How's the gun free area's working for you NY?

Hi Glenn. Thanks for your lovely post and your story. I too believe that all this anti-America, anti-family and anti-freedom psycho drama is intentional, driven by their voracious need for totalitarian power, led by hitlerian crazies. My instincts tell me that out of their desperation to control everything, once and for all, things are going to get really ugly out there as we get closer to the elections. The summer of '21 will look like a dress rehearsal for what is to come. Stay safe, stay alert, but also stay locked and loaded! G-D Bless America :us:


I echo your sentiments 100%. I would add a couple of things that surpass suspicion. I believe since Obama never left Washington DC that this is the 3rd Obama Administration, supported by the sheer number of administration officials from his that remain in the Biden White House. The same people who deny this also claim Biden doesn’t have problems with mental clarity.

It is obvious that Biden isn’t making these decisions on his own and they are designed to bring about the “fundamental transformation” of America Obama promised while campaigning in 2008. “Fundamental” means replacing the “foundation”. A cornerstone of that foundation is emblazoned on the Supreme Court Building above the entrance: “Equal Justice Under The Law”. It is also strange that the 10 Commandments are posted on the doors to the main Court Room as well as pictured in relief on the gabled facade (a figure of Moses carved in the center (tallest) holding two stone tablets, flanked on either side by the great philosophical law givers of history - Aristotle, Socrates, Solon, Charlemagne, William Blackstone, Confucius, Draco, etc. 18 in all.)

So, when you say “things are going to get really ugly out there as we get closer to the elections”, I agree to a point. But considering how the J6 protesters were treated compared to the arsonists and anarchists who tried to destroy Portland, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc., I believe the REAL problems will come AFTER the election when the devious Dems can orchestrate their minions and have it blamed on Trump . . . as they did in 2020 . . . in spite of the fact Trump offered the National Guard to the governors of EACH of those blue states to quell the violence, and was rebuffed like he was January 6th by Pelosi.


absolutely correct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
why be boring that’s why when I had my choice of wheelchair to get around my property. I chose the fastest 6x6 ride that won’t tip over easily, I tried. :rofl:
oh ya FJB/LGB :fu:
WWG1WGA :military_helmet:


Many of my Parents generation and us boomers had the “dream” to retire and move to sunny Florida. You are living out many dreams! I have many friends in the SEC.

On the wiseass side. In Florida the further south you go the closer you get to NYC.