What would you do: post election stress

Relocate to an empty table if possible. If not able to relocate to another table, pay the bill, and leave.

Conflict avoidance.

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It was actually easier dealing with terrorists in foreign nations.

Besides, could always claim to be Canadian… for some strange reason, nobody seems to be angry with Canadians…

Just need to remember to say ‘eh’ a lot. such as ‘Good Day Eh’

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I will defend my eggs and bacon with my life if necessary! If this is before I have finished my first cup of coffee there will be bloodshed. NO ONE messes with my breakfast!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It is the most important meal of the day.


Coffee is always an important meal :grin:


And bacon.

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Nope… Nope… Just can’t do it…

Gave up pork… :crazy_face:

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NO BACON! Heresy!



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For post election stress’’’’’ parting shot.

Biden went on up to Gettysburg…he was looking for an election to steal… he was in a bind, cause he was way behind… looking for votes to steal…

When he came across a great man counting votes and winning the lot…

And Biden jumped on a hickory stump and said, ‘boy let me tell you what’

'I bet you didn’t know it, but I’m a candidate too, and if you care to take a dare I make a bet with you…

My name’s Trump and it might be sin, but I’ll take your bet and you’re gonna regret cause I’m the best President there’s ever been’.

Trump, rosin up your lawyers and play the courtrooms hard…

Cause Hell’s broke loose in Gettysburg and Biden deals the cards…

If you win you get to keep the shinny White House, but if you lose, Biden gets America’s soul…

:grin: :crazy_face:

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I’m with you Devildog