What is your favorite local shooting range and why?


I love the Range of Richfield in Richfield, Wisconsin. They are friendly to all levels of firearms experience and have a great selection of firearms to rent!

Their RSO’s are helpful and understanding if you have questions! They’re also very entertaining once you get to know them!

The counter team is welcoming and mainly women - which makes it less intimidating for my female friends as they start their concealed carry journey.

The offer low-light shooting at specific times and their targeting system can turn and face… I still need to figure out exactly how to use that system! :slight_smile:

Post about your favorite local shooting range below! Please link their page here as well! People in your area will always appreciate a good gun range - and if I’m traveling, I like to know where I can go to shoot if time permits!

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My favorite range is an outdoor range. It’s state gameland. If you manage to get there before it gets crowded your able to run different drills. Great for summer family education.

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Do you have to be a local to use it, @ShawnT? What kind of layout do they have?

I’ve been to one that is for long guns only. Not sure I’d want to do handguns at the outdoor range I’ve been to as they have no RSO to assist newbie shooters who may not know what they don’t know.

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No, as long as you have an active hunting license or a friend or family member that goes often. There is an area for long guns and another area for handguns. Shortest distance for handguns is about 20 yards. If you manage to get there early before they start getting crowded you can run different drills. The plus side of going later in the day if your a new shooter, other shooters are very open to help if you need it and answer any questions you might have.

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@Deril and @Lisa, where are your favorite ranges? Do they offer any services, facilities, or training out of the ordinary?


I` actually have 2 favorite shooting ranges, One is Shoot Straight on southern blvd in west palm beach. The have free ladies day on Mondays and the staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. When they are not busy, they also sometimes come in and give me pointers and show me how to aim better at no extra charge. My 2nd favorite place is Gator Guns & Archery on Military trail and Okeechobee Blvd, I also like this one cause when I don’t feel like target practicing with my firearm they have an archery range there for when I want to practice shooting with my bow. Gator guns also assists me and shows me different ways to shoot and show me how to better aim my firearm as well as my bow. Gator guns is also a family orientated family run store. The staff is great and very helpful and the Person that fixes up the bows and the gunsmith are also very great and personable people! I would recommend and have recommended both these places to friends!

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We have a DNR run gun range about 15 minutes from home. It’s never very busy, and I can take my son out there and we aren’t holding anyone up. It’s state funded, so, my tax dollars at work.

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That’s awesome! I love hearing about families spending time together at the range! And it’s even better when you can take advantage of something your tax dollars are pay for already, right @45IPAC?

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Personally, I love hearing about ranges that are very friendly to women (yup, a bit bias on that one :laughing: ), @Lisa.

When I started my concealed carry journey, I visited a range that was very derogatory to me because I was female. I never went back. Out of all of the ranges I’ve been to, that was the only one that was outwardly sexist. Others were cautious, but that was when I was a new shooter - and they treated new male shooters the same way.


I love Ultimate defense as an indoor. They have rentals, they sell many great guns, and offer training classes. For strictly shooting, I joined Benchrest Rifle Club .


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OH… You have to go back!!! Go back and out shoot them. Make sure you wear your pink hearing protection pink rimmed safety glasses, and take a pink gun. I’d even look for pink bullets… LOL

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Range of Richfield is a fantastic facility. I use it during winter when I can’t get outside. During spring and summer I’m out at Juneau Rod and Gun Club. $50/year for unlimited access 7 days a week. Many times my boys and I are the only ones on the range. There are 2 distances for pistols 2 lanes each, and 3 distances for rifles 12 lanes (4 each at 50, 100, and 300 yards). You can shoot anything you want out there. Plus 1200 acres are open for hunting during the various seasons. There are also a couple of ponds for fishing but I think there are otters that have eaten all the fish…

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I’ve shot there before, they were nice enough to put me on the upgraded range once at no cost. It was new and I think the RSO’s were trying to figure out how to work it too. I am a member at Daniel Boone, which is nice for inadvertently getting the opportunity to practice shooting in all sorts of weather!

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I think I’ve seen you at the Range, James! (It’s a fun part-time job for me so I can talk guns in person :wink: ) Have you been there in the last year or so?

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Yeah I have been, I am not hard to miss, 6’6’’ with tattoos. I know I saw you there as well, you helped me with a holster once.

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That turning target range is super cool.

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Mass Firearms School in Holliston, MA is where I got started. Indoor range only, but with rentals. I always try to rent a firearm before purchasing. They also have a try before you buy option. I always thought a Sig 229 would be my next until I rented the 226. Much more comfortable in my hand. And, lots of training classes available, but I have yet to avail myself of them. Its a money thing. Great place.

Locally, in Western Mass, I go to the Ludlow Fish and Game club. Small, indoor place for handguns, but inexpensive. Plus, great shrimp on Fridays!


Bass River Rod and Gun Club in West Yarmouth, Cape Cod Massachusetts. Great club, we have a 24/7 indoor range, we have a pistol range with 3 separate pits and a 50-100 yard rifle range, these ranges are set up with the No Blue Sky baffles so no stray bullets can leave our range. The shotgun range is great as well, we have trap and skeet, and a separate 5 stand, or sporting clays (clays are coming at you from everywhere :flushed:), it was voted the best sporting clay range in New England, it’s a lot of fun, we also have a lake with bass in it and a trail for hiking. Each range must have an on duty RSO working and we volunteer to work shifts, as an active member of the board of directors and NRA and IDPA RSO, we feel that it’s our job to leave you be if all is well, yet be there for you if your having troubles or just want to ask questions. We are there to serve you as the shooter. I’ve been to places where the on duty RSO were right up your ass telling you what to do and it’s really irritating. You must have a club member as a sponsor to join, and that sponsor is responsible for your actions during your year as a probationary member, so we have serious people as members, not many yahoos. If your ever on the Cape, feel free to look me up, and I’ll bring you as my guest.


I’m originally from Hopkinton.

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I’m a member of a local vet owned range. I love the variety of ranges they have on property and you’re allowed to draw from the holster and they have barrels to set up barricades to practice firing from cover or around corners