Review Your Concealed Carry Firearm

You’ll see the USCCA’s reviews of different firearms on our blog and throughout the Community. Here’s your chance to review your concealed carry firearm!

How many stars would you give your concealed carry firearm?

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Tell us which gun you’re reviewing and what you love/don’t like about it below.


I like my PT111G2C because I’m a person who likes an external safety. Sorry I like it and I’m 69 years old and I am very addicted to breathing and living. Every time I pull the trigger it goes bang without fail, of course I use good quality ammo, I mistakenly dropped it on the floor once when it was in the holster so it fell butt on floor and muzzle up towards the ceiling to give a mental picture, unfortunately my head was right in line with the gun if it had gone off and fired itself. With a bullet in the chamber as how I carry it did exactly what Taurus claims and did nothing it did not go off and this is what I like about this gun. There was a time that Taurus quality control or engineering was not as good but I like my 1911 (type) handguns. Otherwise it’s very accurate, sights are fine everything is fine it’s a good weapon.


My carry right now is an HK VP9. 3 sizes of back straps and side panel enable a perfect fit. It is the most accurate plastic gun I have owned. I have 575 rounds through it to date without a single problem. 125 were various defensive rounds that I mixed up in magazines to try and create a problem. It ate everything. It had to before I would even consider it replacing my 226 Dark Elite. It passed, I trust my life to it. Trigger was very good out of the box, only bested by my Walther PPQ .45 as far as plastics go. The only thing I might change is the sights. Although they are high quality night sights they are 3 dot. I prefer in line sights myself. Over all 5 stars. Oh and for aesthetics Omaha Outdoors cerakoted it distressed midnight bronze so it is a beauty on top of that.


My M&P 45c gets 4 stars. The trigger isn’t the greatest. Other than that, it’s a great gun.


Ruger SR9c:

First and only pistol I’ve owned and really haven’t been able to find anything to really complain about. It’s fired reliably. The sights were mediocre but they are upgradeable so I installed a set of Trijicon night sights on it and immediately saw an improvement in my shooting. It fits in my hand well even though I have large hands. Easy to take down and clean. I’m left handed so that limited my choices but I think even if that wasn’t an issue I will would have went with this handgun. I looked a Glocks and the mod to swap the mag eject over but I still wasn’t comfortable with a gun in my pocket that didn’t have a manual safety, because ■■■■ happens.


I’ve been carrying a Colt SS Officer’s Model for 30+ years. It took me about 5 - 7 years to get it right due primarily to the scarcity of parts when it first came out ( I made several then bough production models when available) . Yes I’ve modified it heavily to suit my interests and tastes. It’s has north of 200,000+ (near as I can tell) rounds through it. I’ve replaced the hammer and sear twice as they just flat wore out. Still on the original barrel but I have a spare already cut and fitted with, bushing and link if it ever gives up the ghost. No it’s not double stack, made of plastic or very light but it goes bang every time I put 3 pounds of pressure on the trigger and stuff’s a new round in ready for the same treatment. It’s kinda like me, dinged, dented, worn around the edges, not perfect but works every time!




My EDC is a Ruger Security 9 in an Alien Gear IWB holster. I am very pleased with this season’s performance and reliability. I agree with others regarding the external safety…I like it. My only real complaint is the factory sights, but that’s as much about my eyes as it is the sights themselves. I’m looking for some better sights without going to the bulk of a red dot.

When they figure out how to legislate morality and conscience, I will consider talking about more gun laws.

Ammo can get you through times of no money better than money can get you through times of no ammo.


My EDC is Walther PPQ M1 (with Alien Gear Holster). 5 stars. Couldn’t find better handgun (ok… HK VP9 perhaps, but PPQ fits better my hand). Great trigger, perfect fit (I found correct back strap after 2 weeks of shooting), light, reliable and FULLY ambidextrous (whatever you see on left side of gun, you will find exactly the same on right side). Perfectly shootable from left hand, right hand, both hands.
Can be run dry, doesn’t need a lot of lubrication. Takes all brands of ammo.


I have six XD/XDM semi auto’s from the sub compacts through 5.25" comp models.

Controls wise they are all identical and grip wise/ergonomically other than the .45’s having a slightly larger grip than the .40’s they are identical.

In the full size they come with the highest capacity available for both .40 and .45 greatly reducing the need to worry about carrying spare mag’s in most situations and unless you’re going into a potentially very high risk situation (which should of course be avoided) two mag’s is more than enough to fight your way into or out of any reasonably scenario.

My revolvers are Taurus Tracker 5 shot 4" models and again the ergnomics and controls are all identical for both the .41’s and .45’s.

If I ever find myself suddenly in a self defense situation the last thing I want to do is to have to look at my gun to remember which one I’m carrying at the moment because of different controls, ergonomics, “sweet spots” as far as aiming etc.

All of the XD/XDM’s will hit within an inch at any range, same with the Revolvers.

I’m a huge believer in the KISS method when it comes to self defense, the more you complicate things the more likely you are to fail under stress.


Glock G30 compact .45ACP - I picked 4 stars because I want night sights and I don’t have them on there yet, and the 10th round is reeeealy hard to get into the mag. Other than that, no issues at all. Reliable, a size I can conceal, it’s a .45 so I like the stopping power, 10+1 so the round count is ok, it’s accurate and predictable, and I like shooting Glocks. They’re naturally accurate for me, and the recoil is fine for the size, and they’re easy to maintain.

I have a couple of full sized I carry around the house or on the farm - Glock G21 .45 and Ruger P89 9mm, and I’m quite happy with those, but they are big. I just got a 1911 P12-45 Warthog, which is likely to go into the carry rotation as soon as I have a holster worked out, although it may be more of a around-home or winter gun.

As to changing out guns… for me the controls are the same on the glocks, so there’s no transition error possibility there, and I shoot equally accurately with either one.
The P89 has a decocker, so I carry it decocked but not on safe, and its a big action to flip the safety on, so it operates like the glocks, and has near-identical angles, so the accuracy is the same. The warthog has an external safety, and I’ll have to work with that a bit before I make a final decision about putting it in rotation or not.


Love my Springfield XDS 9mm. Like the trigger pull, size, and reliability. Also like the grip safety


Ruger P89DC decocker only, no safety long da trigger pull. Da/sa after first shot. Eats every thing I feed it. Ambi controls except slide release. Like @Zee sights could use some loving. Yeah heavy, " brickish". First semiauto I owned will never part with it. May alternate with my CZ82 or FMK 9C1 Gen 2. Haven’t shot the FMK yet plans to do so soon. Hold all my handguns identically so moving from one to another is same grip, and familiar feel.


Sig P938. Eats everything, very accurate, all metal. Pistol is light and carries well. Only 4 stars because I’ve yet to find a “perfect” carry gun😏


Welcome @Dwayne :slight_smile:
so how would the perfect carry gun be different than your Sig?


Try the Sig Sauer P 320 Full, Compact, maybe X Carry. It is a power house and the best too. Researching is fun.


I’m giving my carry gun 4 stars, but for a slightly different reason than many. I am currently carrying my Wilson Combat EDC x9 and it is a phenomenal firearm. The fit, feel, and function of the gun is all the way top notch. It eats anything I feed it and doesn’t think twice about it. If you’ve ever used a Wilson trigger, then you know it’s an experience in itself. The gun may be a little heavy for some, especially for a carry gun, but it’s perfect for me. The thing that makes the review lose a star is the price. Wilson made an excellent gun, they know they made an excellent gun, and they are proud of it. I’m not saying the gun isn’t worth every cent because it absolutely is, but the price is very restrictive and thus I can’t grant a perfect 5.


That was my very first gun also (purchased 1992), and like you I’ll never depart with it (love everything about it, plus the service from Ruger). But dang, you’re more of a man than I to carry that bad boy EDC. I tip my hat to you good sir.

My EDC is a Ruger SR40c, I like the compact size (that fits my hand like a glove) and striker fire aspects of it and I like the .40 S&W caliber and I don’t have any issues with recoil management so it’s a perfect fit for my EDC. My only wish is that the take-down pin was a little easier to remove for cleaning. But other than that, 4 stars.


@JustinK - I would go with 5 :eight_pointed_black_star: , even the price is high. I love this gun and will have it… someday… somehow… just need more :moneybag:


No I’m built solidly (ahem heavyset) so I can hip it no problem. Bought mine in 93 with the stinking 10 round mags, thanks to hi cap limiting, even here in Texas at that time. Got 15 rounders now.


You will not be disappointed. The gun is a joy to shoot.