What's your favorite gun?!


In this order
My AR15
Glock 19
Sig P365

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Walther P99 AS


Both of us have been thru several handguns in a journey to find the right match. How a firearm fits your hand, sight and sight acquisition, budget, features, etc. We prefer the P226 SAO Legion. This not a beginners handgun because of the factory trigger and short reset. There are many good handguns, and in the snowmobile community we can argue brands for years. We can argue guns till the bluing wears off.What fits, what works, what is the budget, can one rack the slide, all as I have stated earlier. We have a glock 43, for example, and not picking on that model, neither my wife or I can fire it accurately, it doesn’t fit our hands. However it will go bang when needed. We have a Lorcin, .380, the absolutely worst firearm we have ever fired, but we keep it because it goes bang, or hopefully so. It is shiny chrome. One has to laugh because that Lorcin was a gift from a drug dealer un be known to us at the time. No wonder it was free! In a perfect world, we wish we could have taken a thousand test rides to find what was the right firearm for us years ago. Not possible, but several ranges have rental guns. Try them out. The other day one of our fellow instructors let us shoot his P365, very accurate and a consideration. We do advocate to carry the firearm that one shoots and trains with, but that can be argued with as well. Stay safe and carry on!


My all time favorite gun. I am still confident in being able to write my name with a M240B.


I loved shooting the 240B. You can’t go wrong with FNH :grinning:


Depends on the application. The Walther PPQ is my overall favorite handgun at this moment. Cannot wait to get my paws on the Q5 Match SF. But I can’t carry it. Doesn’t work with my “frame”. I carry a Glock 19, P320 xcarry, P365, or G26 depending on my mood. There are so man others that deserve honorable mention. The key is finding what’s “right” for you and ignore the hype.


Shotgun: benelli semiautomatic 12ga… I have a very short rise from cheekbone to pupil and it’s one of the few shotguns under $3000 my coach and I could find that had an adjustable stock rake. It shoots beautifully and I can see the bead :slight_smile: most shotguns all I can see is the back of the action.
For handguns… still my glock 21 .45acp. Getting to know and appreciate my new Canik 9mm, and when we had the desert eagle 50, that was pretty fun to shoot.


The second gun I ever bought, my Sig P226 (1990) tied with my P229 (1992). They both just fit my hand perfectly almost like an extension of myself and have been workhorses for me.

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I love both of those guns, @Shepherd. I’m a Sig fangirl. :slight_smile:

However, I’m always looking for other gun suggestions! :slight_smile:


It’s easy to be a Sig fan, while they’ve made some mistakes, they over all make FANtastic weapons. :smile: (Dad jokes rule!) I’m always looking for other gun suggestions as well. Like many of us here, I own several brands (Ruger, S&W, Glock, Colt, and Sigs), and nothing fits me like my Sigs.



I was going to buy a camouflaged gun the other day, @Shepherd, but I couldn’t find one. (ba-dum-bump)

You can blame @MarkBrent for that one!


Literally LOL. I’m remembering that one for future use.

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:joy: saw a guy the other day wearing a camo shirt… across the front it had white lettering that said “now you can’t see me” :rofl:


I know there is many Sig Sauer’s in good hands, just a small suggestion with and great
AR 15. It is the Sig Sauer M400 S.W.A.T., .223 /.556. (Mid ranged rifle), there are a few to
choose from. Love Sig Sauer too.


1939 Mosin Nagant - upgraded to an archangel stock, J-mec see through scope mounts, bi-pod (because it weighs as much as a tank) 7.62x54r… set to 1000yds. Kicks like a mule but I love it! The recoil lets you know for a week that you have been out shooting!
I had to forge a new bolt lever for it since the original bolt wouldn’t allow for a scope. The knob at the end of the bolt lever is a brass diamond. Love it!

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Are you using the Archangel removable mags, or did you modify the stock to accommodate the original fixed mags?

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Removable 5 and 10 round mags. I didn’t have to modify anything with the receiver. I had to file a little on the stock but only slightly.


Believe it or not I traded off my favorite which was the SA 1911 A1 Loaded. Love the gun but hated the kick. Traded it for another Springfield, 1911 Range Officer Champion in 9mm. That’s my favorite now but is not my EDC.

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I have to admit I have too many to have a favorite and do so many different things under varying circumstances it really wouldn’t be possible. If I tried to pick a favorite I’d have a whole pile of them feeling neglected and their feelings would be hurt.

Favorite semi auto handgun for self defense? XDM in .40.

Favorite dangerous game rifle? A commpletely custom Model 70 Winchester in .375 Ruger.

Favorite 6.5? A completely custom 6.5LRM Model 70.

Favorite 7mm? Winchester model 70 Sharp Shooter in 7mm STW.

Favorite .30 cal med/big game rifle? a very rare custom shop Model 70 Sharp Shooter in .300 RUM.

Favorite lever gun? JM stamped 1895 Marlin in 45/70.

Favorite AR for home defense? Smith and Wesson M&P 15.

Favorite hunting/long range AR? Sig 516.

Favorite .30 defensive rifles? Stainless M1A Loaded and for shorter work M1A Scout.

Favorite defensive shotgun? Remington 870 tactical.

Favorite light double? CZ Bobwhite .28g.

Favorite 16g? CZ Woodcock O/U.

Favorite general varminting rifle? Ruger 10/22.

Favorite long range varminter CZ527 in .204 Ruger out to 300yds, and Remington VSSFII in .220 Swift for longer work.

Favorite carry revolver? 425 TI Taurus in .41 mag. Perfect lightweight man, boar, bear stopper.

That covers the basics. :blush: