Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Never to old to learn a thing or two. I’m at the tail end of an awesome career (18 years) in federal law enforcement (Firearm Instructor, Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter, etc). So I find myself taking another Pistol Instructor Course and tonight (06Dec19), we focused on accuracy. Majority of the group were average to above average shooters, so with that said we were told to shoot at a paper plate from the 15 yd line, slow fire, no time limit. I’m a pretty decent shot from that distance, but was shocked at my hits (if you want to call them that). The instructor (very knowledge female, a first for me) then did individual target analysis and was spot on with my assessment.

We were then told to disregard our respective firearm training and try her method. It was different, way different! What took the cake was after I kept looking at the target after each shot and pushing the gun to the right with my thumbs (causing my shots to impact down and to the right) she had me take my thumbs off the gun and then gave me some actual old lady reading glasses to wear while shooting. I don’t wear glasses, so I had no idea what to expect. Let’s jus say I couldn’t see sh!t out of those glasses! But what it forced you to do was focus only on that front sight, because everything else was super blurry. Three drills later, I was back to putting my shots in a nice tight group or within a few cm of each other. The lesson learned is don’t be afraid to seek diverse training! Even if it appears to be basic. Most of my training has come from military and law enforcement. I was pleasantly impressed with my first female firearm instructor and her methodology and out of the box teaching method!


Dude! NICE way to take advantage of the opportunity to improve! Those are very tidy groups. When you took the glasses back off, did you notice anything else about your technique that had tightened up?

For y’all who dont know, I trained alongside @Kiest at the USCCA CC instructor course and he taught me a lot… if you have the chance to take a class with him, do it :grin:


Awesome message @Kiest! I would be interested in a detailed AAR for what exactly you did if you have the time to post that here.


James, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to complete the course due to getting called in to work. I was blown! So I am rescheduled for February.


That’s too bad, I hope to hear about the course when you are done taking it!

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