Your response to this


if ever you were to be forced into a life or death situation which forced you to have to defend yourself lethally with your firearm.

after the incident your attempting to make the call and the proper steps then your approached by several attempting to take you down disarm you and restrain you not know the facts or details of what and why how it happened to begin with

what and how would you respond to this. remember there moving in on you to apprehend and attempt to disarm you…

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Oh man that is a sticky situation going to be interesting to see the dialogue this creates.

I’ll be 100% honest, I have not thought about being rushed by bystanders because I’m not sure how practical it is that it would happen. Not saying it’s not a possibility though.


Assuming you had reholstered your firearm, how would they know you had a gun if they didn’t witness the event? Since the first call should be 911, you would have a dispatcher on the line. If you are rushed by the crowd, the dispatcher will hear it. The first one to call 911, the dispatcher assumes, is the innocent party. The overwhelming majority of people hear gun shots, and run the other way.


Wow hadn’t thought about this one happening but this is a good topic!


Are we talking police? If so, I’m assuming the “felony position”, ie back turned, hands on head, on my knees with my ankles crossed. If it’s “civilians” I’m probably going to try to “use my words”, ie “Stay back! Call the police!”. How do you know these aren’t “associates” of the one you shot?


after thinking a bit more on this topic i created i should have used much better grammar and wording.

im talking after an incident your there near the individual downed in self defense all the sudden your approached by general public
yes that’s what im talking about. how do we know if there not a part of it or associated like you mentioned.
i will keep my firearm drawn pointed down ordering them to stay back and to all the police.

if they continue with the gleam of dare or intent to take you down and disarm you and who knows what leave you at the mercy of society thats another issue.

what would you do?? you never know what society will do or try to. so yes im asking.


true i agree. how ever with the mindset of of those in society what would you do? what im asking theirs always the one or more who just are not there.

look forward to responses


yes i would think so how ever you got those


I’m curious to see how this one is answered. I’ve never thought about it. I would assume that the bystanders saw everything that happened.


Has the general public seen what is going on before they approach you, @Kevin? Or has any member of the general public seen what happened that they can assist you?

One thing you’re definitely going to want to do is loudly state what is going on, “I’ve defended myself and called 911!” Or, if you haven’t called 911, ask for someone to call 911 and state that you have defended yourself. Also be sure to describe what you’re wearing to the police so that they know who you are when they arrive on the scene.

This blog article should give you some insight on what to the police after an incident:

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Thank you for the clarification


Not nearly that situation but anyone recall the situation where a gentleman was walking into a store and another person took him down, held him, and took his gun…


Which one? I feel like this type of situation happens too often because people are afraid of guns because they don’t know anything about guns or gun laws.


There is a lot to unpack there. In my opinion, most people will play it safe when it comes to an armed individual. Especially if they’ve just witnessed a shooting whether it be in self defense or otherwise. They will either run, or take cover. But they’re not going to stick around. Rarely will a group of people be bold enough (or crazy enough) to approach someone with a gun (especially unarmed) after they’ve just demonstrated the willingness to use it. Therefore, I would almost have to assume that if someone has had to use lethal force to defend themselves and then realizes they are being beset upon by “bystanders” who just witnessed the event, there are bad intentions there. Personally, I’m using my words (someone please call 911, etc) and backing the hell off while at the same time urging them to do the same. Preferably with my weapon holstered, and trying to maintain safe distance. I’m trying my damnedest to deescalate the situation. Remember, lethal force is to only be used in a honest to goodness 100% life and death situation. There is never a “good” outcome especially where there is loss of human life. Maybe I speak for myself but I pray I never have to carry the weight of having to take someone else’s life. Isn’t that the point of carrying in the first place? Preservation of human life!?


always be ready aware

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Are you kidding me?! I just watched the video, @Orpackrat. The guy was walking with his family, there was no threat to anyone and it’s not like he was drawing attention to himself or his firearm during the video. I’m VERY glad the attacker was charged with battery.

One of the comments on that video says it very well (with some colorful name-calling that isn’t too nasty):

Every one of the do-good clowns that tackled and disarmed the legally carrying citizen should be charged with assault, not only the initial attacker. The initial attacker is lucky that he did not try that on a off-duty police officer or a prior military member that has extensive training on weapon retention.

Unbelievable. :woman_facepalming:

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I may be an old man but I can almost guarantee there would have been blood drawn had someone done this to me. Also If my family/extended family was with me the outcome would have been much different.

I am not telling anyone what to do in this situation but I know me and I know how I would have reacted to an unprovoked attack. I am now in full defense/fight mode and I am a firm believer in there are only two kinds of fair fights. One is in the ring with boxing gloves and a referee. The second is the one I am able to walk away from when it is done.


What the OP is describing is an anomaly. I’ve worked in Security for a good amount now and I want to call to your attention something called the “bystander effect”.
Some of it you know. 10 people seeing the same event will have 10 different stories along with descriptions and details.
Here is what you may not know. The more people that are present, the less bystanders will do, to help or otherwise. I’ve personally witnessed this effect on multiple occasions to the point where it’s more surprising to have someone try to help, either side that is.
I’ve seen a person go in to full cardiac arrest, hit the floor dying only to be stepped over so someone can get where they wanted to go, I’ve watched people only give a casual glance to a multi-person brawl a few feet from them before ignoring it completely.
At best you will get someone who calls 911, most likely you will get a dozen people live streaming and making asinine comments, or simply ignoring the situation.
Sorry to not follow the flow of the conversation, I’ve just been a part of too much in my career to not speak up about the reality of what happens. I recommend doing your own research on it, it is a major eye opener. Especially if you think you can count on John Q. Public to be your eye witness.