Why I Died

a PDN story but it hits home


“This is your chance. Prepare like your life depends on it. Take responsibility for your own survival”.
Truer words were NEVER spoken.
There were situations (3) in my life that happened and because of the constant training, mentors, teachers and will to live I am still here today. This article spoke to me and solidified everything I practice and share with others today that “You cannot take your safety for granted”. What was once common yesterday has changed dramatically today. Your life, your family, friends neighbors are precious. If you own a gun, If you carry a gun you better take that responsibility seriously.
Train like it will save your life, because Brothers and Sisters it just might.
thank you Leo23
God Bless


…and to think just a hour ago I was giving up on our country. I’ve been lax on my physical activities due to back surgery and a cardio event. Let myself go after not see great results after cardio therapy.

It’s not America anymore. Lies are truth, the saviors go to jail while the psychopaths get rewarded, boys are girls and Don Biden can’t remember what country he’s in, let alone 22 LLC’s pumping money from the Chinese. In most every crime, the way to solve it, is to follow the money, you would think Brandon was a made guy! Why is this not a 25th amendment situation. Impeachment 6 times over!

I’ve never lived in a compromised country! Is this how the Jews felt before their world came crashing down?
Why are we acting like sheep? Hope ain’t a strategy, but the pendulum has got to swing. The non existent border is the knife that cuts the rope!
It’s all too late. Veterans being thrown out of housing to let illegals in? Someone please inform me how we adapt and overcome that?
I’m seriously looking for a logical solution!


I seen that and just wanted to say welcome back brother @Scott52


I am feeling lost myself been feeling this way since last summer.
one thing that I do know is that we need to fight like we are the third monkey getting on the ark.


Wear your seat belt. Slow down. Exercise more, eat less. Check the safety rating (NHTSA, IIHS) of your vehicle before purchase. Don’t ride a motorcycle on public roads. Go to the doctor and do what they say.

And train with your gun. Don’t just go blasting at the range, train. Drills, shot timer, for score, track your work, aim for progress, take training from SME’s, MOVE while shooting.

Carry first aid supplies, get first aid training. Keep even more first aid supplies in your car. And no not “my belt is my TQ I’m good”, actual professionals who deal with injury carry supplies for a reason and you should too.

/my rant

I’ll read the article later maybe lol have not yet gotta go


“we need to fight like we are the third monkey getting on the arc”.

Oh Leo that is fabulous! Made my day!.
Leo/Scott please don’t despair…Prepare.
You guy’s must know me by now. My posts are from the heart.
This is not the time to have doubts, OUR Country needs US.
If for nothing else as a stabilizing force to keep sanity and Reason in focus.
This time is our “Greek 300” (just my opinion)
And if you think about it ,what happened then is similar to what we are
experiencing today. The Greek gubment told their King Leonidas (King Leo sounds good huh?)
to STAND DOWN wait for the “carnia” to be over…WHY? Because those lecherous/diseased (“Ephors”)
old men were “bought and paid for by a Tyrant !” (sound familiar ?). Those “people” in power
didn’t care what would happen to their own Greeks, they were perfectly content in their
“mountain top retreat” with all their gold and a steady supply of young stoned out slave girls…
Hmmmmmmmmmmm it does sound familiar more and more. Oh and check it out what were the
numbers of “Xerxes” INVADING ARMIES… wait for it!..(1) MILLION MEN! Some historians say 300,00 some say a Million) but damn folks, It’s like these evil men today are taking a page out of history.
These people ‘in power’ today want us to feel lost, they want us to ‘give up’ . What better way
than Total Domination (enslavement) than to demoralize the strongest/largest RESISTANCE Force that is a serious threat to their plans? If you take out the SOLDIERS the rest of the population will fall in line. And I do mean fall in line, like the Jews in Germany… MILLIONS were lead to slaughter by a couple of hundred thousand! It wasn’t the German Army that was involved in the Genocide, they thought for the most part they were fighting against the “restrictions” put in place by the Allies after they lost WW1. The small, crazy, SS were only a handful of the military that wanted to start a Global extermination of the Jewish people. Demoralized, hopeless they walked themselves to their own destruction. Nobody was there to step up when this happened to them. It took Pearl harbor for us to finally go “All in”.
We are 40 MILLION strong (and the numbers are growing) USCCA is up to 700K ! We are a threat! We can burn down their ‘playhouse’. And if you look at some other websites we are already doing it.
Bad people have disappeared , GONE, People are waking up!
The good guys aren’t expecting us to fight again (unless we HAVE too)
Younger Warriors are in place now to fight the good fight.
But they can’t afford to have us just give up either.
Think of us as a SUPPORT FORCE, oh I don’t know maybe a “Militia”
Its not the fight in my opinion that we may have to deal with its the
“mopping up” of the collaborator’s we may have to get our hands dirty.
When I had planned to go down to the Border earlier this month I thought
I was alone, a last resort…and all of a sudden a boat load of Soldiers stepped in
to be the line in the sand. I was told to stand down. The numbers of good guys is growing
There have been victories already. Gitmo is filling up. Guam has been activated.
The enemy is starting to panic. But we are infiltrated now and we have to be on guard.
my opinion is ‘if’ these people are ‘activated’ we will have to fight. THAT is where we come in.
Some reading this will think either I’m nuts or nuts! I don’t care. If anybody can’t see this is a plan to
Dominate the populas worldwide I don’t know what to say to those people… No words.
There is no where on this entire planet that ISN’T in turmoil. France, Russia, a disarmed Australia.
a broken Africa … people are rising up! We just have to hold the Line!
Lastly, I want to say to the troll here on this site who PM’ed me saying I should stop S— Stirring the group. I have two words for you, and they aren’t Happy Birthday. If anybody thinks I am doing that, trying to rouse the crowd, trying to instigate anything than I haven’t made myself clear enough.
I love this country and all it’s people. But we are in trouble. I am not doing anything I am going to regret. If speaking my mind is ILLEGAL than I don’t want to be here anymore. But these are only my opinions and the last time I checked I am still ‘allowed’ to do that.
So, God bless you all.
Keep the faith
lock n load.


I’m so glad that my monkey saying made your day.
don’t worry I am not giving up and I am ready to fight like the 3rd monkey.
I just have my own demons to deal with also (combat related) not being effective as I want to be. I have been preparing for a while. my only issue is getting my better half to prepare too! slowly but, consistently she is getting on board.


Mike Seeklander is definitely a good guy IMO. I have a couple of his books and took one of his online courses. Highly recommend. The pic of the guy in the snow forced me to practice when I didn’t want to.


Ya know brother if I may say this I say with w/ all sincerity…
You don’t have to “train anybody around you up” (my words not yours)
Preparing somebody for something like this is really difficult.
I showed my little group of family/friends what I am doing. that’s it !
If they want more info, more training I will happily provide.
I come home Jazzed from the Range (outdoor for me is so Great out on the Mesa!).
Sometimes we (my Instructor/mentor and my little clique ) get rid of the hearing protection
so we can get use to “Live fire” sounds… My hearing is shot anyway so I get the juice real time now!
I must have done something correct to get my family out there in the wind and the dust, She dug it!
She carries my little Taurus G3c now, all legal, CCW and all! I never thought she would go “All in”.
What I started to write to you was just show people (Your Other half, You seem pretty great yourself!)
your enthusiasm ! It’s NOT about shooting People! It’s about self Preservation. It’s about our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to BEAR ARMS ! No one is allowed to take that away! (um, except the Big Guy himself…and I don’t mean that Idiot!)
Some don’t acknowledge the obvious of what is happening to the US of A, That’s fine, but don’t complain about Gas$$$, Food, Chicken/cattle Genocide etc etc. It’s all coming from the same source people.
When your family is ready they will let you know. I got a Tee shirt in the mail yesterday. A beautiful 2A shirt from Amazon with no card/note? Then I got a call from a distant relative back east , her daughter, my niece who I kept in touch with just joined the NYSRPA ! I was sending pictures to her of my range time/Jobs, The War zones I worked in, and she worked in Hochul’s Offices Upstate…yeah, I know crazy. She quit because somebody gave her an ultimatum to take off that huge NYSRPA Patch off her denim jacket ! ‘Screw you’ she told them and quit! (Apples, even distant one’s don’t fall far from the tree I guess) My Aunt now joined her daughter, the Group, the range time, going for the CCW herself! Mind Blowing! Wonderful! And this is from a woman who thought O’bummer walked on water just a few years ago ! She told me she has never been closer to her kid as she is now! Common Ground right! They were getting a little distant, Not now Brother! My diabolical plan worked!
So Leo, ya neva know! just shine the Gun Light and they will get 'the juice" too! and IF the SHTF ! If they are not ‘All in’ yet they will at least know what is going on (a good start). Leave a USCCA magazine around, say ‘Honey, listen to this guy Massad…’ ‘Hey did you hear the rezident-in-chief wants our troops to wear Pink camo…ridiculous!’ Clues buddy, bread crumbs…they will eventually get it.
Lastly, i was going to say WE ALL have demons but that’s not true (some people are PERFECT).I have PTSD/Anxiety and after all I have been through a distrust of gubment…NO REALLY?..I hide it well!
Sometimes just going outside takes more courage than I have.
We do what we can. that’s all.
Don’t put pressure on yourself.
We are going to win this thing.
We just weren’t allowed to finish the JOBS!

Peace Brother.


I’m standing as strong as I can, locked, loaded and properly lubed! ( doesn’t sound right, when you say it out loud…) and ready to die in the shade!


Touching story. Sorry about the PTSD. God give you the resilience to fight it.


no it doesn’t the wife came in and read it she agrees :laughing: :man_in_motorized_wheelchair: :us:


same thing here. PTSD/ anxiety plus being a functional quad.
I hear ya about going outside if it weren’t for the better half I’d probably not leave my house often. but, she is an angel she will remind me to go work out or just to go outside.



You will NOT believe this Brother!
I am watching 300 right now ! AWESOME!
I psyked myself up writing Leo I just
put it on!



Yeah Brother! Thank God I have one (an angel) too!

Life is Good.

(this is one of my BETTER days)


You are the man Scott52 !

Your posts psyke me up when I need it!

keep 'em coming Brother! Keep 'em coming!

You will always be as strong as you need to be, don’t ever doubt it’s a waste of energy !


hey brother:

he is there for us all 24/7 !


That was pretty good there Nathan !

And no not “my belt is my TQ I’m good”

“My belt is for my pants!” You never had a worse day after you’ve been hit as somebody pulls off your belt for a TQ, you are bleeding like a stuck pig and then A-hole try’s to get you on your feet and you MOON the friggin’ enemy! How embarrassing… Some Medic’s should be cooks!

P.S Brother: This was said by the articles author, I can’t take credit for this (its a good article/worth the read when you get a moment) “This is your chance. Prepare like your life depends on it. Take responsibility for your own survival”.