What is the precedent for 2020 election?

@MikeBKY interrogative God forbid anything happens to President Trump, (my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family) the Vice President is sworn in and becomes the de facto president per 25th amendment.
At the polls President Trumps name is still on the ballot. On the night of November 3rd President Trump wins overwhelmingly, does the Vice President, now sworn in as President, in fact win the election for the next four years?
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Under the 25th amendment, if the president dies, the Vice President becomes president and he can nominate a new VP. If the VP also dies the speaker of the house becomes the president.

If the president is sick and cannot perform his duties, he notifies the president pro tempore of the senate (Senator Grassley) and the speaker of the house and the VP becomes acting president.

If the president is ill or otherwise unable to fulfill his duties, the VP and a majority of his cabinet must notify the president pro tempore of the senate and the speaker of the house and the VP becomes acting president.

As for the election, that is a different story. The Republican National Committee decides who the replacement candidate will be but the ballots will still show Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris.

The 20th Amendment says that the VP elect becomes president elect if the president elect dies. But it is not clear when the candidate truly becomes president elect; after the votes are counted; after the electoral college votes; or after the vote is certified by congress on Jan. 6.


In other words, we need to pray… MORE. :pray:t3:


If Trump is ok. No one wins on 11/3, mail in are counted, probably a recount, everyone sues, scotus involved, if Barrett gets in prevents a tie. If not. Hmmmm


Correct except for one fine distinction: the Speaker of the House is only in line to become “Acting President” - not the President. I’d bet that “you know who” thinks about that every single day, and already has a detailed written plan for parlaying that into full Presidential power pending a full court press to get herself voted into that office in the next Presidential election.

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In addition wouldn’t it be more appropriate to “tear up” that part of the constitution, just the same way the State of the Union was?
I’m no soothsayer, but I guarantee that if they win, the 25th amendment is instituted the moment his hand leaves the Bible!