Range day with son and neighbor

Little late in posting but…Saturday was a great day. I got to take my son to the range. It is only his 2nd time shooting. Because of me he didn’t enjoy the first time since I started him with a 9 mm.

I took my neighbor in exchange for the use of some 22s.

We spent 2.5 hours at the range and my son loved it. He is now asking when we can go again. He will be turning 11 soon so maybe do a gathering at the range for him. I already have more 22 ammo on the way.

We had been going over a lot of gun safety before we ever went. The only thing I had to reming him about a few times was to watch his muzzle. Although he was always safe with it he raised it higher than necessary to rack. I want him to learn safety so it is 2nd nature.

I also got to finally shoot an the M&P 15 22. It is a super fun gun to shoot.

We went through 200 rounds of 22. I think I shot maybe 20 rounds. I also shot my 9 for 20 rounds.

I want to say thank you to all the great people hear with all the advice you shared since I joined. I also want to say thank you to the USCCA for having this forum along with all of the great courses that are available. I continue to learn new things every day.


@Martin36 It’s a lot of fun taking people to the range. I took my step-daughter to the range for the second time earlier this year. The first time she was very nervous even handling a gun the previous year (2020).
I have been working on her all year, talking and teaching and having her read CC Magazines.
The third trip she did well with a semiauto, a Beretta .32 acp and was much more receptive.
Two weeks ago she purchased her own handgun, a Taurus G2C and she did well the first time out and she wants to get her CC Permit. I gave her 2 box’s of Hornaday Critical Duty to get her started.
Fun was had by all. Keep up the good work. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :us:

Bruce that is awesome. Lets keep working to train and keep our families safe.

Stay safe.

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