Gun Ban for Illegal Immigrants Ruled Unconstitutional


I understand where the judge is going with this ruling….

The right to bare arms and to self defense is a god given human right.

HOWEVER!, if I as a legal gun owner and US citizen commit any kind of crime I am stripped of my right to bare arms…

So, how is it that someone who’s very first act in this country is to be here illegally can have that same right upheld?

Also, how exactly does an illegal immigrant even GET a firearm if not illegally?

So that’s two strikes, the second one being a felony if I’m not mistaken……


Is it time to say “F##K IT ALL :question:
We shouldn’t be playing this game, it shouldn’t be a discussion, just a joke!
As ve stated before, should we just throw up the white flag :question:


Here’s a better idea;
Cold dead hands
Go down swinging
Water the Tree…
Anything but Give the phuck up
For God’s sake folks one last fight for America
I’d rather die on my feet than live on my phuckin’ knees


We no longer have a justice system in the country. We are ruled over by a bureaucracy with various levels ofsomething akin to robber barons. Taking from the citizens anything and everything they want.


I totally agree, but WTF are we doing? I don’t see a fight and no one has pointed me in the direction of the battlefield. Wait, the southern part of the US and the coast of Florida! I’m primed and ready.
Except there’s no SPARTAN to my right, and surely non to my left.
Present company excluded!

Ephiliates of Trachis ( 300 ) is in the White House.

And we don’t have the balls to march on the enemy even as we see him approaching! We are a failure of the highest magnitude!
An embarrassment to the FOUNDING FATHERS.
We are going down individually. They talk about the take over of America with a smile on their face. I am subjected to watch it from my living room rather than face my enemies in the eye!

Just the fact that the topic is “Gun Ban for ILLEGALS Ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL” WTF , that’s already a loss, and why hasn’t he been hung at the nearest tree. We stand for this more than we stand for the national anthem.
A well regulated militia being NECESSARY to the security of a FREE STATE… does it even mean anything to a modern American? OK, I can bear arms. I also have the right to bear car keys , but until I stick it in the phuckin ignition, I’m not going anywhere :exclamation: It’s time to start up the car, YESTERDAY.

There is no fight, someone has already raised the white flag for us, we are scared to death to form up and keep the enemy at bay. The enemy has already infiltrated, we’re F##Ked! The election is already rigged and no one is thinking outside the box. No one has broached the question, the big question…” WTF do we do when they handcuff Trump?
There’s no alternate.
Give me a time, date and battlefield and I’ll meet you there.

This is how we think we look. We’re nothing like these men!
That’s why the movie is so appealing.

This is how it needs to end…

It’s obvious for us, this will not be over quickly and we will not enjoy this!
The signs are everywhere, we’re being CRUSHED.
Prove me wrong on any count and I’ll return from whence I came!

Daily rant, out!


What is a woman - I dont know, I am not a biologist!

Can you expect better answers to What is a citizen? What is a criminal? What is a country?

Why are they judges? Cause they are better that us!


Indeed. Historically, in the US, governments have denied that fundamental individual right to disfavored minority groups under the bogus rubric of “public safety.” For example, when people get a CCW permit government uses that process as a means of inhibiting exercise of the fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms by mandating prior government permission to exercise that right. That individual right is not preconditioned on individuals’ citizenship or immigration status. It is, as you point out, a “God given human right.”

When immigration or border issues are raised on this site, there will be commentors who will claim that immigration amounts to an “invasion” and would likely line up among those who would deny the right to and bear arms to individuals based on their immigration status.

I thought the Consitution was for the USA not other countries as they have none.


While I understand the justification behind the ruling as it is the foundation of the second amendment.

I feel it is incorrect!

The constitution of the United States does NOT apply to foreign countries!

Never has, never will.

My opinion is that extends to foreign nationals as well!

Come here legally, and become a United States citizen, then and ONLY then will our constitutionally guaranteed rights apply to you!


When the Pendulum back to reality
these sh** stoopid Politicians and Rules/laws will be wiped
from the books.
If you can’t see this is a concerted effort to divide us all then
just drink the kool-aid and go away.
Guns for Illegals
$500 a month for Illegals (for doing nothing in Minnesota)
Interest free Mortgages for Illegals in California
and on and on it goes…
Hey, let’s CELEBRATE the new Illegals from Haiti! At least they bring their own guns! BONUS!


This exemplifies my prior post. Is there any kind of immigration that is illegal? Who is an immigrant, and who is an invader? What is a woman?


There are clear laws on the books. Permanent resident is someone who holds either the US citizenship or the “green card” document. Possession of a gun by someone who is not a permanent resident is a felony. Crossing the US border without permission is a felony. A felon possessing a gun is a separate felony.
Folks are welcome to argue all this, and blur the clear lines, no human being is illegal, the land is stolen, etc, etc. It is bogus and laughable.


Yes, it is already federal law - for decades - that only citizens and “green” card holders are “allowed” to own firearms in the USA. I have no issue with that.


Laws? They only apply to law abiding citizens! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


“For our own - anything. For everyone else - law”

“Power is born from the barrel of a gun”
Mao Zedong

Why the libs/dems believe they can exclude cartels from the law, and give cartels power, but later be able to wrestle the law and power back from cartels - I cannot comprehend.


An IMMIGRANT my Brother is someone who petitions for asylum/Entry into this Country
An ‘ILLEGAL’ is a POS who sneaks’ in by any illegal means necessary to start reaping the REWARDS for doing so by the current administration. When life was reality based and you did a crime
the LAW would be there to hold you accountable and you did the time.
Illegals were NOT ‘PRAISED’ for their gumption and 'Bravery for paying Cartels and Coyotes
to slither in here likes RATS released from their cages.
This country is going to pay a heavy price for what we let these ‘Corruptible’s’ do
to us for the last bunch of years
Anyone who thinks this will end peacefully has their head up their arse.
And NO I’m not Violent. I’m a realist and see the situation CLEARLY.
You can’t Vote this better, Run for Office to clean this up.
This is the biggest Hostile take over so these Criminals REMAIN IN POWER FOREVER.

And YES Mark that is EXACTLY right! You enter ILLEGALLY you have NO friggin’ RIGHTS!
You come at us you are going to DIE! You come here ILLEGALLY you should get NO ‘bennie’s’
No freebies! No free Housing! YOU ARE A CRIMINAL AND YOUR FIRST ACT CROSSING THE BORDER PROVES IT! Oh, and you do a Crime? Kill our Citizen’s, Rampage through our streets and Businesses you
better expect a severe response.
You call me Violent? Let them into your house. Use your car(s), Play w/ your children.
You criticize others for ‘Doing Nothing’ Call us names, well you are a perfect example of
a SH** stirrer. You bring nothing to the table EVER. No fixes, No solutions, yet you sit high and mighty above us and say we are less than. Nice going Nero here’s a fiddle!


Begging to differ, but that’s not what the court ruled. The court, in fact, dismissed the defendant’s challenge to Federal law, and the defendant’s sentence was upheld.

For a detailed examination of both the case in question and the legal framework and background, the reader should examine the Harvard Law Review article which discusses it in detail:


Thank you Alan. Amusing though how quickly some folks moved to advocate the unlawful and muddle the water.

Apparently, during the George Floyd riots in Chicago, he was participating in keeping an eye on local businesses and one of the others there gave him the gun. He was walking around outside and got upset about cars flying down the streets without regard to pedestrians like himself. The court records go on to say:

“Defendant pulled the firearm from his pocket and fired seven shots at the vehicle, which Defendant contends were in warning. At 11:41 p.m., Defendant again pointed the firearm at another vehicle as it drove past but did not stop or swerve. He pulled the trigger of the gun repeatedly, which did not fire. Defendant attempted to unjam the gun and shoot again but was unsuccessful. Two minutes later, officers placed Defendant under arrest.”

There are a lot of crimes he should be charged with and he should be in jail. He should not be walking free and should be held to the same standards as the rest of us for everything he did. I get what this judge is doing in picking this one statute to rule it unconstitutional. But this guy absolutely belongs in jail. And I doubt the DOJ/ATF are going to change Form 4733 to remove references to citizenship and “are you an immigrant here illegally” based on her ruling.