Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

I took the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor Class this last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I learned a TON and had the chance to practice a lot of things that I don’t practice too often (moving and shooting with live rounds, non-dominant one-handed shooting). My classmates all had more experience than I do (military, LEO, long-time trainers), but were incredibly supportive!

The class really teaches you how to defensively shoot - I would highly recommend it for anyone who carries a firearm.

It was one of those experiences that made me realize I how much I still don’t know.

I’ll be sprinkling in bits of the class throughout my topics going forward to give you an idea of all of the awesome information I took in this last weekend!

What experiences have you gone through that make you realize how much more you need to learn and train? What was your next step after that realization?

My last trip to the range. Yikes! Need to go more often to keep the rust at bay.


Pistol Fundamentals were easy… then after few steps up I took within 2 months I realize I still knew “nothing”…even I knew A LOT…
Today, on every training, each day on range I know I have to learn and train… Next step? Learn more, train again. Challenge yourself


Dawn, It was a pleasure meting you and you did great!

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I agree with the others. Everyone should try to learn something new from each class and even each trip to the range. Try something new or try a different way. Try shooting further, or support hand or unsupported. Try shooting unsupported with your support hand, after all, there’s a reason you’re not shooting dominant hand. Send the target a little further down range or try a smaller target. I usually bring home printed targets with 4 4 inch circles on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet and try grouping rounds in the circles.

Glad to have you here, @William46! Thanks for the support! Will be doing some training today when it’s quiet at the range :slight_smile: