New USCCA member

So, got my daughter her first handgun, her concealed carry license, a gun safe. Then to top it all off I got her a membership to the USCCA, and the membership range bag.


I really liked the range bag. I think she will too!
Does she have any idea what a great Dad you are?


I live each day knowing what an amazing daughter I have. I’m just glad to be a part of her life.


That’s awesome brother and she is following in your foot steps.


That’s awesome, @Zavier_D! Be sure to invite her here!


I’m excited for you brother @Zavier_D! Well, and for your daughter! It’s a big step!


I had a long talk with her about self defense,what initiates it, when she can shoot and more importantly when she had to stop shooting. That this wasn’t like TV you can’t go up and shoot a downed person. That as a responsible gun owner, we had to be responsible for every round we fired.

Her first response to the idea of maybe having to defend herself one day made me proud of her, because I knew exactly what it would be. She said if I had to shoot someone, I know I would be the first one to try and put pressure on the wound and I explained why that would be a bad idea.

That we also had to carry ourselves more responsibly as well. That having a handgun was a serious responsibility, and it wasn’t a magic wand to wave around.

I also explained that it wasn’t something you used when you were angry. I told her you have seen me angry before, and have you ever seen me pull my gun out? You know I carry everywhere.

So she was setting her dashboard up when I left last night, and told her about the community. So maybe you guys will get to meet my daughter she is an amazing young woman.