Best CLP? Hoppe’s 9 vs Break Free CLP, Slip 2000, Ballistol, Frog Lube, Extreme Force, Clenzoil

Extensive test results!


I’ve been always laughing after watching these tests.
And then thinking what these tests proved?

It is the same as convincing somebody that pistol X is better than Y because it runs 10,000 rounds without cleaning and lubrication. :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway, it’s always good to see what are the solvents, oils, CLPs capable of… but if it comes to firearms… these test are just fooling people.

It’s just me… I’m wondering what are others opinions.


This guy uses demonstrable measurements to show the effectiveness of a variety of products and tools.

I have not seen him show a bias one way or another on any product.

You be the judge!


This guys channel is really fun. Watched him try bananas as an oil for a lawnmower the other day :joy:


Might as well ask which is better Chevy ,dodge or ford ect

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Dodge!!! It’s fouling. It comes right off with an old dry A-shirt. Every once in a while I’ll have to scratch a little off a feed ramp if I’m feeling obsessed. As far as oil, doesn’t matter much. Synthetic motor or Hoppes or Bacon fat. What’s important is that you don’t over oil or over grease. Personally, I don’t grease anything. Just a nice light coat of oil where they rub.

I recently switched to break free a few months back. I was running hoppes before.

I think it’s interesting BReak Free performed better than hoppes individual products. I always assume combination products are less effective than individual.

I will say that hoppes bore cleaner does do a better job than CLP. I used to run bore cleaner everywhere to eat up the grime. It worked really well, but I just like the simplicity of Break Free CLP and I know I’m getting a little oil protection on metal parts that would otherwise not get any attention.

Out of all of the oils, I’d probably be fine with everything except frog lube. I’ve heard too many stories about frog lube possibly causing rust and problems. If it works for you, great! I have personally used Hoppes and Break Free with 0 problems. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Ballistol results were interesting. There’s a lot of people who swear by the stuff and it has worked for them for years. Hicock45 on YouTube comes to mind.


When I came across the clip I was impressed by the testing measurements and results.

No matter what I use to clean, I’m going to run patches till the filth is gone.

Wear and rust protection are important to me!

The most impressive to me are the torque or drag measurements and the wear divots on the test pin.


I use a mixture of liberals’ tears and rattlesnake blood


I do enjoy his tests. I have an apprentice who really likes to buy Store Brand tools. Then wonders why they break so easy…
I clean with Hoppes & lube with Break Free.
My firearms are stored in a temperature & humidity controlled safe and I rotate through which “extras” I bring on range day. Not only to maintain proficiency but for the cleaning & inspection after.


I use Lucus Oil CLP, mostly because it’s green.

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:wink: you may like this one then…
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What about M-Pro 7 gun cleaner and oil? Not to obsess on this topic, but I know a lot of sharp shooters who swear by M-Pro 7 products. The good, the bad, and the ugly! I would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations?


I was using M-Pro7 for a while. Nothing against it, but I found products that clean better and faster.

I think this Community has enough threads with recommendations. :wink:

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@Gary186 @Jerzy

There are about a Gazillion permutations of What, when, where, how and why about cleaning guns.

I have been following this Tuber and his pseudo scientific presentation caught my eye!

Thank you for responding, Jerzy! I’m not promoting M-Pro 7. I was hoping for commentary grounded in science. For example, mixing certain chemicals, such as solvents, synthetics, and lubricants, can negatively affect firearms over time. A sharpshooter with a recommendation based on science would be a find!

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The best is to keep everything simple.
Either use CLP or any solvent, then wipe it off with clean cloth, then any lubricant, then wipe it off again.
Science 101, Elementary School level. :wink:


Is it even that “pseudo” though?
Unless he’s editing the videos I don’t see much error or bias. His videos on channel locks & 90° drill adapters have guided many of my coworkers to the ‘buy once cry once’ principal.

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One set of tests is not “proof” but may yield some food for thought.

You know what they say about free advice!

Thank you, Jerzy. :owl:

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