What is your favorite carry pistol?

It is big for a CCW, but it has 3 different back straps. I use the medium.

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So you have regular FN509, not MIDSIZE? Yeah… the full grip is hard to conceal.

Ya, it’s the original 509, but with the medium back strap, it places my finger at the sweet spot on the trigger. It feels big but once you carry it for awhile it doesn’t seem as big. I’ve had it for four years now and have ran about 5,000rds through it without any trouble.

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No troubles expected… There is a reason why US Army considered FN509 as Beretta M9 replacement. :+1:

FN says it a million round gun. And I believe it. :grinning:

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No doubt. I actually believe that any good quality polymer handgun is able to survive 1 million rounds if maintained properly.

Maintenance is the key.

After 1million rounds how much of the gun is still original? Barrel, springs are for sure changed. The frame is probably fine. Would the slide need replacement? Trigger?

New here and appreciate all the comments - I inherited a Beretta 85 Cheetah but not sure that’s going to work for daily carry.

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Welcome to our community @Wendy18. No matter what your daily carry choice is, you are in good company here.

Stay safe!

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Thank you! I am enjoying the community and reading all the posts.


Seriously looking at Glock 26’s now; I kinda’ like that .40 cal.
I’ve always liked Glocks, and don’t even have one now, had one of the very first ones
when they first became popular in -88.

FWIW, the G26 is chambered in 9mm and not .40 S&W.

Stay safe


It’s Glock 26+1 then :wink:


HK USP compact 9mm