Visit to new range in Goodyear AZ today

My wife and I are members at a local range. They just opened their new range in Goodyear Arizona. It is indoor. They went all out with tech and it was pretty amazing.
Each lane has a touchscreen to control everything from the lane lighting, to how the target behaves. The target carrier spins which opens up some new drills we tried. 3 variations of shoot / don’t shoot with varying degrees of difficulty. It takes the target out to a random distance, and turns the target randomly. You only shoot when the target is squarely facing you. We booth got bit a couple of times anticipating or not paying enough attention.
You are supposed to start at the low ready position, so it helps drilling gaining target acquisition.
There are several more different drills, or you can program your own.
Adds alot of new spice rather than your standard static target.

The pistol lanes only go out to 15 yards. They have rifle lanes that go out to 25 yards.

Overall we really enjoyed the new experience modern tech gave the range.


Very cool, we have one similar in Reno.
My friends in Surprise are trying to get me to move down in that area, showed me their outdoor range day, really trying to sell me on AZ.

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Sounds like a great range. I need to check it out next time I go visit family in Mesa, AZ.


Surprise is really growing.
Most likely they showed you the Ben Avery outdoor range complex. Really nice place. Went to the inaugural Sig Sauer Freedom Days event there last May.
That is definitely a nice place for shooting longer distances.

Lots of good ranges nearby.


The indoor I go to has an antiquated version of that on a couple of the aisles. They rush you, run away from you turn to profiles it even has a lightning (Lights on and off) setting. It’s pretty clunky but fun.