What would you do: post election stress

The polls closed last night. The very contentious election season may be over, but people are still angry.

You’re at your local breakfast establishment enjoying your morning joe and indulging in your favorite menu item when an argument breaks out about the results (or lack thereof) of yesterday’s election. The conversation at the table next to yours gets loud and heated, and the occupants turn to you to settle the debate.

Both men are in their mid-40s, stand 3 to 4 inches taller than you, and are no strangers to working with their hands (as you can tell from their grease-stained work pants and work boots). They are standing over you, posturing and shoving at each other. They haven’t thrown a fist, but they’re continuing to get worked up.

What would you do?

I’m going to give this as much thought as it deserves.

I’m going to tell the pro Trump “You going to let him get away with saying that about the President?”

Turn to the other and ask him if he is going to let a man like Biden who has always usually had the backings of the Unions be slandered by some MAGA guy.


It was meant to point out the sheer lack of value and absurdity in the OP.


I’d leave and find another restaurant.


No hablo ingles!


Not my dog not my fight, the two men are not gonna get me dragged into an argument that clearly there is no way out.

As politely as possible voice your disinterest in the conversation and move on. Politics has proven to escalate quickly into violence. I don’t see that there would be anything to gain by engaging in this scenario


Throw a renminbi and enjoy my meal after the Biden supporter runs and grabs it.

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What Mike said. :slight_smile:

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In a British accent I’d say you Americans solve your own problems.

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Leave immediately, do not pay the bill!

Ich spreche nicht.

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I doubt either “working man” would be arguing Biden’s case.


50% have already!

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Tell them I’m hungry, I just want to eat so po. I’ve been around the block more times than I can remember, don’t care about ass wipes whoveant to suck me in

Die Nacht der langen Messer

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Keep eating.

Tell them I’d love to discuss it with them but I have to get back to work. Be safe dudes- and split. It’s not my fight.

Taller than me and laborers… Not likely…

“Move along children”

I charge $750.00 an hour and I need a down payment for the first hour before I can say anything. This statement will be considered a free consultation.

I’d leave to buy a gun before the presidential candidate, who claims to want to ban semi auto guns gets in office, and a VP who has vowed to ignore the constitution and enforce AR 15 confiscation. Bigger fish to fry. Fist fights are so rare. Hell maybe I’d watch the show before I go to the gun store.

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Tell them the same thing I’ve told coworkers who are on the verge over this election. The republicans still control the Senate. The Democrats the House. Regarding of who wins the White House, they will have to work with the other party to do anything. Also, in 2 years, a bunch of Representative will be up for election again. If you don’t like how this one went, vote then. One kore thing, neither party has enough of a majority to force anything, including change the Supreme Court. Some minor things will change, but nothing that can’t be changed back.