New Second Amendment Laws with Ilegal Immigrants coming into the country

I just heard that Chuck Schumer is planning on new sweeping gun control when they get back in session in April. He also said that they would like Republican support but they will get there agenda passed either way. This is really scary. With all of the illegal immigrants pouring into our country we will start seeing these people in our neighborhoods and crime will increase. Where are all of these immigrants going to live? What are they going to eat? Where are they going to work? They are saying we might see a million new immigrants this year alone. If you think nothing can happen to you I would think again. We live in a great neighborhood and last year a person was trying to break into our back sliding glass doors when my wife was home. He saw her and this only made him try harder to get in. The only thing to save my wife was our Great Dane who died last month from old age. The dog scared him and he ran. If the dog wouldn’t have been there he would have entered our home. I bought an AR 15 and this is what they are planning to ban. That way I will no-longer have a gun. I bought a pistol first for my wife when I am out of town but she had trouble with it at the range. She loves the AR 15 and her groups at the range are good. Anyway does anyone know what these new laws are going to be?


I’m sure there is a direct link between illegal immigration and other types of crime. I’m not sure it’s always the migrants, themselves. There’s plenty of evidence that the migrants are used by cartels and organized crime syndicates, but that doesn’t mean that every person crossing the border is going to break into your house. Desperation, ill-intent, and mental illness contribute to a lot of crimes, but these already exist with native born Americans.

I’m not excusing illegal immigration, although I can’t blame anyone from Central America for trying to find a better life for their children. I’m just saying that you have valid concerns, regardless of what’s happening on the border.


Where are all of these immigrants going to live? Watch Doctor Zhivago. Got spare bedrooms?
What are they going to eat? The food your taxes will buy
Where are they going to work? Free food/housing/medicine. Why would they work?


Until new laws are actually passed and on the books, we have no idea what they will or won’t include.

As a female who lives alone, I don’t rely on any one weapon for my self-defense. I have dogs, but they can be shot as easily as I can.

I’m not a huge fan of AR’s for self-defense personally for a number of reasons:

  • there’s more propellant, so the round will go faster/further, my neighbors aren’t that far away and I don’t want my rounds hurting anyone else but the attacker
  • the rifle is longer than a handgun and is harder to maneuver in small areas (think hallways) and puts the gun closer to the attacker in a small area (easier for him to grab)
  • I’ve trained more with handguns and can clear malfunctions quickly

Don’t completely discount the handgun you have. I would suggest taking a lesson with a trained instructor to help you both manipulate and operate the firearm to the best of your abilities. It’s amazing what an hour with an instructor can do to improve your skills.

Also, rent and try other firearms. Find one that you like (you both might like different guns) and then keep an eye out to purchase them. Firearms are kind of like potato chips, you never want just one. :wink:



I liked you massage. Add one more thing to you list. How about the drain on our resources, water, electricity et. I live in Kerrville Texas and we are already on water restrictions. Yet we are getting more and more illegal immigrants. A good gun for home defense is a little 410 gauge shotgun. If you miss you shot shells will not travel the length of the house and hit an innocent person in another room. My self I keep my Sig 45 close but early in the morning if someone knocks I have my sawed off 12ga. handy. Have a wonderful day.


A good thing about a .223/5.56 AR is the bullet is very light, which results in very low penetration capacity. It cannot make it thru a block wall, and it is pretty much out of energy by the time it clears 2 pieces of sheetrock.


I use my AR pistol in 300 BO and use a Varmit round that had great ballistic gel prformance and my house is all brick.


Choosing your ammo wisely for your platform and place is important. While I zero all my 5.56 AR’s with 62gr green tip I have dope for the 55gr ammo also. I would never run green tip in my house gun but Hornady TAP 55gr is good medicine as it is essentially the varmint round that @Zavier_D describes with a very thin jacket that comes apart even on drywall.

On to the original topic, I’m not sure what the Biden administration is doing but it seems that they are opening the flood gates for illegal immigrants and at the same time using current events to attempt to restrict the 2A. Bills that have never gained any traction are now in the fore front and are being considered viable. These are very dangerous times indeed and I am not sure that those in power have our best interests in mind or if they are just seeking a political end game. Between the cancel culture, MSM, Hollywierd and Big Tech the deck is rapidly being stacked against “US”. They have the bully pulpit, I just hope we have enough votes to put them down or bad things will happen.




The .410 is bore (caliber) not gauge. This video shows its effectiveness well. Unlike #4 in a 12-gauge, this video shows the effectiveness of and recommends OOO in a 3" magnum in .410. At typical home defense distances, it is effective and offers much less recoil than a 12-gauge.

You have a “sawed-off” shotgun? Or do you mean an ATF registered SBS (short-barreled shotgun)?


My next revolver - best of both worlds shoots 45s too

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If you watch the video I sent, he briefly mentions the Judge, and not in a good way. I believe he reviewed that firearm, too. There are also a number of reviews/videos on that firearm. The shot shells out of that short barrel are not effective as the are low velocity, very inaccurate, and only have about 3 balls in the shell. The gun sounds interesting, it just a show piece from the reviews I have read/seen.

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there are several variations of 410 Ammo -

“410 load of #4 shot is 11/16 oz. of standard 4s. There are typically 135 pellets to the ounce, so for a 11/16 -oz load you’ll get in the neighborhood of 92 pellets.”

below is a different view of the handgun - hickok45 is one of the top champion shooter on the planet - you can see the spread - below

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Sawed off. I bought it from a man that ran a motel. Measured the barrel from the face plate to the end of barrel. It was legal so I bought. The weapon was a JC Smith, made in England. I took it to a gun smith and ask him about the weapon. The action was as tight as anything he had on the shelf. He ask me if I had sawed off the barrel. I told him no. He said the man that did the job was a nut. The gun in the condition it is in would be worth several thousand dollars to a collector if the barrel was original.

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Sawed-off shotguns are illegal. SBSs can be legal, but only if they are registered.


@Dave17 Just because it’s “sawed off” doesn’t mean it’s illegal.
18 inches

A shotgun is a firearm subject to the NFA if the shotgun has a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length. A weapon made from a shotgun is also a firearm subject to the NFA if the weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length.


Exactly, so if it is not ATF registered, it is illegal.

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In my post I quoted the overall length of the weapon. I just looked up the Texas law on sawed off shotguns. It indicated the weapon is legally as long as the barrel is itself is 18"???

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Federal regulations (ATF) stipulate that a shotgun has a barrel no shorter than 18", less than that it is an SBS (short-barreled shotgun) that is covered by NFA rules. ATF definitions of SBR and SBS can be found here.

  • Short-barreled rifle. A rifle having one or more barrels less than 16 inches in length, and any weapon made from a rifle, whether by alteration, modification, or otherwise, if such weapon, as modified, has an overall length of less than 26 inches.

  • Short-barreled shotgun. A shotgun having one or more barrels less than 18 inches in length, and any weapon made from a shotgun, whether by alteration, modification, or otherwise, if such weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches.

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The thing is WE can not feed and house all these illegals. I don’t blame them for wanting better either but if you want in then learn ENGLISH. I’m dam tired of going to a store and hearing people babble in Spanish. Every store or bank you go into it seems like there are more Mexicans working there than Americans. Why? Because of so many can’t speak OUR language. So we seem to be conforming to there ways. LEARN AND SPEAK ENGLISH. ENGLISH.