Civil War in France?

Not sure I 100% agree with the assertion that this is the start of the next civil war in France, but the rioters are using RPGs and full auto weapons against the police. There are calls for the military to be brought in. It’s bad over there.

There’s another thread going on at the moment about prepping. This is a good reminder that it doesn’t take much to set off a few bad actors and throw society into chaos.


I have been following this. Bats against AKs and RPGs. :fire:

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“But no, no one EVER needs to own anything beyond a basic double barrel shotgun. And if the bad guys come, the police will protect you.” — every gun grabbing liberal you know.

On a side note, I think things would be very different if normal citizens in France were allowed to own guns and use them to defend themselves against violence.


Couple thoughts.

France has anti gun laws that the anti self defense folks here in the US can only dream about in their wildest fantasies. How are all these protesters getting their hands on all these actual weapons of war that us gun toting law abiding citizens here in the US can’t get? Disarming law abiding citizens obviously doesn’t stop violent criminals from getting weapons.

Second thought. At least they are arresting people. Wonder if the news media over there are calling these mostly peaceful protests? Although the authorities may just shake their fingers at these RPG wielding protesters and put them right back on the street to rearm themselves.

Feel sorry for the French citizens who do not have the right to defend themselves.


This is what unchecked immigration gets you and no borders. Allowing a people so alien
in culture with no attempt at assimilation. Iran is chuckling today. :thinking:


Agree that open boarders and rapid mass immigration are horrible ideas. This was very foreseeable but the globalists wanted to counteract declining birth rates and ensure a source of cheap labor to preserve their corporate profits. How is that working for them now?

Also shows the need for citizens to have the tools and skills to defend themselves even in supposedly peaceful and stable nations.


Did some looking around and haven’t been able to find a reliable source pointing to the use of automatic weapons or RPGs by the rioters. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if the main stream media was suppressing these accounts and French criminals and terrorists have used similar weapons in the past. If anyone finds a reliable source I would like to see it.

I did come across a story of at least one gun shop being looted. So there is evidence that at least some protesters are illegally armed.


The article I linked has video footage taken by cell phones that shows rioters walking around with a full-auto gun (but not using it at the moment), as well as the deployment of an RPG to a police station — I believe you can see the shooter in the corner but can’t make it out clearly.


I’m not at all familiar with French cities. Has the footage been confirmed to be current events in France?

Not trying to be argumentative just trying to make sure I have the facts straight. This is news worth sharing but I want to make sure I am not spreading disinformation to further someone else’s agenda.


It’s just Tuesday in France.

Anyone who regularly travels to France can attest to regularly seeing demonstrations involving loads of police and protestors battling each other over some social issue.

I took my brother and sister-in-law to France once and we stayed at an 800-year old apartment building on the Ile de la Cite in the heart of Paris. Drove in from the airport, nothing happening. The next morning, a couple hundred Paris cops mustered under our window and my brother asked me whether we should be worried and begin some sort of evacuation. “Nah. This isn’t Colorado. It’s just France.”


I don’t know. The RPGs seem like a step or two beyond normal, even for riot-happy France.

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Interesting proposition. The moslem population in france has now reached the point where moslems think they can win a civil war. If I remember correctly or understand it correctly; every mosque has an armory. Now the question; how did all those weapons get in France with their gun control laws and who are the majority of the rioters? Media in Europe doesn’t like to say moslems by name but instead call them asians or something similar. You have to read between the lines.

I’ve been saying for the last cpl years that france is going to have a civil war to reclaim their country from the Middle East immigrants. That WILL come here and our gubment is making it happen.


Maybe so. Here in the united states, law enforcement and armed citizens will certainly make it more difficult for them to take over cities aaaa oops aaa yea a the Summer of Love, you know the one where the citizens were the criminals and the rioters had police barricade protection…


How many firearms/weapons have been used in these riots?

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I haven’t watched much of it as I think the lame stream media isn’t reporting accurately or honestly. What little I have watched it appears it’s mostly bricks being thrown with limited weapons usage by both sides. Police are using flash bangs and similar to break up the crowds.

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The FFL is not allowed within French borders. But if things get bad enough the Legion would be a good way to settle things down fast.


Is this the first time in history, the French haven’t thrown down their arms and ran the other direction?


The latest from Reuters. No reports anywhere of gunfire, AKs or RGs. :man_shrugging:



WRAPUP 13-France braced for fifth night of riots as family buries teenager

Story by By Benoit Van Overstraeten and Horaci Garcia • 8m ago

Arrests total more than 2,000, over 200 police injured

By Benoit Van Overstraeten and Horaci Garcia

PARIS, July 1 (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of police were deployed in cities across France on Saturday ready for a potential fifth night of rioting after the funeral of a teenager of North African descent, whose shooting by police sparked nationwide unrest.

President Emmanuel Macron postponed a state visit to Germany that was due to begin on Sunday to handle the worst crisis for his leadership since the “Yellow Vest” protests paralysed much of France in late 2018.

Some 45,000 police would again be on the street into Saturday night, interior minister Gerald Darmanin said, with reinforcements going to Lyon and Marseille.

At 2345 (2145 GMT), while there was some tension in central Paris and sporadic clashes in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, the situation appeared calmer across the country.

Police deployed tear gas against rioters in Marseille’s main high street around dusk on Saturday. Television images showed there was violence, some pillaging and street battles between police and groups of youths going into the evening.

In Paris, police increased security at the city’s landmark Champs Elysees avenue after a call on social media to gather there. The street, usually packed with tourists, was lined with security forces carrying out spot checks. Shop facades were boarded up to prevent potential damage and pillaging.

The interior ministry said 1,311 people had been arrested on Friday night, compared with 875 the previous night, although it described the violence as “lower in intensity”. Police said about 120 people had been arrested nationwide on Saturday.

Finance minister Bruno Le Maire said more than 700 shops supermarkets, restaurants and bank branches had been “ransacked, looted and sometimes even burnt to the ground since Tuesday”.

Local authorities all over the country announced bans on demonstrations and ordered public transport to stop running in the evening.

Nahel, a 17-year-old of Algerian and Moroccan parents, was shot by a police officer during a traffic stop on Tuesday in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

For the funeral, several hundred people lined up to enter Nanterre’s grand mosque, which was guarded by volunteers in yellow vests, while a few dozen bystanders watched from across the street.

Some of the mourners, their arms crossed, said “God is Greatest” in Arabic, as they spanned the boulevard in prayer.

Marie, 60, said she had lived in Nanterre for 50 years and there had always been problems with the police.

“This absolutely needs to stop. The government is completely disconnected from our reality,” she said.

The shooting of the teenager, caught on video, has reignited longstanding complaints by poor and racially mixed urban communities of police violence and racism.

“If you have the wrong skin colour, the police are much more dangerous to you,” said a young man, who declined to be named, adding that he was a friend of Nahel’s.

Nahel was known to police for previously failing to comply with traffic stop orders and was illegally driving a rental car, the Nanterre prosecutor said on Thursday.

Macron has denied there is systemic racism in French law enforcement agencies.


Rioters have torched 2,000 vehicles since the start of the unrest. More than 200 police officers have been injured, Darmanin said, adding that the average age of those arrested was 17.

Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti said 30% of detainees were under 18.

In Marseille, where 80 people had been arrested on Friday, police said they had detained 37 people more as they tried to disperse crowds.

“It’s very scary. We can hear a helicopter and are just not going out because it’s very worrying especially on the Old Port,” said Tatiana, 79, a pensioner who lives in the city centre.

Mayor Benoit Payan called on the government to send extra troops to tackle “pillaging and violence” in Marseille, where three police officers were slightly wounded on Saturday.

In Lyon, France’s third largest city, police deployed armoured personnel carriers and a helicopter.

A decree issued on Saturday gave Paris police the right to deploy drones in parts of the suburbs.

The unrest has revived memories of nationwide riots in 2005 that forced then President Jacques Chirac to declare a state of emergency, after the death of two young men electrocuted in a power substation as they hid from police.

Players from the national soccer team issued a rare statement calling for calm. “Violence must stop to leave way for mourning, dialogue and reconstruction,” they said on star Kylian Mbappe’s Instagram account.

The South Winners supporters group, an influential fan group for Olympique de Marseille, called on the city’s youth to “be wise and show restraint”.

“By acting in this way you are dirtying Nahel’s memory and are also dividing our city.”

Events including two concerts at the Stade de France on the outskirts of Paris were cancelled, while LVMH-owned fashion house Celine cancelled its 2024 menswear show on Sunday, creative director Hedi Slimane said on Instagram.

Tour de France organisers said they were ready to adapt to any situation when the cycle race enters the country on Monday from Spain.

With the government urging social media companies to remove inflammatory material, Darmanin met officials from Meta, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. Snapchat said it had zero tolerance for content that promoted violence.

The policeman whom prosecutors say acknowledged firing a lethal shot at Nahel is in preventive custody under formal investigation for voluntary homicide, equivalent to being charged under Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions.

His lawyer, Laurent-Franck Lienard, said his client had aimed at the driver’s leg but was bumped when the car took off, causing him to shoot towards his chest. “Obviously (the officer) didn’t want to kill the driver,” Lienard said on BFM TV.

(Reporting by Marc Leras, Jean-Stephane Brosse, Pascal Rossignol, Elizabeth Pineau, Noemie Olive, John Irish, Tassilo Hummels, and Charlotte Van Campenhout in Amsterdam; Writing by Sandra Maler, Alexander Smith, Giles Elgood and Louise Heavens; Editing by Cynthia Osterman, Alex Richardson and Daniel Wallis)


Now that tells me all I need to know. In other words they were saying “allah akbar”!


Surprisingly, France has an incredibly successful wartime history.

Look up the Napoleonic wars. Literally the entirety of Europe and Russia also were unable to defeat France alone in open battle. Their most successful battle plan was to not fight the French.

A lot of military language comes from France as a result. France’s war and major battle record is one of the highest out there.

Also, we have our Independence Day coming up…we might not have won the war for independence with Britain if not for French help.

I find this guy accurate and entertaining