Watering the tree of Liberty

Colin got this one right


He cannot even get the quote correct.


FJB is the worst of the swamp and what true career politicians turn into. He feels entitled beyond description, no rules apply to him. He’s a senile, marble mouthed ancient, narcissist (the clinical kind, not just someone who thinks too highly of himself).

Colian Noir, on the other hand, is awesome.


Vote like you were a democrat. send ten emails, make 10 social media posts, and take 10 others with you to the polls on voting day.


Old Joe misquotes a fellow Democrat, Thomas Jefferson. Who, along with Andrew Jackson, both slave holders, founded the Democratic Party. Give me a break, demented Joe who wanders off during the G7 meeting. It was pathetic to watch and someone had to rescue him and pull him back to the other members.


This guy is 1000% right! Thanks for sharing. Now I have another to follow on the 'tube.


I generally like Colion’s videos.

He absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one!


Spot on!! You can see past the end of your nose when you suffer from a myopic perspective.

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Do you folk’s understand that the ‘Number’s’ of ALL of the infamous ‘G7’ Politico’s
are in the TOILET?
This is why ’ Juicing Joey’ is so ANGRY!
THREATENING US almost Daily! He’s running scared!
And ALL of them are up for re-election THIS YEAR !
I won’t bore you w/ the actual numbers (you can Google it Boots)
But the wheels are coming of their gravy train. Colin has it right
this is exactly like the British flexing their muscle on us to keep us in line.
Fortunately people see with their own eyes this Depends wearing-dementia patient
has truly lost what little mind he had when he started 3 long years ago.
The real problem (for me) is hearing the A-Holes shout ‘Four more years!’ in the crowd.
Brainwashed to the Max. This first debate will crush a lot of Dem’s hearts, He’s done! TOAST!

" Watering the Tree of sassa-frassin-con-founderdhvgiuh[uoh]hc]`hcuh]dcih]ich]oihv F15flyin’ INDEED Joe!"


My concern is I think this is all for show. They are letting Puddin Pants expose the level of his dementia so that in the next few months they can compassionately replace him for his own good. That’s why they agreed to those debates. Plus did anyone see the rules for those debates. It’s a joke. Trump agreed to allow the moderators to turn the microphones off and mute him.

Who wants to bet the over/under on shenanigans. Yes, there are actual bets being made.


People will bet on the Sun one day rising in the West! Yep! I
have no doubt people are making ‘book’ on all of this.
My concern is WHEN they ditch ‘The Pudd-man’ Who will these
Evil geniuses choose to replace him?
The REAL joke here is NOT turning off Donald’s mike.
It’s NO TELEPROMPTER for Genocide Joe—Can you say 'Nail in his Coffin? (Pause)
Why would they agree to an obvious necessity (which doesn’t mean he’s Gaffe proof)
but he stands a chance making less a fool of himself.

The only thing they HAVEN’T done is get media footage of him running around the West Wing in his Diaper soiling himself! Although some think he did just that in Normandy just the other day.
This is truly scary times we live in. Elections coming—Invaders in the house, Look for 9/11, Black Swan events to happen to keep these criminals in power.

Powdered eggs from 1941 cooked on a Sterno stove will sound tasty after a few months w/ no power, the UN patrolling your neighborhoods and F-15’s flying the unfriendly skies.


As soon as Trump starts making puddin pants look like the buffoon that he is, they’ll cut off his mic.
And I’m thinking sometime in October they’ll put the creepy old pervert out to pasture and put the grease ball from California in his place.
So if you think it’s bad with puddin pants, gavin nuisance says “here hold my beer”. :grimacing:


THAT is the crux of their (and our) problem Brother.
They’ve got NO ONE!
They have a choice of Epstein former clients, A Nigerian La La La La LOLA!
or a Cali Criminal that Spent-wasted-Stole from his own Treasury!
Thieves, Traitor’s and Pedophiles OH MY!
That’s why I believe with all my heart it will be ‘Eventful’ real soon.
The Polling numbers are BAD, The mistakes are enormous, the Dementia is in full view.
And they have ‘.gov Hair Bag’ as back up? Say a Prayer folks.

"Donald Trump wants to be a Dictator and lock us all up…Oh, look a Squirrel!'— Joe ‘PP’ Biden.

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente

This Sh**'s starting to get real folks.


Buy ammo and survival supplies, hope for the best…but actually train for what’s inevitable.


Trever, Over the past year I did just that.
A little here, a little there here a Big ticket item
there a big ticket item.
Simple stuff to keeping the fridge running (JIC)
I thought of stuff, read a ton, Made Lists, narrowed down
the wish lists. Food water storage, Gas, Ammo
Nothing Extreme but prolly more than most.
What can I buy and use if nothing happens?
How do we not get caught out in the open?
That was challenging to say the least.


I’m currently fortifying my home. Also engineered three hidden escape routes in case things go horribly wrong. I’ve bought a huge ammo supply. Water purification and storage.Ive built a faraday cage for my shortwave comm set-up. I’m beyond paranoid at what my world is fast becoming.Get ready brother I really believe in the near future chits going to get real in a hurry.


I’ve done none of that.

I live in the outskirts of a major city, in a stick built house of kindling that can’t deflect a .22lr.

If $#!+ truly hits the fan, hunkering down here would be my worst mistake!

I have a stock of ammo and weapons that can be quickly loaded up to bug out.

Beyond that, I have wilderness survival skills.

I will edge back towards civilization when the smoke clears and the shelling stops.



Colion for President! Trump should chose him as his VP!!


No one knows better than you what your capabilities are.
For me and me alone ‘Home is the Alamo’
(I just wish I built that Moat I joked about months ago! :rofl:)
Feeding Alley=gator’s was just too expensive.
I really don’t expect to be hit while in my home
I don’t know why that is? It seems if/when the
SHTF If I am
outside I need to get home/ All depends on that survival run.
The truck is mechanically sound, the route from work mapped,
the stuff I may need is always inside (hidden)
The house itself looks like everybody else, Total Grey Man.
Then once home up come the Defenses. Wait it out
I can’t go roughing it,
What that saying?
"Too old to run
Too tired to fight
But I can shoot the wings off a phuckin’ fly!
(somethin’ like that! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:)

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Honestly, in a true SHTF situation, I don’t expect to make it far enough into the wild to survive.

However, hoarding ammo and supplies in a completely indefensible position is folly, and will only support my would be oppressors.

I will fight, and likely die, and without a doubt loose everything.

But I will die a free man.