What is your favorite carry pistol?

HK USP Compact 9mm with flush fit magazine floorplate


I have 3 in rotation, or depending on how I feel. 365Xl, 365X, and Canik TP9 SC

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All of them. :laughing:


Weather drives choice of clothing, and clothing drives the pistol size. Sometimes weight is an issue but I generally rotate between these three:

HK P2000SK 9mm
HK USPc .45

It’s always a bit of a trade off in California because of our present mag size restrictions. We also can only carry one at a time, and have only 3 on our permits.



It must be on a County by County basis. I am in California and I can have 6 firearms on my permit.

My favorite carry pistol is HK USPc V3 9mm

That’s odd because the CCW form in the state of California only has room for 3 weapons.

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@Edgy01 Yous was robbed. :ok_man:

Riverside County allows 6 firearms on CCW permit

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Sadly, now they’ll know about six registered handguns when they come for your guns!