What would you do: Political Confrontations

The next election cycle is already underway - and there are no signs of it being a peaceful, unifying political season. :frowning:

We might not agree with others, but that’s what makes this country great - our ability to respectfully disagree.

When a respectful situation turns disrespectful and tumultuous, what do you do?


Walk away, plain and simple. I will try briefly to diffuse the situation. When it appears that is not an option, I’ll say “we’ll have to agree to disagree” , and walk away. Keeping aware of my surroundings, of course, just in case the others involved aren’t satisfied to let it be.


that sounds like the smart answer @45IPAC
I mostly stay out of political discussions and situations anyway, there have only been a handful of times I’ve had any success in changing people’s minds about their political positions, and those were almost entirely predicated on them having some sort of experience or life event that made them reevaluate their positions.
Being part of demonstrations is not something I’m going to participate in, I don’t like crowds, and especially emotional crowds.
I vote, I call and email, I will discuss with people online if they’re maintaining some rationality, I donate, and I am OK flying my colors. My hubby goes to town hall meetings by our elected officials and has the discourse in person. but show up in person where there are politically charged crowds? um no thank you.


My standard reply in political discussion with irrational people is always: Me Too! It works well.

You like/support _______, Me too.

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Let the blow and then politely exit. If someone is worked up and trying to force their opinion on you, turning to walk away can easily trigger them to attack and you certainly don’t want a surprise attack coming from behind or the side when you can do nothing to deflect or avoid.

I’ve only once run into one of these situations I could not avoid and that was at the Dallas NRA convention when a protester decided to attempt to disarm me.

It made for a very teachable moment since I had a group of students with me.


Can’t imagine THAT went well for him. :grimacing: did that work out with charges against the protester? I"m thinking “assault” or atempted “strong-arm robbery” might have been in order.

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He went to the hospital in cuffs. The cops and I had a good laugh. Felony attempted robbery and assault since he went for my gun.

I side stepped, covered, turned and his momentum carried him forward at which time I swept his feet from behind and firmly applied my elbow and upper arm to the chin and throat on the way down.

The look on his face said it all but the look on the faces of his comrades was absolutely priceless.

Unfortunately I ruined a good shirt.

Even when you win you lose.


@wildrose, the best lesson is taught when the action and the consequence happen as near simultaneously as possible. sounds like that was achieved. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that is true. While he didn’t get your gun, I’m willing to bet that he ranted about the crazy gun guy who attacked him - even though he started it :frowning:


Oh I’m just talking about a bruised and skinned elbow, dirty pants and a ruined 60.00 shirt.

Let’s carry it forward and put it in context though.

In the self defense world those lessons are even more important because we’re not playing for dominance on the play ground or parking lot and these aren’t shoving matches to prove who’s tougher, it’s deadly serious and even if we’re completely right in getting into the situation someone, including us can very easily end up dead.

As we’ve discussed previously even if you’re in the right and you walk away unscathed physically the rest of your life is changed forever and in many if not most ways those changes will not be favorable.

If you’re forced to shoot someone and they die everyone will look at you as “a killer” for the rest of your life no matter how justified you were in your actions.


I really have to wonder what is WRONG with people’s brains sometimes… What the Heck did they think they were doing? Do they just not get what territory they’re in when they do something like that? Just so high on righteous indignation and anti-2A feeling that they can’t process basic decision making?
I really would love to hear them explain WTHeck they were thinking.


I agree with others that it is best to avoid the encounter but, if someone is going to fight, I plan on winning.


Unfortunately we’ve raised a couple of generations of kids with absolutely no concept of consequences.

last I heard he plead out to a couple of minor felonies and did a minimum of 6-12 in the Texas Penal System. He also got stuck with the hospital bill which was substantial. The family got a scuzzy slip and fall lawyer to try and sue me for his injuries and that was thrown out as soon as it was thrown out with prejudice.


If you’re going to fight that’s the only attitude/mentality you can have. Go in half committed and odds are it’ll end very badly for you.


Yup. “If your going to fight, fight like your the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, and brother ITS STARTING TO RAIN!”


@wildrose sounds like an appropriate, if not perfect, outcome.

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When it comes to political issues, some healthy debate can be a good thing. However, once emotions become involved and things get personal, it always turns UGLY. I have also never once changed anyone’s mind with my opinions. When people’s views our directly confronted, the natural reaction is to dig in and double down. Throw in the “mob mentality” when an emotionally charged crowd is involved, and things will go poorly for the political minority. I will engage in discussions with anyone who has sincere questions, but I never try to force them to accept my views either.

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That’s the problem with political debates, it’s almost impossible anymore to debate anyone rationally and keep the emotions out of it.


We have Diamond & Silk, or as I like to call them Cubic Zirconia and Burlap coming to our area this month.

There’s scuttlebutt around these parts that Antifa has already been scouting the area around their event. I’ve told all my employees that the hotel (of which I have a contract with) and the surrounding area is off limits that weekend. If they choose to enter the area and cars are damaged or destroyed they will be fully responsible for any damages or replacement as outline in their contracts.

Just returned from meeting with hotel management, they weren’t happy about my decision, but understood. They had no idea who D&S were, had they known they said they wouldn’t have agreed to the event.

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Their mannerisms and affectations drive me nuts but I love where they are politically and I hope they are opening the eyes of a lot of the people in their community.

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