Let's talk lube! Get your minds out of the gutter


What does everyone use to lubricate their firearms? I personally use Lubriplate FMO-350 for oil and their SFL-0 for grease. Good stuff, not as toxic and won’t stain clothing, if it runs.


I use shooter lube solvent and oil. You might’ve seen the ad for it on FB where the dude sprays the solvent on a gun part then effortlessly wipes the crud off. It does work that well.


I’ve always used CLP and similar products
But have rec6been turned into Breakthrough products and have been extremely happy with the results. Also there is no odor with the breakthrough products


I’ve always used Hoppe’s - time to up my game?

(BTW @JKetchem great topic title! :laughing: )


I have my comical moments. :wink:

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I’ve always had good luck with Remington Remoil.


I’m using Hoppes.


I usually use CLP because I clean my babies immediately, but currently I am using Shooters Lube.
Good product and does not smell.


I use Gunzilla a lot on the range, it really works well on problem guns, I also use Hoppes gun oil, ( good old reliable) and sometimes Remoil. If I have to soak parts, because of rust or a buildup of carbon, I use Kroil, for basic cleaning I use Hoppes #9, I just really love the smell of it. If you use the sprays like Birtchwood Casey gun spray cleaner, it’s great stuff for cleaning all the oil buildup out of a gun, so now the gun is completely dry, you get to start from scratch. The Birtchwood product is great, but it’s about $10.00 a can and it can go really fast, I now go to Napa auto part and get a case of CRC non chlorinated Brake Clean, when it’s on sale, it costs about $3.00 a can. There’s two kinds and it has to be the Non Chlorinated, all the oil in the gun is gone instantly, and leaves no residue, it dries instantly, been using it for a long time now and it’s great stuff. Hope this helps a little.


I forgot to mention, if your barrel seems scored at all, there a product called JB Bore Bright and JB None Embedding Cleaning Compound. Follow the directions and watch how to bring a barrel back to new. My 1911s looked scored, I almost bought a few new barrels for them, I soaked them in Kroil for an hour, did 36 passes of compound with a cleaning mop, and 18 passes with the Bore Bright, the results were incredible. Below is a pic of these products. :sunglasses:

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I like the smell of Hoppes #9. I’m pretty sure there’s a meme of it being a good perfume for women. :laughing:


One of the awesome USCCA social people found it for me! Thanks, Emily!


I love Hoppes. My Wife occasionally dabs a little behind her ears when she wants my attention. Lol


In the Army my section had access to something design to clean really the best I’ve ever experienced. We would occasionally have a battery wide weapons cleaning day probably after an arms inspection. We’d get all of our weapons clean way ahead of everybody and use the extra time to do other things (sham for some). I took care of my men and as long as they were performing profiently I’d let the do whatever as long as I knew where to find them.

Funny story about my wife and some of my soldiers. In such a sham day 3 of C Battery’s section under me at Battalion went to the local mall in a store my wife, then fiancé, worked. She just happened to pick up the phone to call me on post. After I was retrieved by the CQ the soldiers asked “Did you say Sergeant Stanzel?” She said yes and their eyes bulged out of their heads. The said “sergeants are everywhere”. We got a laugh out of it. I told them to stay out of trouble and went about my business training the other Battery sections under me. C Battery was my best team.


Bore bright is awesome. The same people that make it make a polish that’s unbelievable on stainless guns with the polished finish.


I saw picture of a car air freshener of Hoppes # 9. I don’t know whether or not it was real or fake. Believe me, I searched in an effort to buy one to no avail.


I have personally seen one. I heard they quit making them because the scent went away too quickly.


Maybe I’ll make my own, haha!


Be worth a shot. I looked around after I saw that one to no avail. That’s been several years back.


I was field artillery as well!

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