I used to think..

I used to think… OK, I can survive four years with this moron in office, but things are progressing on a logarithmic order of magnitude like an earthquake.
Each incident is ten times worse than the incident before it. Think of it, we are now looking at a great depression worse than the crash of 1929. But no worries the pimple-headed Janet Yellen is on top of things, yeah that gives me a lot of confidence… cough, cough NOT!

Every single day there is a new crisis that is way over the heads of the incompetent people in charge, but they are diverse. Shalanda Young, Biden’s director of the Office of Management and Budget gave us a word salad about the banking crisis the other day that made the Labradoodle look like a genius. Her answer; “You have to look under the hood.” WTF? Box checked, another HISTORIC First.

Biden will not go to Palestine Ohio because there’s no money there, but he is dropping everything to fly out to California tp reassure his woke friends and donors that the US taxpayer will bail them out and at the same time to blame Trump for the bank failure.
Why don’t we tell Ukraine to bail them out? That’s where our money is.

We need President Trump now more than ever


I hear you Brother, I am just sad every day at what is happening to our beautiful country. :cry:
I have been prepping to take care of me and mine, that’s all I can do.
On a lighter note, I read an article on which states bought the most guns last month. My state is waking up to the truth, 8.6 guns per 1000 people, that’s a lot of guns. I doubt if its for hunting. :thinking:


Don’t tell me this is starting to bother you. You should be used to it buy now. Resilience is your friend. Resistance is futile. Hope this helps. :disappointed_relieved::cry:


Biden is funding Ukraine to keep all their shady dealings over there from coming yo light. Prove me wrong!


same thing here:
food- :heavy_check_mark: :
water- :heavy_check_mark:
shelter- :heavy_check_mark:
back up power-:heavy_check_mark:
fuel- :heavy_check_mark:
guns- :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
ammo- :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:


We need a prepping thread here. (Not trying to hijack this one.) Specifically, I’ll be sending kids to college in the next several years. How to prep them while they are away from home is my current concern. Maybe I’ll post what I come up with at some point. But I’m not finished.


Fortunately I have several years before I need to start worrying about that one. Plan A is helping my son to realize that the local State University is a good option:)

My current challenge is cramming as much useful stuff as possible in the family vehicle for our regular trips to visit my wife’s family in CA without my wife noticing the reduction in storage space. Her family views having more than one box of pasta in the pantry as hoarding. Several of them also live in the fire and flood prone hills where they regularly loose power and have their roads cut off for periods of time.


My wife doesn’t notice anymore how much junk I cram in the vehicle for road trips. I bought a bigger vehicle so we can fit more in it. She just wants to make sure I bring enough guns and ammo.


Awesome wife! Mine has awoken due to the “pandemic”, but she still personally does not like firearms. She is more than fine with me having them, though.


We have several. :slightly_smiling_face:

Preper’s - Do you train with your Prep Equipment - Firearm Training - USCCA Community (usconcealedcarry.com)

What have you done recently to Prep, guns, gear, ammo, etc - Guns & Gear - USCCA Community (usconcealedcarry.com)


same with my wife she now at least understands why.
although she knows which guns I buy because I need her fill out my paperwork because my writing is a mess because of my injuries. so there is no sneaking a gun in the house :man_in_motorized_wheelchair: :roll_eyes:


Watching and reading the news is burdensome. If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t watch or listen to it. But I have to in order to know what’s coming.


Hmmm perhaps a good time to read revelations


My wife essentially started my firearms journey. I grew up hunting, guns in the house, etc. We had a shotgun. I was at an evening meeting at work one day. She was at home with our eldest who was still in diapers. Someone came to the door. She didn’t answer. He wouldn’t leave. (I think he was a salesman-but you don’t go door to door where we live.) She didn’t know what to do and didn’t know how to operate the shotty. Bought my first pistol soon after. It didn’t fit her hand, so we bought the second pistol to fit her. She has supported me going away to train for days at a time and gets unhappy on the rare occasion I don’t carry.

She has even started to help me put extra supplies back and keep stock of the essentials.

Awesome wife indeed.


Looks good :+1::blush:


Also add to that Paul Harveys 1965 prediction :us:


My wife does not Like firearms. But she has seen me have to fight with KARZY people ! And she has figured out that if I lose she will be nexted so I just keep them holstered till they have to come out she has nothing to do with my fire arm training OUTHER the press the trigger if I AM down !!! And then I doubt it. Truly Bobby Jean she has never seen the vileness i have thank the LORD


When it comes to president biden i do Not BLEAVE you could ever prove that the earth :earth_africa: is ROUND Bobby Jean


For sure & a guy named Bauer. Same year don’t remember his 1st name. Seems pretty true to me…


I don’t think i would bother sending them to college unless you want them indoctrinated with liberal BS. Consider having your kids do trade school instead of college since college isn’t hardly worth the $$$ any more.