USCCA Instructor Roll Call

A big shout out to all of the USCCA Instructors here in the Community! I’m in the process of adding badges to your profiles so everyone knows you’re a USCCA Instructor. It’s a manual process so it’s going to take me a bit.

I know you can all be found on our training page, but let’s make it really easy for the USCCA Community-goers to know who you are!

Please reply below with the types of classes you teach and your location!


Hi Dawn,

Let me shout right back at ya! This is really neat. Good on ya. I’m learning quite a bit from everyone. We have a big country and philosophies on firearms is diverse. It’s nice to broaden my perspective.

The company I work for,, offers tons of classes.
Founder and Chief Instructor: Bob Margolis
Senior Instructor: Me
2 Certified RSO/ Para-Instructors Ben and Leslie

BP 100 Basic Pistol.
BB 125 Beyond Basic Pistol
CC 200 Conceal Carry
HD 300 Home Defense
EM 100 Family Emergency Prep
MV 200 Movement with Guns
EQ 200 Equiptment and Tools
AS 300Active Shooter
LAB Tactical Shotgun
LAB Pistol Target/ Defense
GF Gun Fitting
PL(M) or PL(S) Private Lessons
CS 300 Intro to Competitive Shooting.
RT Round Table Talks — guest speakers/ topic debates.

(I think that’s a complete list — doing this from memory. We have a .pdf on our website about these.)


Excellent idea @Dawn :grin:

I teach in Missouri (Springfield and the southwestern part of the state) and in Michigan (Detroit / Ann Arbor / Jackson and surrounding)

I do group and private classes, and custom instruction as well as one-on-one coaching. Website here:

Classes include:

  • Basic Gun Safety
  • Concealed Carry Certification
  • Women-only Concealed Carry Certification
  • Home Defense
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (Level 1)
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (Level 2)
  • Emergency First Aid Fundamentals
  • Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

I’m currently certified through USCCA, but in the past was also certified through the NRA for Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun, and as a Range Safety Officer (RSO).


@Kiest @RickBall_istic @WildRose @JustinK @Robert_2Swords @AlphaKoncepts @Fred @MichaelBerringer @Eric1 @Douglas_D … y’all should come play :grin:


DSF1 chicago.

I teach numerous other classes such as concealed carry, but DSF is the only USCCA class I am certified to instruct for now.


I’m in the Dallas area and I’m a USCCA, NRA, and Tx LTC certified instructor. Most of my teaching, however, is done as private instruction and is customized to the person I’m training and their proficiency level (with the exception of Tx LTC stuff in which I have a specific course I have to follow).


We teach all of the classes that @Sully_LST listed. Glad to find this resource, thanks.


North Texas, about 50mi from Wichita falls.

I teach the USCCA basic courses and DSF1 classes, NRA basic home safety courses, rifle, pistol, shotgun and personal defense classes.

I also teach the Texas LTC course.

Additionally I teach more advanced individual and home defense, school, church, and organizational defense.


Thanks, Dawn.