Safety, 2nd Amendment, Gun Laws, Home, Families, and Learning How to be More Responsible

I do not have any funny jokes or story of mass destruction of properties, or shoot outs. I feel like everybody is glued to all the negative problems of crime and any shootings using a firearm. Killing anyone with any weapon does not
solve problems and if there are families involved or left behind to suffer the lose of a child, father, mother, or even
the bad people due to a bad shooting; death, none recoverable.

I am not here to judge anyone about their desire to own, train, and protect with a firearm.

USCCA has given us a chance to learn and grow in knowledge and be more responsible and this is where I got the
title of my writing to give a small amount of guidance and hope to be the best in what you do. There are
consequences’ for taking any weapon and stopping a deadly threat and the roughest one is that you have to live with
the pain and guilt of shooting someone, whether it was in self-defense or being hot head that does not have the
sense to get out of a rain storm.

Please take time to learn the classes and really put yourself in depth with your training; invests into your life. One of the greatest thing that can happen is saving lives without deadly force. I have been with USCCA for 4 years now and I have learn so much good and it will make you a more confident and responsible person that can save a person from

Many wonderful people have bought a firearm and it maybe for concealment or home-defense, but they have never
trained with it. That firearm ends up in a end table somewhere in the home. If it was need to protect themselves or family, the firearm fails to operate in anyway, people may die.

I have many firearms and I use 9mm, 10mm, .40, .45, .44 Mag, and I love a good 10mm, but it is dangerous. Love learning and to gain training and knowledge, but you can be better than this.


Appreciative. It makes us be better persons and advances our being responsible. I sent an email to USCCA yesterday asking if they’d consider linking us to first aid and CPR trainings, whereby we can even become “certified”. I did so myself, but I’m up for renewal. Peace. :innocent:


Here’s something some may not consider, I am a member and have my wife included on our policy, the current state of affairs has me greatly concerned, my wife is disabled and could neither defend herself or even run away from a deadly or violent situation, her only defense is her firearm if I’m not home, working or just even shopping for us. Just wanted somehow to get our situation out there in order to maybe get those who don’t agree with the second amendment to consider if their own wife, mother, daughter or sister were in her shoes.