Curious about carrying

I’m sure that their are police officers on here and I was wondering how most feel about civilians carrying weapons . I have considered carrying but before I do I would love to get input from others.


I am not a cop but what I would say is first get knowledge on different weapons that my interests you, then get some training on firearms safety. Go to a range which have rentals to get the feel of different weapons and once you feel comfortable, get the gun you are most comfortable and accurate with.


I’m not saying police officers’ views are worthless but your right is not subject to anyone’s approval.


We had a commercial diver doing some work in an area highly populated with alligators. The local Police provided several SWAT snipers as well as spotters to protect the diver from any curious alligators.

I was talking about concealed carry with one of the snipers after the diver was out of the water. He said whenever he pulls someone over that has CCW permit he asks if they are currently carrying. If they say “no”, he always asks them "why not ", and encourages them to always carry because he can’t always be there quick enough. He said most of our local Police Force feels the same as him.


Over the years I’ve asked about a half-dozen or so LEO and they were all in favor of civilian carry. I don’t come across many, but usually a friend of a friend of a friend that you encounter is some way and if the opportunity presents itself I ask the question.


All the cops I know encourage it. As a retired 36-year newspaper photographer, I know a lot of cops and everyone I asked think it’s a good idea. With regular and frequent training.


Rather than wonder, here are two articles on just that, here, and here.

Both indicate that police are generally in favor of private ownership of firearms. From the first survey:

More than 91 percent of respondents support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or not been deemed psychologically/medically incapable.

A full 86 percent feel that casualties would have been reduced or avoided in recent tragedies like Newtown and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen was present (casualties reduced: 80 percent; avoided altogether: 60 percent).

From the second survey:

The negative responses in the survey are also telling. When asked if “any vetted citizen” should be able to buy a gun “for sport or self-defense,” only “9 percent” said “no.” When asked if armed citizens reduce violent crime less than 19 percent said “no.” When asked if their department supports national reciprocity only “10.6 percent” said “no.”

From my personal experience, as I have known a number of officers over the years, one being a relative, they have all supported private ownership, some with various caveats as they had that “only ones” mentality somewhat indoctrinated into them, which I was able to dilute somewhat in discussions with them.


The most important thing you can do is get the proper training with a firearm and make sure you know and follow the gun laws in your state.


I’m retired LEO and I have no problem with civilians carrying firearms. Everyone has the God given right to protect themselves and their loved ones. Just train and become familiar with your firearms and be a responsible gun owner.


The truth is no one should care what anyone thinks about you carrying a firearm. The U.A.A. founding fathers declared or more precisely recognized that we all have the God given right to keep and bear arms not for just hunting but for self-defense and overthrowing a tyrannical government encroaching on our rights.


All the officer said I know encourage it. Many of the retired officers, are certified CCW instructors.


@Johnnyq60 i can’t communicate with you anymore on here, I did not know you was a retired NYP. :joy: how are you doing today brother.


I did my License to Carry class / shooting taught by a local Sheriff’s Lieutenant. I would say he is “for” lawful civilian carry. :wink:


The same in Shawano WI. Either the Police Dept. or the Sheriffs Office holds classes for concealed carry.
The class helps you get your license and covers the laws but no firearm training. So I would say our City and County is pro concealed carry. :us:


I have a good relationship with LEOs and they all have told me, “Thank you for supporting the second amendment!” We have shared shooting drills and I have also been invited to the Sheriffs shooting range too. So, all in all, they understand responsible gun owners and appreciate them.


It’s not the street cop you have to worry about it’s the rest of the legal system. LEOs are just doing their job. But prosecutors, judges and AGs all have overt political feelings and bow to mass pressure. THEY are the ones that will make your life hell.

I live in an area that’s massively pro-2A and yet our nearest city prosecutor is a rabid anti-gun guy. He has even tried to prosecute police that have used their firearms in the course of carrying out their duties.

Like it was mentioned before, do not let your God given right be trampled by fear of anyone’s opinion. Train so you are confident and become the best you can be at your Protector status. That’s what the USCCA is all about.

Have you gone through your Protector Academy?


I wanted to and did completes the first course but course 2 is about teaching kids about firearms and my kids are grown and out of the house so I don’t need to do that one but I can’t go any further.


Opinions may vary, but as someone already posted, there have been well-structured surveys that indicate LE generally agree with the philosophy of the 2nd amendment and citizens that exercise their right.

But on a less philosophical and more practical reason, if LE pulls you over and you present a CCW/LTC ID, then right off the bat the cop knows you are not a felon, you haven’t commited the more serious misdemeanors that would revoke your license, haven’t commited domestic abuse, don’t have pending charges, are not dependent on alcohol/drugs, and you pay your child support if that’s your situation.

Obtaining a license provides a lot of information to a person that frequently enters dangerous situations without much to go on. It allows them to quickly declassify you as a major threat and refocus on what else may be afoot. CCW/LTC holders are a very law abiding demographic.


Hey Carl, I made the decision to carry, only in the last five years, because I wanted to protect my family and myself. That was the driving factor in my decision to carry, rather than what LEO’s or others think. While it’s important to consider their point of view, it shouldn’t be the determining factor.

My in-laws are rabidly anti-2A, and chastise me regularly for carrying. I simply don’t care. I carry lawfully, safely; practice regularly, and will protect their daughter if, heaven forbid, that day ever comes. Carry with a clear conscience.


Yeah I’m 57 and have recently decided I’d like to carrying and ended up with a Hellcat which I absolutely love the gun. For me what’s been hard to decide if I really need to carry is I work at a place that for five out of seven days I can’t carry and I don’t get out much on the weekends. So I can’t help but question the real need. I know a lot of people that feel that there’s always a need especially nowadays will think I’m just being silly for not carrying.