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This should end the discussion of Pres. Trump nominating a successor to RBG


Obama nominated Merritt Garland in March 2016 with less than a year before the election. Trump is going to nominate a judge this weekend with less than a year before the election. What has Trump done in regards to a SCOTUS nomination that Obama didn’t do in 2016?


Senator Cruz does a very good job of showing the democrats hypocrisy-- the dems said confirm in an election year… now the shoe is on the other foot and they not only say NOT during an election year, they also threaten President Trump, GOP senators and the American people.


Call that leadership by example. Maybe that way the Dems can feel good about it…


My biggest problem with everyone saying not to put someone forward is automatically dis qualifying them because they hate Trump so much. He should make everyones head explode and nominate Kamala Harris.


Let’s be honest…it’s hypocrisy on both sides and both sides make whatever argument suites them best for this situation.

I was laughing my tail off watching Schumer in 2007 saying Bush should not be allowed to nominate another SCOTUS judge because of the upcoming election, followed by a 2016 interview saying President Obama should absolutely be allowed to nominate a SCOTUS judge and the Senate should have hearings, to this week’s comments by him stating President Trump should not and the Senate should not hold hearings.

2007 and 2016…Chuck Schumer: Then and Now | The Daily Signal - YouTube

Same thing could be said on the right with Senators Grahm and McConnel’s flip flop (yeah, yeah, there are small detailed differences but those seem like excuses to me).

I was fine with President Obama nominating a SCOTUS judge and don’t think the GOP should have blocked. I’m fine with President Trump nominating a SCOTUS judge and don’t think he should be blocked. They’re in the role they’re doing their jobs.

But that won’t happen because you know…politics.


Yep. Honestly I am tired of the games both sides play.

It is the president’s job to nominate the SCOTUS when their is a vacancy. It is the job of Congress to hold the confirmation hearings to see if the person should be appointed.

I think we should start a movement in the US and protest to make all elected Government officials give up their salary until a few things are done:

Adresss the current economic issue the lockdowns have caused.

Completely revamp welfare and enemployment. There should be no welfare as it is today. Make it work fare. There are plenty of things that can be done to help both the people on welfare and communities around the country. Unless a legitimate reason not to they should have to work a minimum number of hours a week. Require them to earn and partially support themselves. If there is not enough paid work then they can do xx hours of community service. I don’t personally know of a food bank with enough volunteers. Unemployment should not last for more than 4 weeks or so. Then they move to the work fare program.

Finally…address the dang debt. In my opinion it is the single biggest threat to America. Both parties have been spending money like a drunken sailor.

These are just my opinions. I grew up poor and busted my back to improve my situation. I couldn’t afford college so I went in the Navy and spent 10 years. I am tired of others not even trying to pull their own weight.


This was at the same time Republicans said that you shouldn’t confirm in an Election year. Sadly the Hypocrisy is going both ways here. While I support another republican on the bench. I have always felt that you should put yourself above the other party and not do what they do or say what they say but stick to the higher moral ground. Trump will easily win re-election, so waiting would set the standard that it shouldn’t be done and avoid a democrat from doing the same thing in 8 years from now.

Hey @Martin36 you running for any offices? You’ve got my vote brother…lol.


Its amazing how the Republicans are the only ones vilified for being “hypocrites” and the dems just keep getting a pass. If the liberal media ever told the truth-- there would never be another democrat elected, except in New York, New Jersey and California.


I think the answer is very simple. Presidents can nominate whenever there is an opening, and the Senate can then choose to confirm or deny that nomination. It’s not that hard.

Currently, President & Senate are the same party, so of course it will go through. In situations where the President & Senate are opposite parties, of course it won’t go through.

I don’t understand why the hubbub each time.


James…no. just stating my opinion. I do think there are more that feel that way but are scared to say it.


That’s true. Trump is doing what a president is supposed to do. However, the key differences here are:

  • The President and the Senate are of the same party; and
  • The President is towards the end of his first term - not at the end of his presidency and unable to return.

Doesn’t change anything.

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Both sides feel that way. They both feel like only one side gets victimized. Along with both sides feel they are the only ones telling the truth. I read articles all the time fact-checking both sides after every public event.

I can tell you first hand all politicians lie. They do it by adding truth to their falsehoods. What is clear is that there are a lot more left-wing media than right-wing. From my own research, I found when it comes to anything firearm related the lies come from both sides of the media as well many gun groups. It never ceases to amaze me how both sides seem like they are telling the truth but when you read the court documents or all of the data. They both ignore facts that don’t suit their narrative.

It is just as bad in the political arena as well. If the media or a politician says it, you better believe it can be disproven to some extent. They might give you a small sample of the opposite view or even some facts but never the whole story. The only road to the truth is by gathering your own data and putting it together. It is not an easy task and you have to be careful not to do the same thing the media and politicians are doing. Let the data speak, don’t try to shape it to your belief.

I spent a large part of my life Anti-gun and only changed my viewpoint after I did my own research over a 6 year period. I found that neither side let the data speak by itself. They often added in things that fit their own narrative or to make the numbers look better. That said there is exception to that. Micheal Martins’s book on mass shootings used quality data that was easy to find and verify. He let you know what was his opinion and what was a fact. There are a few others as well but they don’t come from the media or politicians.

I found getting to the truth was impossible if you are going to follow what one type of media is saying. The same thing if you listen to just one political viewpoint the whole truth is deeply buried. For example, I was on social media a month or so ago and I saw everyone in my gun groups outraged over red-flag laws being proposed and said that is why we have to vote for Trump.

I personally oppose red-flag laws because they lack due process and many have no consequences for false claims. What I found funny about this outrage and the response. Was the fact that in 2018 Trump said there was no appetite for assault weapons, we need universal background checks. Then in 2019, he said to take their guns and go to court later and called for every state to pass red-flag laws.

Of course, Along with sharing Trump’s beliefs Biden’s approach goes even further especially with wanting to stop ammunition sales over the internet and holding gun companies responsible when they are used illegally.

There is no party left that protects gun rights except the supreme court. They claim to but in the end, the minute a tragedy happens they all fold and pass laws that do nothing to solve the problems. We allow this to happen because gun owners don’t stick together, we fight amongst ourselves over things like using the wrong wording or trying so hard to prove one point or another. Even worse is when we start repeating things that aren’t back up by facts or we start playing the same games as the other side.

You are right if people knew the truth they wouldn’t vote for Democrats. They would end the two-party system altogether. The division and lies spread by politicians do nothing to improve our nation. No two people have to agree on everything but what every politician should be doing is working on their common ground and setting their differences aside until it is time to deal with that difference. They don’t keep an open mind and the truth is the average citizen fight more about politics than the politicians do. While the politicians get rich the rest of the nation argues over views they don’t even care about except during election years.

You will never change a political mind because ever viewpoint has another side to it. People land firmly on the side they like and close off their minds to ever consider changing it. We are even seeing non-political issues turned political for one person’s personal gain, and not for the betterment of the Nation.

Take COVID for example, the issue with wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. Why would that ever be political, it is scientific. People are being divided for political gain.

It is the same thing with the riots. Everyone is so focused on Antifa and their political views they are ignoring the Boogaloo movement who has taken responsibility for riots in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas. To me, I don’t care what political view these groups have they are tearing apart businesses that will likely fail because they can no longer pay their small business loans or get new ones to rebuild and their insurance doesn’t cover rioting.

Yet people want us to believe the Democrats and Republican politicians are behind these groups. There are other groups involved as well but instead of focusing on the fact that they need to be stopped and they are fanatical groups, not politicians. We are now expected to believe that their beliefs are the same as the Republican party or the Democrat party. Boogaloo is a right-wing group that has stated their main goal is to push for a second civil war. I don’t share their beliefs but because I lean more right than left, I am supposed to believe we are on the same side. I don’t think so.

Democrats know that protests that turn to riots means losing the election. Republicans know that rioting that increases gun violence loses elections. Neither side is promoting what is going on right now but both are likely to become victims of it come election time. This couldn’t have been a worse year for an election if it was planned, no one person is powerful enough to have created this much destruction in a single year on their own. But there are plenty that wants everyone to believe it was one side or the other.

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To be fair, It was Republicans that blocked Obamas nomination and said that Presidents shouldn’t be aloud to nominate judges in a election year.

That being said, I hope POTUS 45 does nominate one and Mitch gets the Senate to confirm, just to see liberals cry like children.

The guy that really needs replacing is Justice Roberts


To be fair, the republicans are just giving democrats what they wanted with obama. Remember when the dems did away with the filibuster…?? Then wen the Republicans did it… they threw a fit like spoiled little brats who didn’t get their way…

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But Obama nominated someone anyway… so why shouldn’t Trump?

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Guess you didnt fully read my post. Do believe I said I’m all for rubbing in the libs faces or some such