What do you wish your local shooting range had?


Kind of a follow up to What is your favorite local shooting range and why?

What do you wish your favorite range had that it doesn’t have right now?


The range I go to already has great targeting systems (turn and face), a classroom, a good selection of rental guns - both handguns and long guns, a store with accessories, coffee and cookies are always available (caffeine is important!), and amazing staff!

I would love if it had an outdoor range available with longer distances. There are plenty of outdoor ranges in the area, so it’s not a huge deal. I wouldn’t mind having an espresso machine or Redbull available … :coffee:

What do you wish your range had? (Can be pie-in-the-sky ideas!)


Pop up targets would be awesome
Moving side to side ( tho i saw a video of someone mounting a target to a RC car. Might give that a go)

I just swtiched gun clubs and the max distance went fromm 600yds to 810yds.


I don’t get all the thrills because I don’t pay for them. Some of the range memberships are ridiculously priced. I’ll do what I can afford for now, and be content.


What “thrills” do they have @Aalan? I’d love to hear about the different things ranges offer.


Indoor 25-yard 10-bay heated handgun range. Nothing allowed over 44 magnum. Not allowed to draw from holster or rapid fire.

As a club, they offer an archery range, shotgun skeet shooting, and other club activities. Their main room is available for rent for any type party. Its a really nice place. Just limited in what one can practice in the range.


Towers Armory just opened in the last couple of years and I love going there great staff and great gear. They have dynamic targets on both the pistol and rifle ranges 150’ indoor, they offer a professional grade video based scenario live fire range, and class 3 rentals and sales. They do have CCW classes, but all that being said I do wish they had more training courses.


Our outdoor range is perfect, we can train however we want as long as we’re safe, I wish our indoor range allowed us to go forward of the line when no one else is there and shoot at multiple targets. It’s just not allowed unless we’re doing an indoor match. We can draw from holster and shoot as fast as you like on either in or outdoor ranges.


My outdoor range is very similar, I only use my local indoor range because they have awesome rental policies when new firearms come out, so you can shoot before you buy


That’s a great thing to have at your disposal sheepdog, we have that here on the cape as well, the shop wants $675.00 to join their range the first year and $500.00 every year after. Too rich for my blood, but they have a really nice state of the art range and it’s brand new, they have rentals too, lots of rentals.


Agreed a little too steep for my blood. My range was 110 for the first year 100 after that. Its nothing fancy but I didnt want fancy i wanted practical.


Same here. Full-service ranges want at least 500 a year. I pay 105 for the club membership, plus 40 each for myself and my wife. Gets us by. @Dawn if you want to peruse the club and see what they have: www.lfgclub.org


When you guys are paying yearly fees, does that include all the shooting your want or do you still have to pay range fees?

The Range in Richfield offers an annual membership, but then members don’t pay for range time during that year.


Mine is a one time fee and get a key to the gate and come shoot anytime dawn to dusk monday thru friday. With discounted FFL transfers and gunsmithing services.


One year club membership for husband and wife is $105.00. One time yearly fee for key card, any open hours access to indoor range is $40 each. Can bring a guest on the first full-weekend Saturday, from 12 noon to 2 pm.


Dawn, the expensive range just has the once a year fee, it’s a gun shop so they push you to try other guns, they don’t allow reloaded ammo so they want you to buy theirs, my match guns are tweaked so I can’t use factory ammo, weaker springs means lighter loads, they don’t let you draw from a holster, only allowed to shoot 1 round per second, (no rapid fire), it’s ridiculous, Im not paying that much money to get frustrated. My club allows everything above, your first year is $350.00, all years after are $175.00, and they use that money for the good of the club,always upgrading something, we just spent $350k on the outdoor pistol and rifle range installing baffles for a no blue sky set up. Our 5 stand shotgun range has been voted one of the best in NE. There’s a big difference when membership money goes back into the club vs it going into someone’s pocket. :sunglasses::us:


You can’t bring in your own ammo, @Steve-G?

There are certain restrictions where I shoot - no rapid fire (double taps ok), no steel ammo, and if you rent their guns you have to use their ammo. I’m ok with that. There are specialty shooting times - low light, draw from holster, rapid fire - so that works.

There are so many new shooters at the range that these restrictions are OK with me.


I live in Las Vegas, some of our ranges are insane, lacking nothing, so I’ll say free ammo.

Who taught you to shoot?

Really, Unclesteve? What do they offer? Are they worth a trip from WI to check out?

(At this point, Vegas is definitely worth the trip to get away from the snow and cold anyway! The range would just be the icing on the cake! :cold_face: )


You can shoot anything from s .22 to a minigun. Top Shot range has courses where you can compete against other shooters using your own gun with sim rounds. You can blow up a car with a .50 cal machine gun if you want. this town is a shooters paradise if you have the money.