What's better than Hoppe's 9?

Breakfree is great. Used lots of it when I was an armorer…

And, @Dawn, what is wrong with Hoppes 9 cologne?


With a splash of gun powder :rofl: :crazy_face:

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CLP works awesome as well as a few others…having the right pics and brushes seem to make the difference when cleaning as well.


Always liked the smell of hoppes 9, coffee when you open the can, zippo lighter fluid & cigarettes when 1st opened. There’s something to be said about all that.


Liberal Tears. After Trump wins there will be plenty of it about.



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I use the Hoppes Deluxe Kit. I used it for the first time on my .38 Smith & Wesson. It seems to work great!

I’m new to owning a gun and new to the USCCA community!

I really appreciate all the community here and everything im learning from you all.

Much love to you :two_hearts:


Welcome to the family!!!

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A good old fashion hot soapy bath then a light coat of oil


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Oh… I thought that was just part of the experience… I’ll start cracking the window :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hoppe’s #9 BORE CLEANING SOLVENT is not the same as OIL… it seems many here are getting the two confused.

CLP is a watery slurry I was introduced to in the USAF and I don’t care to have that stuff near my iron.

Somebody else called out Mil-Comm TW25… uh… that’s not bore cleaner, fellas… that’s a light grease/heavy oil… that I do use… on my rails. But on the M1, that’s too wimpy, so I use Mobil 1 synthetic grease for the oprod and bolt lugs. Everything else gets light oil.

#9 works wonders, but you have to be patient.

When I get home after the range, first thing I do to the rifles and pistols shot that day is swab the boreswith #9, and let it soak. I like to do this while the bores are still hot/warm. I point the rifle a bit barrel-down, and squirt s’more into the chamber. After 20-30 minutes, this river of blue/green starts coming out of the muzzle, and I put a shot glass to catch it. While that’s going on, I go tear down the pistol, leaving the wet bore for last. When I’m halfway done with the pistol, flip rifle upside-down, angle the barrel correctly, and squirt s’more. More copper comes out. When I’m done with the pistol, do the rifle.

You have to leave #9 in the bore for at least 10-20-30 minutes (depending on how much copper is in that bore) for it to work. And I found the 1911, the lede to the rifling, that area just in front of the chamber – that has get good and properly soaked in hoppes else you’ll never get all the powder residue out.

Hoppe’s also makes a light oil, like remoil. But #9 bore cleaner is not an oil or lubricant of any kind.

The smell is embedded in my brain since the first time I shot and cleaned. I was 8.

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Nothing is better than Hoppe’s 9 these days… Oops!..or should I say, nothing is bigger… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve switched to CLP for my rifles. I’ll use CLP to clean guns going into storage for awhile too. Handguns I use hoppes. My rifles run well with lots of lube, my handguns I prefer to control the gunk that gets in the gears a little more.

To me, CLP smells nauseous.
I have spent too much time in the arms room at a USAR center cleaning M-16s and M-60s
Give me Nitro Solvent ( Hoppe’s or Outer’s) anytime.

I’ve been using shooter lube for about 6 months now. I haven’t had any issues with it so far. Best part is my wife doesn’t complain about the smell anymore.