Lack of faith in Biden drives doomsday prepping

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Lack of faith in Biden drives doomsday prepping

by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist |

June 21, 2023 10:22 AM

People watching President Joe Biden’s shaky grip on Washington have lost faith the government will protect them in a doomsday event, and that’s driving a national prepper movement.

With the Doomsday Clock the closest to midnight it has ever been, over 70% in a new survey of 6,200 said they “do not have faith in the government” in a catastrophe such as a nuclear war or even climate-change-fueled disaster.


As a result, many are hoarding water, food, warm clothing, weapons, and cash to help them get through the worst days of a doomsday event.

The national survey, provided by BonusFinder, said 40 million fear doomsday is coming in a year, even more were inspired by prep for it because of social media posts, and 108 million have spent up to $5,000 to get ready.

The survey confirms concerns charted over the years by Secrets that more Americans are fearful about an attack that will cut off power and make food and water scarce, such as from an electromagnetic pulse attack from Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea. A congressional report said just one EMP attack knocking out power to the East Coast would lead to the deaths of 90% who live there.

Prepper forts have started to pop up, giving some a place to hide. But the survey suggested many people are taking matters into their own hands.

Half of the residents in a handful of states, led by West Virginia and Arizona, have spent over $10,000 preparing for the worst. The leading purchases are for water, warm clothing, and food. Some 20% even bought pet food.

The survey said 10% have put cash away, but it made it sound like dollars might be worthless versus food and material items.

Those aged 40-65 are more likely to be prepping, and twice as many men as women are getting ready for a disaster.

Just what that disaster will be is dividing the nation. Some 55% cited climate change, 36% virus and disease, and 25% a nuclear attack. But there were other concerns. Over 15% are concerned about an asteroid strike, 15% about a robot or artificial intelligence “takeover,” and 7.5% about a “zombie apocalypse.”

Since the COVID-19 crisis, prepping and concerns about a world-ending doomsday have grown. The survey said social media has helped to raise the fears.

It has even helped to drive the development of survival skills. For example, 45% said they have attempted to master foraging, 32% are learning to purify water, and 15% have learned to start fires.

Still, many in the survey that compared prepping state by state were not sure of survival. For example, Rhode Island residents are the least sure, with just 35% “believing in their capability.” But it could be their fault: State residents are also the least preparing for doomsday, with just 30% having stored items away, the analysis said.


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I personally feel the plastics in my water bottle I carry for work will kill me before any of the
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"Just what that disaster will be is dividing the nation. Some 55% cited climate change( Winter REALLY cold, summer really hot OMG!), 36% virus and disease (well THAT is really happening), and 25% a nuclear attack. But there were other concerns. Over 15% are concerned about an asteroid strike, 15% about a robot or artificial intelligence “takeover,”(I’M JOE BIDEN) and 7.5% about a “zombie apocalypse.” Although I did witness a combo meal 'zombie apocalypse/Pride parade in the news lately across the country in demon-cratic cities and if mushroom clouds lit-off (tactical nukes not BIG KAHUNA’s) I wouldn’t shed a tear . "We are coming for your CHILDREN! they said… ( sounds of guns racking across the country could be heard)

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We are only one extinction-level event from a really bad day.


up here its a way of life [not for the weak or lazy]
so as I said in another thread HEAD SOUTH

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Interesting how our incredibly fragile power grid didn’t make the list. All it would take is a tree branch hitting a line on a very hot or cold day to take out big sections of it. Not to mention we are heading into a large solar flare cycle that could peak as early as the end of this year and the Russians, Chinese and a couple other nations have our power control systems riddled with viruses that could take the whole system done with a push of a button.

A government study predicted those potential events along with an EMP from a nuclear missile could take the whole grid grid down requiring up to 2 years to restore power. The estimated death toll if that happens is 90% of the US population by the end of the first year.


Funny how some of the states are low on the list for prepping, however I think some of those may have gotten use to the idea of prepping already, or lacked the funds in depressed economies. In the order of events that would be TEOTWAWKI events Nuclear war would be the worst, assuming a large meteor strike (Asteroids are in space, meteors fall on earth) not as bad as the one that killed off the dinosaurs would be comparable since it would lack radiation and ozone depletion. Virus or bacterial infection? From what I have seen the last few years the biggest threat was governments actions and inactions.

More “global warming” would be a good thing, since an upward trend in temps typically means longer growing seasons, more rain, and more habitable land mass (Greenland was named that because it was green!) IMHO Global Warming is a made up crisis, many will disagree.

Zombie Apocalypse? Great to prep for, since it encompasses scenarios of disease, gov’t collapse, civil insurrection, and contamination of individuals and survival goods. If a zombie apocalypse were to occur (similar to the movies), I think the US would fair much better than any other nation, due to the 2nd Amendment.

I do not trust surveys, especially when it comes to this. Many who prep are more secretive, who wants to say on a survey “I have an armory” in todays political climate to a stranger on the phone.


I’m looking at this list of potential disasters and then I look at the original post… how is this all Biden’s fault?


Lack of faith in Biden

I believe the answer was in the title. No one said it was his fault. :thinking:


Meteor Strike: Congress and Funding to Avert
Disease: Covid (mis) Handling
Nuclear War: Ukraine and dementia
Global Warming: Reliance on poor un reliable tech that actually contributes to environmental issues

I do not think it is so much biden as much as what he represents to many (incompetence and corruption.) I am not trying to start a political argument, just trying to provide a rational. Many will argue that it is all the president, however many argue the president has little power. Food for thought, who can order a nuclear strike? Not the men and women in silos, subs and aircraft, it’s the president.


Biden is just the Kleptocratic puppet in charge of the broken system at the moment.

Though he has been in DC for decades so has had plenty of time to contribute solutions instead of enhance the problems by putting much more effort into personal profiteering than into the long term stability and resilience of our Nation.


If I am not mistaken there is more to the process that the pres saying nuke’m. Authorization codes back and forth and such things. I also assume the commander can override in case of an idiot like Bidden giving unlawful orders, ie nuking without a viable threat. Of course I can be completely wrong.


I think this graphic is highly misleading. Along with the fact that I don’t know who they asked and what questions were asked, it says percentage of people who have stored things away for doomsday. What things? An extra case of toilet paper?

I can guarantee that 40+ percent of the people here in AZ are not prepared for a serious disaster let alone a doomsday event. I’d be surprised if more than 10 to 20% of the people in AZ or anywhere else in the nation could handle an event that disrupted power and supplies for more than a few days without help from others.

I do think more people are prepping, especially after the Covid fiasco. This is a good thing. But the vast majority of people aren’t prepared for major events. Even in my prepper filled neighborhood most folks aren’t nearly as prepared as they think they are. The majority of people will be relying on government help and our government has shown that it is incapable of effectively handling small scale disasters let alone extended duration regional or nation wide events.


They’re still waiting for the aliens to return.


Why I live next to an Army Depot. It’s going to get nuked and I won’t know what happened until its too late and I’m gone.