What is your favorite fun-to-shoot pistol for the range?

My first gun purchase was a S&W 686. That is a fun gun to shoot. I also own a Springfield 1911 .45, Hellcat and just purchased a Taurus G3c. I am also looking at purchasing a Glock 43X or Glock 48 for carry, and/or Sig P365 or P365XL. OK, maybe that goes overboard in the CCW realm. I want to purchase what I can now, assuming the current anti-gun administration will make to more difficult and/or much more expensive to do so in the future.

There are a lot of guns out there that not only make for great home defense, but are a lot of fun on the range. I really enjoy revolvers, but semis are on the table as well.

I’m new to all of this, taking my first shooting class in September. I took my CCW class at the end of November and applied for my CCW the next day. My permit has been issued as of the 26th, I am just waiting for the card to arrive in the mail.


Kel-tec pmr 30


My favorite gun on the range is my Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare. The trigger is just right and get a really good grip because of texturing on the grip panels, front strap and backstrap. Siglite sights are great. My next gun might be the Emperor Scorpion Carry with the rounded backstrap. I like guns that are good to look at, makes me proud to own them. and I enjoy them more.


Glock 19, compensated.:sunglasses:


Ruger Hunter.


I think ANY handgun is fun to shoot.
I love to know and try everything I can… so far my favorite fun-to-shoot pistol is (actually was because I don’t have an access to it anymore) STI Combat Master. This is the pistol I could shoot all day long (and file the bankruptcy later, because of the ammo).


That is a tough question. I like shooting the Henry’s 22 lever action. I love shooting any gun. I train with my Springfield .45 or my SIG P365XL on a regular basis. Sunday is Shotgun day at the skeet range and Wednesday is training day for the hand guns. Every day is SIRT laser training day.


I’ve had a few pass through my hands, but the most fun to shoot I believe is an old Tanfoglio Force 919. “Cheap” gun that cycles reliably and is “easy accurate.” It’s not difficult to stay on target with this 9mm, and it holds very tight groups. You might say this is all because it fits my hands and eyes well, and I might say you’re probably right. I do believe the reliability and much of it’s targeting repeatability is due to its design and fine machining. The slide to frame and many other parts and fitments are very similar to the CZ 75. The weight helps target reaquirement. The 919 just seems to be put together exceedingly well and runs super smoothly. If it laid down on me tomorrow, I’d find parts if possible and make repairs. I like this one.
It’s a keeper. I think I paid $235 plus tax a couple years ago.


I just started shooting in June '20 and quickly became addicted to the satisfaction of hitting what I’m aiming at. The most satisfying gun for me to shoot so far as been the Springfield Armory xdm 5.25 inch in .45 ACP. It is a straight shooter and packs a punch without too much muzzle flip. I don’t think I could shoot it very fast, but one hole groups at 25 feet are not out of the question. Of course .45 punches a decent sized hole, so it makes a one hole group a little easier.

The Glock 44 in .22lr is a lot of fun to shoot as well. It also costs about 1/5 as much per round, so its much less painful. I have been amazed how accurate the gun is.

Probably my least enjoyable gun to shoot at the range is my carry gun. Sig Sauer p938 legion. It is a straight shooter and very reliable, but I can feel the shots in my teeth. It is just about the smallest 9mm made and it is a lot of pop for a 3 inch barrel to absorb. I have been shooting it long enough now to be able to double and triple tap into a 6-8 inch radius at 21 feet. It took hundreds of reps to get there though.


I’m looking into that Taurus TX 22 for poops and giggles (especially while ammo is scarce, I have some 22s around). , I love shooting any handgun though. So far my favorite is the shield 45, but I’m taking a liking to the full-size M&P9.


My full size 1911 in .45ACP

Guaranteed to bring a smile with every shot :smiley:


6 inch Ruger GP100 .357 magnum. The smile are almost as big as the fireballs.


I love shooting my Stoeger STR-9. It just feels great in my hands and I am fairly accurate.

Due to ammo shortages not going to the range like I want.

I do have a question for anyone that has a lighter color weapon like FDE, do you find it takes a couple seconds longer for target acquisition? Mine is FDE and I never noticed the delayed acquisition until I picked up another one in all black. Both have the same high contrast iron sights. Since the FDE is light color the sights tend to blend in at first. I haven’t taken the black one to the range yet. I acquired the targets during dry fire about 1 -2 seconds faster. I have placed black tape along the top of the FDE and eliminated the delay.

Is that just me or have others noticed a difference with lighter colored guns?


Don’t laugh! It’s my CZ 82 in 9/18. Not fancy but a sweet little gun!


The only two I own are a 45acp bersa mini 45 fire storm and a 45 long colt/410 judge. I shoot the bersa the most but I won’t own a hand gun smaller than a 45acp. The reason for that is I hunt and bear is one of the animals I hunt the 45acp is the smallest caliber that will penetrate a bears skull.


Ruger Single Six with a 5" barrel chambered in 32 Magnum.


I enjoy shooting them all!

My G43 EDC gets the most love, but I cycle through my other pistols and PCCs so they are shot and cleaned on a regular basis.

These days though, I have a great time with a G44 and M&P 15-22 combo day. Shooting 22lr ammunition bought 2 years ago is just plain fun.


Nothing to laugh…
If James Bond was a communist spy, he would be carrying this pistol. :+1:

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Let’s hope that movie never gets made!

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Totally agree! My fav is my Sig Emperor Scorpion Fastback 1911. Smoothest handgun I have ever fired.