Louisiana Gun Store Shooting

The shooting at a Louisiana gun store just over a week ago was tragic and one we, as responsibly armed Americans, hope we never encounter.

The seven employees of that gun store saved the lives of everyone in the class upstairs and untold others. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto III even went so far as to say:

“Those employees did not come to work looking for a fight that day. They were put into a decision-making process that they did not ask for. But they acted calm, collectively and really protected a lot of people that day.”

This tragic event reinforces the reason we carry and train - to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

How do you think this situation affected those in the concealed carry class that day?

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They already had decided to carry. So no doubt they will.
That situation added certainty to their previous decision. At least that would work for myself.


This is a scary situation to be placed in, two customers shot and killed, employees having to get some control over the shooter. Would bring the real world into focus for the class, the serious ones will move forward and get their Permit, I would bet some in the class will never apply for their permit.


Probably like 12/19/18 did for me. I got real serious real quick. I am never without my handgun(s) now unless required by law.


It just reinforces the reason why they should. When you go to get your carry permit. You’re doing it to protect yourself and your family. A lot of times we don’t think we’ll ever have to use it. those people in the class they got to see firsthand that one day you might have to.

So I think it will help them work hard at learning and zeroing in on there skills.


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I wondered about that as well. It really does take the idea of carrying to protect yourselves and your loved ones to a very scary reality. There is usually at least one person in a class who hasn’t thought through the harsh reality of what defending yourself with a firearm can look like.

The worse reality is not being able to defend yourself (IMO).

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