any of us) make due with that long barreled magus hunting revolver?

My point was, to not put all our eggs in one basket on what type of weapons systems we train with. Acquire, and become proficient with multiple types, just in case.