Today, was a good day

A couple of weeks back my daughter came to me and asked me for a gun. She didn’t want to take lessons, so I told her no. I offered to pay for lessons, for her and her room mates. She still didn’t want to do that, so I couldn’t in good conscience give her one.

So my wife, daughter, and I had lunch today in a real restaurant, yes Victoria restaurants exist just like Santa. Then I had a Dr. visit that did not go well, and decided I needed some recoil therapy. So on the way to the range, I called my daughter and asked her if she wanted to go. She asked if one of her roommates can come as well.

I was like sure. Now most of you would say what’s the big deal? Well, my daughter had a really traumatic incident on 12/19/18. It’s why I joined the USCCA and is still my single worst day, and that’s coming from someone who has had some really bad days. (You can search for 12/19/18 if you’re curious).

So my daughter and her roommate show up and I’ve been watching the forums and reading about the S&W Shield .380 EZ. So I rent that, several boxes of .380 and we go out to the range it’s a little slow at first, my daughter has some things to work through. But by the end she is having a blast, a smile ear to ear.

We are meeting again tomorrow with her other room mate, and I will show her some more. If she wants, I will then buy her the .380 and get her, her CCL.

I wouldn’t have ever believed this day would have come. I think the biggest help was I kept it light and fun, made sure she had a good time. She actually did really good.


I hate that it took hard times, but it’s fantastic that those lessons are not being wasted. Keep up the positive environment. Kudos for having the patience to not push too hard and turn people off.


Cool! Nancy and I are glad things are working out. :+1:

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Passing down a right to your children is great, nothing like working with your child to help them through a tough time. Your daughter can become your best shooting partner and it can become a great time to spend with her without outside inerference.
Congrats and I am pleased for her joining the shooting world.


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THAT’S AWESOME, @Zavier_D! I’m so glad to hear it!

Be sure to have her try the 9mm version of the EZ! It just came out this year and has a very similar feel. (9mm ammo is usually cheaper which is why I suggest it to those debating between the .380 and the 9 - cheaper ammo usually equals more life fire training.)


Zavier dude sir…recoil therapy is a great term! I will add that to my lingo…I read your story on 12/19. I am so shocked, I really don’t know how to comment, but glad your daughter and you and family are safe. Good days at the range involve fun. The thrill especially is seeing your daughter and or the youth using a tool respectfully. We were at the trap club last Saturday with the youth shooting clays, it is a rush to see the kids hit targets and watch their smiles appear. The .380 is a good caliber and the EZ is a good tool. Now as she progresses, we hope she will be open to more training and instruction, more days at the range with Dad. Wish you Godspeed with your health and dr appointments. Thank you for the update on your daughter, brings smiles to us as well!


Thank all of you for the kind words. I just think she needed some time and having her friend there. It was a fun day.

They took their best targets home and are going to paint them, to hang over their fire place.

She even said she expected it to be harder with me as an instructor, but I wanted to keep it light and airy. I taught 4 basic rules of gun safety, grip, site picture, stance, how to service the weapon. Have them fire a couple of shots and then look at the targets (used a coke bottle silhouette, wanted it to be fun). She really did very well, for her first try with new gun and something she hasn’t done before. Introduced her to the young lady that instructed my wife as well.

So I have my fingers crossed.


Always a good idea to keep shot at targets on hand. Remember in a court of law, we are guilty until proven innocent.

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