What's your favorite gun?!


Obviously the list of guns we like could be rather extensive. I mean i like all of my guns and i definitely have a top 3. But from a 1893 winchester to AR’s to my 1952 Belgium browning my absolute favorite might come as a surprise. But i absolutely love my henry mares leg 22wmr. Its a little awkward to shoot but its a blast, literally. Super accurate, decent round capacity and just down right fun!


My Ruger GP100 6 inch barrel. It’s a great shooter, handles any .357 load you can come up with, and it just looks awesome. I even used this gun to teach my wife how to shoot.


Not the best pic, and not necessarily my favorite, but a great gun that I have been neglecting lately.


Thats a bucket list gun for me.


The one I have in my hand when I need it… The truth is we’re all gun nerds here and I’m no different. The list of firearms I like is a mile long and I like them all for different reasons. My 1st love was my Grandpa’s Navy issued 1911 which he was buried with. My favorite pistol all around today is the Walther PPQ. I love my Glocks too as I’ve owned and carried them since the mid 90’s. Sig is right up there too. My favorite rifle is the M1 carbine. It’s the first firearm I’d ever handled/shot back in the late 80’s and it’s what I was taught with so it has a very sentimental place in my heart. I dropped my first deer with a Remington 700 in .30-06 so I’ve always been a big fan of this rifle.


I had a Beretta Px4 Storm Compact, then i got a Beretta 92 fs the most wonderful gun you can fire. They are balanced just right for recoil. They are a little heavy than others, however the inconvenience of the weight out weighs the accuracy. My shot placement was the size of my palm (3×3).


Its fun, accurate, and it weighs 1/2 of a metric ton. :joy:

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Well considering I have only bought two handguns at the moment I’d say my Springfield XDS is my favorite. I don’t mind the Henry AR-5 survival rifle and I don’t care too much for our shotgun.
I would like to get a Remington Model 700 .308 rifle with a bipod for a long range/hunting rifle (I’ve been wanting to get into long range shooting for a while now but haven’t had money or really any means to justify buying an $800+ rifle).


I would look into the Tikka T3 if youre interested in a long range hunting rifle. I have one and it’s super light, and the trigger pull is way better in my opinion than a 700, and the price point is about the same. I have one in .300 win mag, and even with the horrific amount of recoil, I can still group on a half dollar size target at 200 yards. No matter the rifle you settle on, make sure you get good scope rings. I help out as RSO at my gun club for our sight in clinic, and part of the job is helping shooters, and I would say that most rifles where the shots are all over the place, half of the problem is their trigger and breathing discipline, and the other half is a bad scope on bad scope rings. Upgrade them when you purchase the rifle.


That explains why I can’t shoot my friend’s .308 bolt action. I hate that thing. I feel like I can’t hit anything at a hundred yards unsupported. And I’m normally a good shot with any guns. I was lucky if I hit anything last time we hit the range with it! While I normally do better supported, I shouldn’t have missed as much as I had.
But what do scope rings have to do with terrible rifle accuracy?


I also looked at the Tikka T3 and found the Tac A1. Reminds me of the Ruger Precision Rifle but it’s so expensive. Am I really looking at paying a thousand dollars for that rifle from a dealer?

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Quality rings and good glass is important because recoil can cause rings to shift and flex with heat. You can make a 300$ rifle a nail driver with a quality scope.


Huh. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to get a better trigger since most factory triggers are terrible. I don’t think I can even tell when my friend’s rifle’s trigger is going to break. I’ll have to try it out next time I’m at the range supported and see how I do.

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And why do you say the Tikka T3 is better than a Model 700? The Model 700 I was looking at was based off of the Army’s M24 system.

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I had a long drawn out reasoning as to why I prefer a Tikka, but it could’ve ended up starting arguments, and I am not trying to do that. I would say, really research the products, and look up recalls. Some very popular brands have had a lot of recalls lately.

Ruger, Wetherby, Winchester, Browning, and Bergara rifles are also great in my opinion. Ruger has affordable options that are great in my opinion. The American rifle is also nice, because it comes threaded for a supressor a lot of the time.

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Does Tikka not come threaded for a suppressor?

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Most hunting rifles do not, and if it came threaded I wouldn’t put a can on it, extra length on a barrel and extra weight in the woods isn’t something I want, and using a can for target shooting, then taking it off for shooting 300 yards plus throws off your zero. What it does come with is a trigger that isn’t garbage and the machining tolerances are not sloppy. It’s also really light weight so it’s a pleasure to carry around all day. Are you looking for a hunting rifle or a long distance sweet bolt action range gun? Also, if you’re planning on hunting, what are you planning on hunting and where?

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Well for one I’m thinking of a gun that’s good for both. And what I would hunt with it would be deer, elk and such when I hope to move out to Wyoming in the next 4-5 years. So it’s not going to be much woods. More mountains than anything. Though I guess if I’m far enough away the sound won’t carry all that far.

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My favorite gun? If you read the USCCA facebook page you already know this!! Sig Sauer 226 Legion.


Fine peice im a Springfield guy but i enjoy quality weapon no matter who makes it.

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